Asus MX279H; An In-Depth Review

Asus MX279H; An In-Depth Review

Early in 2012, Asus announced its ‘Designo’ monitor line, which features striking smart design, great performance and generous set of features. This monitor line goes fitting to the brand’s continues run of branching out to sexier and sleeker products of smartphones, tablets and hybrid PCs. One of its products is the Asus MX279H, a Full HD IPS display that features 1920×1080 resolution, particularly stylish and with attractive set of specs and features. It’s one of the best-selling 27-inch monitor you can find in Amazon. But is it really worth the good reviews? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to find out more.

Asus MX279H; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for an affordable large 27-inch display, with slim profile extensive connectivity options, and decent all-around performance for your workstation and entertainment needs, then you should definitely consider Asus MX279. It doesn’t have the most impressive performance resolution wise, but it is very capable of displaying good quality, life-like images. Also, it comes equipped with a powerful built-in 3-watt speaker that we don’t normally see from monitors of its kind.



Vibrant and Life-Like Visual Out-of-the-Box Color Performance, Great for Professionals

The Asus MX279H has good out-of-the-box color performance quality, as it is able to display fairly accurate colors. Also, the latest IPS panel technology – AH-IPS – greatly helps, as it ensures improvement in color accuracy and improved energy efficiency. This results to more vibrant colors and life-like image quality.

The only downside of this monitor’s performance is its brightness, which can be too high for office setting, or any room with standard lighting condition. This issue however, can be easily addressed by simply adjusting the monitor’s brightness level. Setting the brightness a little lower will solve the problem without compromising color fidelity. Simply switch the display to color mode (from Standard mode to sRGB mode). This means MX279H is suitable for any user looking for faithfully reproduced onscreen images, such as graphic designers and photo editors.

Also, the Asus Smart Contrast Ratio improves contrast and sharpness levels by simply adjusting backlight luminance to achieve the brightest whites and the deepest blacks, making way for truly life-like visual performance.


Equipped with QuickFit Virtual Scale for Expanded Multimedia Support

Designo MX279H supports Full HD quality, at 1920×1080 resolution. To ensure compatibility and support to various multimedia devices, this monitors has dual HDMI and a D-sub (VGA) input ports, allowing users to plug in their Blu-ray disc players, digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles, and take full advantage of the monitor’s excellent image performance.


Great Viewing Angle Performance

Decently Responsive for Your Gaming Needs

Like its cousin Asus PB278Qthe Asus MX279H is also somewhat prone to slight but visible level of reverse ghosting. The simplest solution for both displays is to switch the ‘TraceFree’ from 60 to 20. It’s a simple feature that puts the ghosting time to 12ms. It may be far from the ideal, and can be too slow for demanding games, such as action-packed FPS games, but it can help in many occasions.

Asus MX279H; An In-Depth Review

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Like other IPS panels, this Asus monitor has great viewing angles, both in wide horizontal and vertical orientation modes. The 178° wide-view angle greatly minimizes color shifting in both sides of the screen (left and right, bottom and top), ensuring high quality visual performance from almost all directions. It’s a treat for anyone looking for a widescreen monitor with even and consistent color reproduction across the screen. Also, darker areas on screen show no signs of light leaking whatsoever.

Those who are thinking of using this display for games will be happy to hear that it comes with an average input lag of 22ms, fast enough to provide good gaming experience for online multiplayer games or LAN setups.


Premium Audio Quality for Your Workstation and Entertainment Needs

Most monitors that come with built-in speakers today, use 2-watt speakers, which maybe decent and certainly useful, but far from providing premium audio quality.  The Asus MX279H on the other hand, use this simple feature as one of its strengths, as it comes with a well-engineered 3-watt speakers made by SonicMaster sound and a Bang & Olufsen ICEpower MobileSound 3 amplifier.

Like other monitors from the MX Series, it uses a 32mm diameter speaker for better and smoother sound impact and better bass performance. The speakers also offer up to 100cc resonance chamber, which expands the monitor’s sound range to a whole different level. The sound system is also powered by a built-in amplifier, adding more horsepower to the speakers to generate more striking sound.


Design and Features

Asus MX279H; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Even at first glance, there is no denying that Asus MX279H is one of the most strikingly-attractive monitors we have seen in the market today. The large 27-inch screen looks great in from all angles, and the relatively small and compact base just adds to the whole thing’s overall appeal. However, Asus seemed to compromise some features and practical design functionality for aesthetics.

Asus MX279H; An In-Depth Review

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ASUS Designo MX Series sports very slim profiles, great way to have better desk space. This product’s thinnest point measures only 17.5mm. Also, the edge-to-edge frameless screen bezel is only 0.8mm thin. The subtle, yet elegant design of this product is more emphasized with its sundial-inspired stand, which provides a good and solid support for the screen.


Buttons and Function

Asus MX279H; An In-Depth Review

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The menu buttons of Asus MX279H are very easy to see when the monitor is turned on. The buttons are conveniently located at the bottom right corner of the cabinet, they are little dimples of plastic which houses touch-sensitive function. Though they are pleasant to look at, they can be too sensitive, and scrolling through the Menu selection and various options can be a tedious task if you are not familiar how it functions. However, Asus made this monitor well that you don’t have to go through the OSD too often.


I/O Ports

Asus MX279H; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

For connectivity options, MX279H consist two (2) HDMI ports, a VGA connection, a headphone jack and an audio input. Unfortunately, this monitor doesn’t come with any additional connectivity features, such as USB ports, which could have come handy for anyone’s workstation.


Strikingly Attractive Circle Stand

The steel grey colored circle stand looks like Apple’s aluminum iMacs, without actually using metal. It actually contributes to its aesthetic design, and despite of the relatively large screen size, the base is quite compact.

The stand however, compromises adjustability for aesthetics, as it doesn’t allow any adjustments aside from slightly tilting the screen. It allows the screen to tilt 20° up and 5° down. The base is made up of plastic, with aluminum finish slim bezel, while the bar along its bottom adds stylish appeal to any desk.


Tech Specs

Asus MX279H; An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

Aesthetic wise, Asus MX279H, along with other products in Asus MX series, are the best designed products you can find in the market today. And performance wise, it will certainly appeal for users looking for accurate onscreen image, as color fidelity is spot on, no dead or otherwise defective pixels, with good contrast and nice and wide viewing angles, just what we can expect from any Asus monitors. It also comes with a high quality well-engineered built-in speaker.

This product also has its own share of shortcomings, such as the lack of hardware features, stand’s adjustability limitations, not-fast-enough response time, and not having the best resolution for its size (most monitors this size these days sports 2560×1440/1600 resolution). It doesn’t have the USB ports that we can expect from 27-inch monitors these days. Also, this monitor doesn’t come with VESA mounting holes, which could have been a good alternative for better ergonomics, as you can always use third-party products such as dual monitor LCD arms and desk stands and wall mounts in VESA-compliant monitors.

However, for the price, we get a pretty decent monitor in Asus MX279Hboth in aesthetics and performance. It’s not the most impressive display out there, but its resolution can certainly hold, making it still good enough for watching movies and playing games.


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