AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

When we talk about budget monitors, we often know the compromises made by the manufacturer to keep the price of their product low. AOC is known for professional-grade monitors which obviously comes with premium price tags. However, they also have decent displays available for affordable price, such as their AOC i2369Vm a well-built and sleek entry-level 23-in monitor. It sports an AH-IPS panel technology, with slender bezels and decent colour performance.  Sounds really good on paper, what makes it a good buy? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

AOC i2369Vm (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

The AOC i2369Vm is for computer users looking for a low-cost but high-quality monitor. It offers good level of built quality, style, performance and features. Of course, it falls short in some areas, which is understandable for its entry-level price.



It comes with factory pre-calibration, which means it runs with decent image quality straight out of the box. But if you’re really meticulous about image performance, then you can always calibrate the display yourself. Those who don’t know how to, can simply enjoy the decent pre-calibrated image quality of AOC i2369Vm.


Decent Image Quality, But Falls Short In Many Areas, As Expected for its Price


AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

AOC i2369Vm (image from Amazon)

As expected, initial image quality falls short from being impressive, as color calibration tests shows it only hit 88.4% sRGB colour gamut in its default settings. This is a low score, considering it uses an IPS panel, which we normally see somewhere around 96%. It shows strong yellow color, but doesn’t do well in all other major primary color groups.

The sRGB colour gamut coverage of course, can increase through calibration. You can get up to 92.8% coverage through thorough calibration. It may not be that huge of an improvement, but it can definitely provide better depth and warmth for images, especially with solid colors.


Mediocre Color Accuracy, But Impressive Black Levels to Make Colors Pop in Games and Movies

AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

AOC i2369Vm (image from Amazon)

Colors red and blue were not as rich as expected, and greens seemed like identical. Whites look a little grey, while black level on the other hand is impressively deep, allowing colors to pop up better on screen. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the best black levels we have seen from an IPS monitor of its kind.

Big title games such as Battlefield 3 have pretty much the colors it should show – rich and impressive in earthy browns with crisp greens. Deeper colors like dark reds and stronger oranges also looked full. Neon elements, such as fires and flares are nicely displayed and look vibrant on screen.

For Blu-ray movies, AOC i2369Vm shows strong range of colors and shows natural elements nicely. Earthy browns and muted greens also helped in making movies look nice. Vegetation, brickwork on buildings, and skin tones of characters looked natural, and pleasing to the eyes.


Good Input Lag and Decent Response Time, Making it Good for Gaming As Well

Input lag (the time it takes for the monitor to react to the command) is under 4ms, which is quite fast, making it a good choice for gamers, especially in FPS games where quick reaction is crucial.

There were some blurring in fast-action racing games such as Dirt 3, but they are no real weaknesses you would not see even on the fastest monitors with 60Hz refresh rate. The track of the game maintained good level of sharpness, and there were no significant smearing evident.



With Excellent Contrast Level and Viewing Angles

Despite the subpar colour performance, the AOC i2369Vm can pride in its excellent contrast level of 1279:1, which is actually way above AOC’s claim of 1000:1 for this monitor. High contrast pictures looked fantastic, and in great level of details, especially in the shadows of night shot photos. This AOC budget monitor can definitely put some expensive monitors to shame in this aspect, not to mention it’s paired with excellent viewing angles, allowing users to view the same level of picture quality in any angle facing the monitor.

Dual Monitors and Multiple Monitors Setup Options

The slim bezel design of this AOC monitor works perfectly for dual monitor or even triple monitor setup. Putting two or three AOC i2369Vm side-by-side won’t be a problem, as VESA mounting holes makes it easy to mount its cabinet to third party ergonomic solution. Also, since it’s quite affordable, it’s very easy for anyone to purchase two or more of this screen.


AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm (image from Amazon)

One of the best options out there is the Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm, a fully-adjustable dual LCD monitor stand. It comes with solid polished aluminum construction and made with high quality materials. Each arm can hold up to 27-inch monitor and can be independently adjusted, allowing gamers to reposition their display and get the perfect setup.


AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand (image from Amazon)

If your budget is a little tight, then you can opt for a more affordable option, such as out MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand.


This dual monitor stand clamps easily to your desk and can hold two display of up to 26-inch size in each side., putting two displays together side-by-side. It is one of the most affordable solutions out there, and it’s well-designed to keep you displays safe and secured. The best thing about this product is it comes with very few assembly pieces, making it  very easy to put up together in your workstation.


