AOC I2481FXH; An In-Depth Review

AOC I2481FXH; An In-Depth Review

With newer monitor models with more sophisticated technology flocking the monitor market, such as curved screen monitors, higher resolution and higher refresh rate models, it is quite easy to forget that there are still a lot of people out there who are just after something a bit simpler. And this is what the AOC I2481FXH is about – a simple Full HD, 60Hz display that comes with an elegant and stylish aesthetics. But is its simplicity a good thing, or is it just another average monitor in the market? Let’s find out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

AOC I2481FXH; An In-Depth Review

AOC I2481FXH (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

The AOC I2481FXH doesn’t offer anything fancy in terms of performance, but it’s sleek and sophisticated look is definitely an eye-catcher, great for anyone looking for an all-around monitor for everyday use and can blend in nicely with their décor.




AOC I2481FXH; An In-Depth Review

AOC I2481FXH (image from Amazon)

Good Color Accuracy and Grayscale Performance for Everyday Use

AOC I2481FXH has god sRGB coverage, allowing its screen to show a faithful shade representation within sRGB colour space, with some extra vibrancy in place.

For action-packed games such as Battlefield 4, colors are pleasing. There’s a good punch of vibrancy, particularly a good warming depth to yellow and orange shades, which is very particular in explosions and roaring flames in the game. Other parts of the game’s environment appear natural and in-place, such as the muted lighter shades of greens and a good lush of deep greens. Natural grays and Earthy browns were all consistent as well.

For movies, the monitor did well, especially in terms of consistency. Good test movies such as Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder shows no loss of saturation or appearance of shades, something we could always depend on AH-IPS panels. Bright neon shades, pastel shades and deep shades are all well represented.

Responsive in Both Games and Movies

Though not really built for games and movies, this AOC monitor stood its ground in the area of responsiveness. It works pretty decently, making it a good choice for people who love to watch movies and play games occasionally.

For action-packed games Like Battlefield 4, there were some minor blurring, but not entirely caused by sluggish pixel response, but predominantly rapid eye movement, especially during running and turning rapidly or fast maneuvers of vehicles. This blurring however, is very minor, and doesn’t cause noticeable distractions.

For movies, there are no excessive overshoot or ghosting. Fast-paced and action movies still look smooth on its screen.


Good Viewing Angle

As with other monitors with AH-IPS, this AOC monitor has a dependable viewing angle. There are no obvious tints at different parts of the screen even when viewing from the sides, down or up. Of course, colors starts to change when viewed from extreme angles.



Design and Features

AOC I2481FXH; An In-Depth Review

AOC I2481FXH (image from Amazon)

The AOC I2481FXH is quite a stylish mid-sized monitor. It sports slender bezels with a dual stage-design composed of thin but hard outer plastic section and a slim panel border. Both make a 7.5mm (0.30 inch) thick bezel frame on both sides and the top. The bottom bezel on the other hand, is a little thicker (19 mm, 0.75 inch), including the panel border. The whole cabinet is coated with a semi-matte plastic finish, while the screen comes with a medium matte anti-glare surface solution.

The 23.8-inch screen runs Full HD resolution and uses LG AH-IPS panel. It comes with a 6-bit + FRC dithering, a common spec for such models.


Thin Profile for Elegance

Looking at the side, the cabinet looks exceptionally slim, measuring 7.5mm (0.30 inch) at its thinnest point. It’s a little thicker at the bottom, especially on the left side where inputs/outputs are housed. All in all, this monitor maintains a sleek and elegant profile.

Buttons and Functions

Under the left bottom bezel are the control buttons of the display that shows up the OSD (On-Screen Display), which feels tactile. There are five function buttons, namely the Select icon, left arrow, right arrow, Menu, Power, and there’s Power LED beside the power button. Normally, we see buttons being placed on the right side, which makes the placement of the buttons of this monitor quite an interesting approach, and fortunately, they don’t feel awkward to use either.  There’s also the small Power LED that faces forward located at the Power button. It glows dim white when the monitor is on, and dark amber when the monitor is in standby.

The Select button can cycle between Input sources, Left Arrow controls the vision function of the monitor which can set (weak, medium, strong, off) the sharpness levels of the screen, which can be beneficial when watching lower resolution videos or playing games with low res. The right arrow controls the volume of the 3.5mm headphone jock.

The Main Menu system is nicely laid out. For Luminance, users can control the Brightness and Contrast, Eco Mode (presets for brightness), Gamma, DCR and Overdrive. Color Setup allows adjustments for Color Temperature (warm, normal, cool, sRGB, and User), DCB (Dynamic Color Boost) mode, and DCM demo. Then there’s the Picture Boost that allows you to set the screen’s Bright Frame (puts the box on the screen which can have independent Brightness and Contrast from the rest of the screen, useful for highlighting specific part of your screen. You can also adjust its vertical and horizontal position), and Frame size.

The rest of the On-Screen Display choices include the OSD setup, Extra and the Exit button.



AOC I2481FXH; An In-Depth Review

AOC I2481FXH (image from Amazon)

The backside houses the connectivity options for this AOC monitor. The inputs/outputs ports are all backwards-facing, and they include 2 HDMI ports, a VGA and a 3.5mm headphone jock, along with the DC power input (external power brick). They are limited choices, which is understandable, given the thin profile and simple functions of this display.


Uniquely Shaped Stand for Stylish Look, But with Limited Adjustability

AOC I2481FXH; An In-Depth Review

AOC I2481FXH (image from Amazon)

The metallic matte silver stand of AOC I2481FXH is rather artistic than functional. It does provide good support and stability as the monitor is firmly rooted on the desk, and it is pretty sturdy as well. However, it is the design that also keeps the cabinet from further adjustments. The monitor can only be tilted 3° forward and 20° backwards, no swivel, height and pivot adjustments.

Unfortunately, given the thin frame of the cabinet, it does NOT include VESA mounting holes.


Tech Specs

AOC I2481FXH; An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

The AOC I2481FXH is a stylish monitor with a pretty decent all-around performance, for a reasonable price. Its AH-IPS panel allows its screen to provide rich and varied colors, with good out-of-the-box colour consistency and white point. Its screen surface is noticeably less grainy than many monitors out there in the same price range. Input lag is pretty low, while the pixel overdrive is well-balanced, delivering a responsive 60Hz refresh rate.

Of course there are many areas AOC can really improve in this monitor, such as the usual IPS glow that causes some grains on the screen. The gamma tracking was also a bit off, regardless of gamma mode, which means you will need the aide of an ICC profile for the right saturation. It also lacks the port selections we normally would like to see. The most obvious however, is the stand. The cabinet doesn’t come with VESA-compliant mounting holes, which means you can’t use this monitor for third party ergonomic solutions. An ergonomic stand would have been convenient for any user.

All in all, the AOC I2481FXH is a good choice for anyone looking for a slim and stylish all-around monitor. It doesn’t promise much in terms of performance, but it is pretty decent and quite a good-looking choice for both office and home office setups.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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