Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand; An In-Depth Review

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand; An In-Depth Review

Laptop cushion pads and lap desks comes in various sizes and styles. Some come in basic designs, while some come with fancy features. But let’s be honest, some products offers excessive features that we barely even use, let alone need, on a daily basis. If you’re looking for something straightforward but actually gets the job done in providing comfort and ergonomic functionality, then you should definitely consider Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand. It’s light, compact, and above all, looks good. Why would you want this product? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand; An In-Depth Review

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand is obviously designed for laptop users, especially laptops users looking for basic and straightforward tool for their portable computer they can use anytime, anywhere. It’s beautiful, chic and very pleasing to work on.



Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand is a semi-solid cushion meant for laptops of all sizes. It’s offers a simple and straightforward way to separate hot aluminum from fleshy thighs. Plus, it comes with a small space for storage of random small stuff you like to have near you, i.e. smartphone, charger, pen and paper, etc. This provides padded comfort when using your laptop on the bed, sofa, or even on the floor. Consequently, it’s a great travel-buddy, as it lets you use your portable computer comfortably while on the train, plane, etc.


Comfortable and Versatile Cooling for Your Laptop

Unlike many lap desks and laptop cushion pads that comes with contoured design and various bells and whistles, the CushTop Notebook Stand comes in basic and straightforward design. It’s simplified for the comfortable and versatile functionality. It may not come with built-in cooling fans, but it’s made up of special materials that allow excellent ventilation for the laptop, keeping the computer cool, and saving your lap from the discomfort of laptop heat.


Handy and Attractive Look

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand; An In-Depth Review

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand (image from Amazon)

Whether you’re at home working on your laptop, or on the road doing your tasks while in the plane, you will never feel uncomfortable pulling CushTop Notebook Stand out of your bag and using it on your lap. It comes with beautiful color choices such as green, orange, champagne, brown, gray and silver that fits with your laptop, and personality. Unlike most lap desks that comes in either professional or utilitarian look, this one comes in a chic and hip design.


With Storage Space for Your Accessories

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand; An In-Depth Review

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand (image from Amazon)

Another aspect that we can attribute to its smart design and functionality is its smart way of providing users storage. It offers a convenient way to stash in your external mouse, notebook, laptop charger, documents, etc.


Practically Unbreakable, And Comes with Lifetime Warranty

Because it’s not made up foam wrapped with microfiber cloth, and not with plastic or wood that may chip or break when your drop it, this lap desk is practically unbreakable. It’s soft, like a pillow. And if for some reason you happen damage it, it’s good to know the brand actually offers a lifetime warranty.


Design and Features

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand; An In-Depth Review

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand (image from Amazon)

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand actually doesn’t look anything like most cooler pads. Despite its basic, and sometimes looked as awkward, it’s actually quite an effective cooler pad designed stylishly. It looks modern and can blend in any room or setup really well. Also, it comes with two worksurfaces with different sizes. So if you have a bigger laptop, say 17-inches, simply flip the lap desk over to the larger surface size and enjoy.


Simple, Basic, Modern and Beautiful Design

The biggest attraction of this product is the stand itself. As said earlier, it comes in basic and simple aesthetic design. It looks modern, minimalist, no fuss, but extremely functional. And that’s what actually contributes to its versatility. It’s so comfortable to use and can fit into almost any environment; whether you’re lounging comfortably in your sofa, in your bedroom, while surfing the net or while you’re browsing through your business files and preparing your documents on a plane.


Made Up of Nice Microfiber Fabric

Instead of using premium wood of high quality plastic for its top surface and foam beads or memory foam at the bottom, CushTop Notebook Stand is actually made up of padded foam wrapped with microfiber upholstery that feels smooth and soft to touch. Also, it keeps your computer in place; it won’t slide out of its top surface. And unlike most cooler pads, its microfiber wrap is washable, meaning, should you spill your beverage and stain it, you can easily wash it off.


Tech Specs

Belkin CushTop Notebook Stand; An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

CushTop Notebook Stands simple design simply works. It may not offer the bells and whistles we normally see from its fancy counterparts, but it’s stylish, versatile, and most importantly, comfortably ergonomic to work on. You can work on your laptop, work on your assignments, read magazines, play on your tablet, etc. comfortably on its soft but firm surface.

It doesn’t come with cooling pads, but it’s aerodynamic, allowing heat from your laptop and lap to disperse out easily, keeping you comfortable, anytime, anywhere. It’s durable, light as a pillow, washable and once again, stylish (we can’t stress this enough).

If there’s anything we can complain about this product it on its design – because it’s like a pillow, it’s not the most ideal cushion pad for transport, as you can’t fold it and keep it in your briefcase. Unless of course, you have a large enough luggage.

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