Asus PA328Q; An In-Depth Review

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Asus PA328Q; An In-Depth Review

Display manufacturers have made different lines and models of their products for different types of users, making it easy for consumers to search and shop for the right monitor that fits their needs and meet all their work demands. In the case of 4K monitors with professional specs, many offer some good aspects but falls short in other areas, while few offers a real full-blown deal. The competition is fierce in professional-grade monitors, because each year, many manufacturers seem to come up with their best flagship professional-grade monitor to compete in the market. Late last year, Asus took a huge step in the race by introducing their best monitor – the Asus PA328Q. What makes this monitor one of the best in the professional market? Let’s find out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide

Asus PA328Q; An In-Depth Review

Asus PA328Q (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Asus PA328Q is especially made for graphic professionals, especially those who demand for uncompromised performance and excellent UHD (ultra-high definition) image detail.



To start with, the Asus PA328Q sports IPS panel for extremely accurate colors and excellent grayscale reproduction. This is because it is designed to meet the demands of even the most discerning graphics professionals. It runs 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160p resolution with Advanced Color settings and tons of graphic-centric features, not to mention the software additions that come with it.


Exquisite Ultra High Definition Image Quality, Fit for All Professionals

Asus PA328Q; An In-Depth Review

Asus PA328Q (image from Amazon)

Image quality wise, the Asus PA328Q is exceptional. It delivers remarkable UHD picture, with sharp image details and rich and vibrant colors. Chromaticity test shows colors red, green and blue are all closely aligned in their ideal CIE coordinates, which means excellent colour accuracy.

As with most IPS panels in the market, grayscale reproduction of this Asus monitor is also remarkably good. DisplayMate 64-Step grayscale test shows each and every shade of gray are all even and clean, from the lightest to the darkest shades. This allows the panel to bring out the best out of each color with crisp highlight and shadow details and deliver inky blacks, without any signs of backlight bleeding.


Outstanding Viewing Angle Performance

For its viewing angle, we can expect great performance, since it sports an IPS panel. Fortunately, that is actually the case for this display. There is no color fidelity or luminance loss when viewing the screen from extreme side angles and from top to bottom.

Decent Power Consumption, Despite Performance and Size

When set at Standard Preset and Eco mode turned Off, PA328Q consumes 53 watts of power, which is in line with other high-performance professional-grade monitors like BenQ BL3201PH (56 watts) and more efficient than its sibling Asus PQ321 (72 watts). Turning on the Eco mode drags the power consumption at 44 watts.

Dual Monitors and Multiple Monitors Setup

For super-sized monitors like  the Asus PA328Q, the options for dual monitor, and multiple monitor setup is quite limited. Which means you really need to do your homework to find the right one that suits with this display best.

Asus PA328Q; An In-Depth Review

Planar Monitor Stand 997-6504-00 (image from Amazon)

Planar Monitor Stand 997-6504-00 is one  of the few choices out there. It can support two monitors of up to 32-inches, with maximum weight limit of 26 lbs. per arm. It is made up of all-metal construction, ensuring solid built. The only plastic parts you will find are the tightening knobs and some washers. It offers flexible adjustments; you can slide your monitors in and out the pole, twist, pivot, etc.  It comes with a cable organizer to help keep your desk or workstation neat, and it is very easy to setup and install.

Ergotron LX Dual  side-by-side arm (image from Amazon)

Should you want to more flexible adjustments and ergonomics for single display use, you can opt for single monitor mounts or stands, like the Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm. It’s nicely polished arm stand made with extra durable construction. It’s well-built and well tested, proven to last 10 times longer than the life-cycle of many competitive brands.

Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm (image from Amazon)

The Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm is quite similar to the one above, except that it’s a wall mount-type.. It also comes with a polished aluminum construction and with the same CF technology we see from other Ergotron monitor stands and mounts, which provides stable and secured hold for the display, and still allow smooth  and easy adjustments.


Design and Features


The IPS panel is housed in a cabinet with a matt-black finish and framed in an extremely thin black bezels measuring 0.25-inch.


