AOC E2752She; An In-Depth Review

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AOC E2752She; An In-Depth Review

The brand AOC has been around for quite some time, since the time of CRT up to LCD monitors, colored TVs and now Android-based tablets. They have established their name as one of the most reputable names in the brands. They have products from all categories and price range. The AOC E2752She for example, stands as the best value 27-inch monitor, as it comes with a nice and big LCD screen with a crazy affordable price tag. A stand that is easier on our wallet than on our eyes. But what makes it a good deal? Check out this in-depth review to find out.

AOC E2752She; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

The AOC E2752She is undoubtedly a budget-friendly product, tailored for people looking for a 27-inch display but don’t want to shell out a lot of money for a premium screen. This is for computer users who are not particular about colour accuracy and contrast ratio, and just want an affordable screen for all-around workstation use.



As said earlier, the AOC E2752She is a cheap 27-inch monitor, which means some corners were cut to keep its prices down. However, don’t underestimate this screen for its price, as it has lots of things inside it that might just surprise you. This monitor runs Full HD 1920x1080p resolution, which is pretty standard nowadays.

It doesn’t have the bells and whistles to make a good all-in-one computer, but it is decent enough for general use, even for gaming, making it a good choice for people who want a big and single display that can double as work and entertainment display.

2ms Fast Response Time, Good for Gaming and Entertainment

Sporting a TN (Twisted Nematic) panel, the AOC E2752She works perfectly fine in games and movies. They claim this monitor can run games in 2ms Pixel Response, which is pretty impressive, considering the size of the panel relative to its price. But then again, it uses TN panel, which is the best panel technology for ultra-fast games.

It also performs well for web browsing and basic office work, but since its TN panel, it suffers in colour accuracy and viewing angle.


Packed with Features Everyday Users Will Appreciate

As a 27-inch display with average specs, AOC definitely understands the importance of adding convenient and user-friendly features in this display.


iMenu for Changing Monitor Settings Without Reaching for the Display

One of the convenient features it comes with is the iMenu option, which works by allowing users to change the monitor’s settings using only the keyboard and mouse. This means users don’t need to reach out for the screen and make the adjustments through its buttons. This adjustment system however, gives access only to Brightness, Contrast and other Preset modes.


With Screen+ Software for Better Productivity

AOC E2752She; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Also, it comes with the brand’s Screen+ software, which aims to improve users’ productivity by splitting the screen into four separate workstations (four separate quadrants), allowing close secured functionality which sizes windows in each station automatically. Great feature for multitasking.


Off-Timer Clock to Automatically Turn Off the Display

There’s also the off- timer clock that users can set to automatically turn off the display.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Mounting Options

There aren’t a lot of options for dual monitor setup for 27-inch monitors , let alone triple monitor. But there are a couple of good options out there that can be more than enough.

(image from Amazon)

The Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm for example, can hold two display side-by-side for a dual monitor setup. Thanks to its fully articulating arm, you can position your display anywhere, at any angle on top of your desk. The construction is built with a solid polished aluminum  construction. It is also equipped with Constant Force (CF) technology, which is Ergotron’s patented technology that holds monitors securely in place, and still allows smooth, convenient adjustment for optimum ergonomics.

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If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, then the Planar Monitor Stand is a good choice. It doesn’t offer much adjustments and flexibility compared to Ergotron’s, as it doesn’t come with an articulating arm. However, it pretty much does the job when it comes to holding two display side-by-side for a dual monitor setup.


Design and Features

AOC E2752She; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Aesthetic wise, the AOC E2752She is as simple as monitors come – nice glossy black bezel with a matching round base. The backside of the cabinet features a black and smooth finish, which yields to a subtle etching of the AOC symbol, along with its port selections. It is also fairly easy to put together; simply snap in the pre-attached neck to the base and voila! You’re ready to use the 27-inch monitor. The slim profile however, makes it a little more attractive, and it is light enough to move around.


Buttons and Controls


The lower bezel houses the five small tactile keys for the control buttons, and they’re lined up horizontally underneath. Like the rest of the monitor’s components, they feel relatively cheap and may seem hard to press in most cases. Good thing they work nicely, which is all that matters.

The control buttons gives access to the simple and straightforward Menu interface. The ‘Menu’ is a semi-opaque UI, pops on screen when you press any of the buttons. Sub-menu includes Luminance, Image Setup (for VGA only), Picture Boost, Color Setup, and OSD (on-screen display) setup.

The Luminance modes (which is what AOC calls for Picture mode) includes controls for Brightness, Contrast, DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio), and Eco Modes.

Other mode selection includes Standard, Internet, Text, Game, Sports and Movie, with each mode primarily differing utilized backlight. For color calibration, there is Color Setup menu, which allows users to set Color Temperature pre-sets and fine-tune the RGB balance of the screen.

Picture Boost menu may be the most interesting aspect in this monitor’s functions. It includes a feature called Bright Frame, which lightens different percentages of the screen and works by decreasing the gamma correction. It starts from top left corner and increases until half (or more) of the monitor’s screen contains a display of brightly-lit pixels.

The buttons may feel cheap, but they sure provide great functionality in terms of the features that you can access through them.


Decent Selection of Connectivity Options

AOC E2752She; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

The Inputs/Outputs includes two (2) HDMI inputs, a VGA (D-Sub) input and outputs for both external speakers and headphones. The ports are rear-facing, which is far more accessible than downward-point ports most monitors come with. It’s not much, but it’s pretty decent, as it can be enough for most types of users.


Stable Stand But with Limited Adjustability

There are no advanced engineering in the design of AOC E2752She, even in its stand, as it doesn’t offer any adjustments such as height adjustment and portrait rotation, aside from tilt function. Even the tilt function has a very limited range – allows only 4° forward tilt and backward by 17°, giving it a 21° total tilt span. That’s 4 degrees short than most monitors with limited adjustability as they offer 25° tilt span.


With VESA-Compliant Mounting Holes for Expandable Ergonomics

The problem with the stand can be easily solved through the VESA-compliant mounting holes. Should you wish for better ergonomics, simply detach the monitor from its stand and utilize the VESA 100x100mm holes using third-party ergonomic products. You can mount the massive monitor to the wall through a wall mount setup, or use monitor stands with fully articulating arms for regular or even dual monitor setup.


Tech Specs

AOC E2752She; An In-Depth Review

The box includes the monitor and the stand, power (AC) cable, VGA cable.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a huge monitor screen for a very affordable price, and willing to compromise with the less-than-pristine colour performance and average contrast ratio, then the AOC E2752She might just work well for you. Its specs are decent enough to deliver average gamma, correlated color temperature, which can definitely satisfy most users. It sports a TN panel, which as we all know, is a third-tier panel for visual appearance, though the best choice for gaming for its low response times.

Aside from its aggressively cheap price, this monitor has two strong points – it is big and fast. Obviously, this monitor I not a high-performance display, but it goes well in any type of everyday computer use, be it surfing the web, regular office work, or even with playing console games, watching movies or streaming contents online such as in Netflix. This is why it landed the spot of the best 27-inch monitor out there in terms of value for your money.

If you can spare some more cash, then there are lots of VA and IPS paneled monitors out there for around a couple hundreds of dollars more.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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