Design and Features

AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

AOC i2369Vm (image from Amazon)

Stylish Design that Doesn’t Look Budget at All

The AOC i2369Vm is part of AOC’s budget range of monitors, but aesthetics alone, this monitor looks anything budget. It sports a slim profile of 14mm deep IPS panel with silver accents on the stand. The bottom bezel also sports the matte silver profile, which looks flawlessly smart.

AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

AOC i2369Vm (image from Amazon)

AOC i2369Vm sports slim and frameless design finish, with brushed aluminum style texture and metallic accents and silver bezels for details. Not the familiar glossy black, which easily makes it one of the most unique out there in terms of aesthetics. The cabinet is made up of plastic, which is understandable, given its cheap price. However, the overall look of this AOC monitor gives it premium impression, rather than cheap or budget.

The screen surface is light to medium matte, and definitely lighter than most older IPS panels that uses notoriously ‘grainy’ screen coating surface. It is however, not as light as semi-gloss surface that newer IPS models sports these days.

Underneath the standard VESA mounting holes are the IEC power cable plugs, which are directly located into the backside of the cabinet, which means you need not to worry about losing its external power supply.



Buttons and Controls

AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

AOC i2369Vm (image from Amazon)

AOC i2369Vm uses a row of physical buttons for on-screen display access located at the bottom of the screen. All buttons are clear and easy to use.

The Main Menu setting is well-laid out, spread across the screen horizontally. The icons are well-labeled, allowing users to easily see what they’re supposed to press.

The Main Menu setting is broken down into Luminance, Image Setup, Color Setup, Picture Boost, OSD setup, Extra and Exit

Luminance includes settings for Contrast, Brightness, Eco Mode, Gamma DCR, Overdrive and DPS.

The Color Setup includes a setting they called DCB (Dynamic Colour Boost) mode, which works by accentuating (actually oversaturate) specific colour groups, such as blues, greens and reds to make certain aspects of a particular image standout.

There’s also the Picture Boost, which controls the special feature AOC calls ‘Bright Frame.’ It works by allowing users to choose a rectangular portion of the screen and set its brightness and contrast independently. You can make a video of the webpage you are watching or in-game map stand out more.

The OSD setup includes a break reminder feature. When enabled, it will pop out to remind users to take a break, every hour.


I/O Ports

AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

AOC i2369Vm (image from Amazon)

The backside of the cabinet houses the basic inputs/outputs selections, which is quite a generous feature for its price. It has a VGA port and a DisplayPort, as well as a pair of HDMI inputs, with one MHL capable, supporting connection for any Android devices. It’s a handy feature to show photos on the large screens.

There’s also the standard analog PC audio input and headphone jack, should you prefer to use it over its built-in speakers.


Wobbly Stand with Limited Adjustments

AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

AOC i2369Vm (image from Amazon)

The minimalist design of the stand really works well with the modern sleek design of the monitor. However, it’s not the most ideal shape and size. The whole thing wobbles when you touch the monitor, such as press the adjustments.

Also, it doesn’t offer many adjustments, as it only allows tilt adjustment.


Tech Specs

AOC i2369Vm; An In-Depth Review

Package comes with the VGA cable, HDMI cable, Audio cable and Power Schuko C7 cable.


Bottom Line

Unlike the common brands, AOC may not be a well-known name among casual computer users, but they certainly know how to combine style, performance and affordability.

The AOC i2369Vm is an impressive display considering its size. Aesthetically, it is stylish, and doesn’t look budget at all. It’s definitely not the best IPS panel out there, but it still capable of showing good images even without the calibration. Of course, you can make good images great through calibration. It performs well in gaming and movies, thanks to good input lag and response time scores. Those who love to play games from time to time will certainly like this monitor.

Also, it comes with quite a generous set of I/O ports, which doesn’t always come with monitors of its price range.


Of course, it falls short in a couple of areas, which is understandable considering its price. It lacks colour accuracy, which is unusual for IPS panels. Also, the headphone socket is located at the backside of the display. Putting it on the side would have been more convenient for users. Also, the stand comes with very limited adjustment, offering only tilt adjustment. The shape and size of the stand makes it a little wobbly if you touch the monitor, such as making adjustments in the OSD settings.

All in all, the AOC i2369Vm is a decent entry-level 23-inch monitor. It looks sleek and can easily blend well with any workspace interior. It doesn’t offer anything fancy, but its all-around performance is decent for everyday use, giving consumers good value for their money. It’s a great choice for users looking for a good-looking display to work on their computer for everyday general computing tasks.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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