Buttons and Functions

Asus PA328Q doesn’t have physical buttons rather; it uses the tiny 5-button joystick controller located at the right side of the cabinet. Pressing any of the buttons will launch the monitor’s on-screen menu with nicely labeled icons for each button.

As a professional-grade monitor, we can expect this unit to have plenty of basic and advanced image settings. It comes with seven Picture Presets (which Asus call Splendid modes), namely Standard, Scenery, Dark Room, sRGB, and two User Modes.

For Advanced Settings, there is Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature, Gamma Settings and Six-Axis Hue and Six-Axis Saturation adjustments.

For professionals who work on extended period of time on their computers on a daily basis, this Asus monitor has five Blue Light Filter level adjustments to help ease and minimize eyestrain, as well as the Uniformity Compensation settings for more consistent Brightness level and Color Across the whole screen.

There’s also the QuickFit feature that shows up convenient patterns of paper, photo, and grid-overlay patterns, perfect for graphic professionals who are going to print their work and organize document layout and view photos in their real sizes.

There’s also the PiP (Picture-in-Picture) and PbP (Picture-by-Picture) settings to allow users to organize their images from different multiple sources that are displayed on screen.


Generous Set of Connectivity Options

Asus PA328Q; An In-Depth Review

Asus PA328Q (image from Amazon)

This professional-grade Asus monitor has connectivity options, all strategically located at the rear side of the cabinet. The selection includes one full-size DisplayPort 1.2 and one mini DisplayPort 1.2 input, one HDMI 2.0, and two HDMI 1.4 inputs. Also included is the USB 3.0 upstream port and the headphone jack. The left side of the monitor also houses four USB 3.0 ports, which are really nice additions for any workstation.


With 3W Speakers for Basic Audio Use

Asus PA328Q; An In-Depth Review

Asus PA328Q comes with a pair of 3W speakers. They’re obviously not the best features, but decently loud enough for basic audio use. Also quite a nice addition since the 32-inch cabinet is already a space-hugging piece of hardware on anyone’s desk, and a built-in speaker can surely save some precious space. Plus, we normally see built-in speakers mostly in gaming monitors.


With Simple but Fully Adjustable Stand, Plus VESA Mounting Option

Asus PA328Q; An In-Depth Review

Asus PA328Q (image from Amazon)

The 24 lbs. cabinet is supported by a square base with fully adjustable mounting arm, allowing tilt, swivel, and height adjustment. It also allows the panel to pivot 90° to switch from landscape to portrait mode.

This monitor also comes with VESA-compliant mounting holes, making it easy for users to mount the display to a more versatile and ergonomic monitor stand or monitor mount with articulating arm.


Tech Specs

Asus PA328Q; An In-Depth Review

Package includes the Power cord, Mini-DisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cable, USB 3.0 cable, HDMI cable, MHL cable (Optional)

Bottom Line


The Asus PA328Q is definitely not your everyone’s monitor, as its price tag represents quite an investment. However, if you’re a graphics professional who is in need of a monitor with the most accurate color and superior Ultra HD image detail quality, then this product is definitely worth every penny of your investment.

The 32-inch IPS panel provides a great avenue for multitasking. Also, the 12-bit LUT allows you to fine-tune the screen to fit your work requirements. There’s also a sizable selection of the latest video inputs and outputs, as well as the latest USB hub to connect multiple sources without having to switch cables.

We all know no 4K monitor out there is perfect, and this monitor of course, is no exception, though its weaknesses are very minor. To start with, the physical menu and button control is a little awkward to work with, as they are located at the back of the bottom side of the monitor, rather than at the bottom front or rear end of the cabinet. This is can be an issue because should you decide to readjust the position of the screen to swivel, tilt, pivot, or adjust the height, you run the risk of pressing a button and accidentally set a different setting on the menu.

All in all, it is hard not to recommend Asus PA328QThough it can be expensive, this screen is built for wide range of professional users, and it’s been very well built. The color rendition and flicker control works wonders. It comes with an assortment of eye-care technologies that allows any professional to work comfortably, without hurting their eyes. Visually speaking, it is remarkably superb, worthy of professional-grade classification.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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