Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

While many people are moving to higher pixel count for finer image quality and bigger monitor screens for more immersive gaming experience, it is easy to overlook that many gamers out there will still choose for the most basic things as long as they have the best and fastest gameplay experience. Also, many gamers will opt for budget-friendly gaming monitors so they can line them up for dual monitor, triple monitor, or even multi-monitor gaming setup. However, we all know not all monitors out there are built for such setup. Asus however, targets this specific demography with their Asus VN247H ­– a simple, basic and budget-friendly gaming monitor. But what makes this basic monitor worth the money? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

Asus VN247H (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Asus VN247H is aimed for gamers who aren’t looking for high pixel density on a mid-sized display. It runs with ultra-fast pixel response time and offers nice set of gaming-centric features for better gaming experience. Above all, it’s an affordable choice for gamers on a budget.



Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

Asus VN247H (image from Amazon)

Asus VN247H is a budget-friendly high-performance gaming monitor. It runs at Full HD 1920x1080p and can be used for both work and play.


Faster and Smoother Gaming Experience for Its Price

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

Asus VN247H (image from Amazon)

Unlike other Full HD gaming monitors on its price range that runs with 60Hz Refresh Rate, this Asus gaming monitor runs at 75Hz Refresh Rate, which is a little faster. It performs well in any games, even in graphically-demanding games, such as fast-paced FPS, and racing games.  There are no signs of discernible ghosting, while input lag is pretty acceptable, even for heavy gaming.


Below Average Colour Accuracy, But Pretty Consistent Backlight LED

Built for gaming, this Asus monitor offers fast and smooth gameplay, but as with most TN-based panels, Asus VN247H can’t brag about its colour accuracy, but then again, we can’t expect accurate colours for a monitor of its price range and purpose.

For its colour performance, the monitor achieved 96% sRGB colour space, and 75% Adobe RGB colour space after calibration. The colour accuracy average is at 1.55, which is a little washed out and not as vibrant as its competitor BenQ RL2460HT that scored 1.03 (lower score is better).

On the positive side though, the panel doesn’t seem to show any inconsistency in its backlight LED and backlight LED bleed is very minimal.


With Convenient Features

As with other Asus monitors, this one right here also comes with a couple of good features, despite its price limitation.


QuickFit Virtual Scale

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

Asus VN247H (image from Amazon)

This feature is exclusive to Asus monitor, and it works by allowing you to preview photos and docs on-screen through their actual printing size. It is accessible through a monitor hotkey, and quite a convenient feature for those who work oh photo editing in native size.


Splendid Video Intelligence Technology

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

This feature optimizes the screen’s color and image fidelity, by correcting color, contrast, and sharpness, allowing the screen to show enhanced visuals. There are five preset modes for this.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

As with most mid-sized  gaming monitors, Asus VN247H makes an excellent setup for dual monitor or even multiple monitor setup. It’s ultra-thin bezel design almost disappears when putting multiple monitors side-by-side. Also, the 24-inch screen size is conducive for most desk sizes out there.

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand (images from Amazon)

One good example for dual monitor setup of this Asus monitor is the MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand. It is cheap, and has very small foot print. This stand clamps easily to almost any desk, and can hold two displays up to 26-inches in each side. It’s a simple and straightforward solution, yet is securely holds monitors in place. It’s very easy to assemble as well.

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm (images from Amazon)

If you’re looking for better adjustability and work and game flexibility, you can opt for Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm. It may be a little more expensive, but its ergonomics and top-notch adjustability can easily justify its price.

Each arm of this stand can be adjusted independently, and it is made up of solid polished aluminum construction, which lets it last ten times longer than its competition in the market. It comes equipped with the brand’s own Constant Force (CF) technology, which allows the arms to hold both displays in place securely, and still allow users to adjust eat display easily and smoothly, with one soft touch.

Design and Features

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

The simple and straightforward design of Asus VN247H is actually its biggest asset, as it’s what makes it attractive, along with its thin profile of course. Unlike most high-end gaming monitors out there that come with ‘loud and proud’ gaming aesthetics, this gaming monitor from Asus kept everything subtle. Design wise, its minimalistic aesthetics actually makes it a good choice for gaming, since the combination of the mid-sized panel and ultra-slim bezel makes way for excellent dual monitor or even triple monitor gaming setup.

The backside comes with nice and textured black surface, while the backside features a small flap that hides the monitor’s inputs and outputs, which is also easy to take off and put back when plugging or unplugging cables or cords. The screen is matte finish, which is ideal for gaming as it keeps glares and reflections from hitting the screen and distracting gamers.


Buttons and Controls

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

The bottom right side of the cabinet features a set of icons, which indicates the functions of the buttons that are located at the back. Using the buttons to adjust the on-screen display (OSD) feels a little awkward, and feels unnatural, since


Full HD Made Spectacular with Super Narrow Bezel Design, Ideal for Dual Monitor or Multi-Monitor Gaming

The ultra slim frame of Asus VN247H makes its standard Full HD resolution better. This makes this Asus gaming monitor an excellent choice for dual monitor or even multi-monitor set up, as putting them two or three of them side-by-side will look seamless, thanks to the super slim bezel.



Connectivity Options

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

For its inputs and outputs, this Asus gaming monitor has two HDMI ports, a D-Sub VGA input and a pair of 3.5mm minijacks. However, There’s no DVI input, but Asus does provide you with a HDMI to DVI cable in the box.


With Decent Pair of Speakers

This monitor also comes with a pair of built-in 2W speakers, which are quite useful for gamers who want to save precious desk space to accommodate dual monitor or triple monitor setup. It also has the capability to output audio through its 3.5mm auxiliary jack, which is quite convenient should you want to play games of listen to music straight from your monitor.


Nice Round Stand, But Limited Adjustability, with VESA Mounting Holes Too


Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

The round base that holds this Asus monitor provides good stable support for the mid-sized display. However, it doesn’t offer other adjustability options other than tilt. It allows 20˚ backward tilt and 5˚ forward tilt. No swivel, pivot or height adjustment, which is a pity, since gamers will surely love more flexibility on their screen, especially when playing for hours.

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

The base is nicely finished, and comes with a metal base underneath. It locks in the monitor cabinet easily, without needing any screw.

Fortunately, Asus included VESA-compliant mounting holes at the backside of the cabinet, which is rightfully so, as this monitor is intended for dual monitor if not multi-monitor setup to maximize its ultra-thin bezels.



Tech Specs

Asus VN247H; An In-Depth Review

Package includes Power cord, VGA cable, Audio cable, HDMI-to-DVI cable, Quick start guide and Warranty Card


Bottom Line

Asus VN247H does a lot of good things, especially when it comes to gaming. As graphics card develop to elevate our gaming experience, monitors also do their own thing in providing the best screen to render the performance of the graphics card. And this product right here is a good example of how monitor and graphics card can work together to maximize each other’s full capacity. Because it is supported with Eyefinity from AMD and Nvidia surround, it allows smooth and convenient multi-screen setup (of course you need a strong processor and graphics card to get this feature).

The washed-out colours and dim brightness may be an issue for users who are looking for good all-around monitor for everyday office work and on-the-side gaming.

This product can handle any games with ease, while its thin-bezel design offers fantastic dual monitor or even multi-monitor setup. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles, or fancy extra features of high-end gaming screens, but it gets the job done, and actually provides excellent gaming experience despite its limitations.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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