AOC E1659FWU 16-inch Portable LED Monitor Review, The New and Improved

Aoc E1659fwu 16 Inch Portable Led Monitor Review The New And Improved 289 4018172

AOC E1659FWU 16-inch Portable LED Monitor Review, The New and Improved

Screen real estate is one of the most valuable aspects of computer. Desktop users have the luxury of getting large widescreen displays or add two or more monitors in their existing setup for dual monitor or multiple monitor setup. Laptop users can now have this kind of luxury on-the-move with the help of portable monitors. And one of the latest models in the market today is the AOC’s new and improved USB-powered portable LCD monitor – the AOC E1649FWU.

AOC E1659FWU 16-inch Portable LED Monitor Review, The New and Improved

Who is it for?

Like its predecessor AOC E1649, the AOC E1659FWU is designed to provide bigger display real estate for laptop users on the go. Powered via USB cord, this monitor gets rid of bulky power cables from your bag. It’s a perfect solution for computer users, especially business-minded individuals who rely so much on their portable computer while travelling.


The AOC E1659FWU 16-Inch USB-Powered Portable LCD Monitor is a revamped version of the AOC E1649 16-inch Portable LED Monitor. Both offer amazing convenience and portability for laptop users on the go. However, the latter is called ‘latest version’ for a reason as it offers quite a lot of new and improved features both inside and out.


Good Performer with Vibrant Colors and Dark Black Background

The E1659Fwu is quite a good performer, thanks to the 500:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, and a 1366 x 768 resolution at 60Hz. This makes the monitor quite capable of delivering vibrant colors against dark black background and cleanly displays the darkest gray shades, though it doesn’t have the lightest gray shades.

Side angle views are decent, and small texts look clean and sharp to read on its screen, making the AOC E1659FWU a good choice for anyone looking to do a lot of word processing, document presentations and showing charts in a small conference room environment.


Faster USB 3.0 to Let You Connect the Monitor to your Portable Computer in No Time

This AOC portable monitor is equipped with the latest version of USB port – USB 3.0 – the version that provides better speed, more energy efficiency and power management than the previous USB 2.0 present in the AOC E1649. This means 10 times faster data transfer rate, send and receive data simultaneously (Full duplex), better power efficiency and improved bus utilization – a new feature that lets the device asynchronously notify host that it’s ready. It also eliminates choppy video issues and stream videos a lot smoother without lags or stutters.


Unique Auto-Pivot Features to Automatically Adjust Image

AOC E1659FWU 16-inch Portable LED Monitor Review, The New and Improved

The unique pivot system of AOC E1659FWU makes way for easy and automatic display orientation. It’s a separate feature that you need to download and install. Once this is installed, you need not to manually set change as you switch from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa, as the monitor will automatically change its orientation each time you flip it between landscape and portrait mode.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

As a portable monitor, it is common to see  AOC E1659FWU  to be used alongside with laptops, and this is what most business travelers do to maximize their notebooks and be more efficient and productive while on the go.

AOC E1659FWU 16-inch Portable LED Monitor Review, The New and Improved

Varidesk Pro and VariDesk Pro Plus are two great sit-stand workstations that can work perfectly well with this display. Both are desktop risers, with naturally intuitive design and work with pneumatically assisted mechanism for smooth transition between sitting and standing positions and perfectly balance all the stuff and weight you put on top of its desk.

These two can completely revamp your workspace without replacing your desk. Though utilitarian in design, they are very versatile desks. They are heavy though, which means you may have to leave them at your office or home. Their weight however, helps provide secured and stable base for you to work on.

Design and Features

The AOC e1659Fwu 16-Inch USB-Powered Portable LCD Monitor look a lot like its previous model at first glance – tablet like device with a built-in stand embedded on its back. However, it sports quite a lot of improvements. It’s powered solely via USB (package comes with a USB 3.0 cable). It doesn’t have a switch button so it powers automatically when plugged to a computer. For first use, it automatically starts its quick installation. After the installation process, both the laptop screen and the AOC monitor will blink twice before quickly reappearing.


Sleeker Design that Looks and Feels Pleasing to Use

The AOC E1659FWU definitely looks better in terms of aesthetics compared to its previous model AOC E1649FWU USB Monitor. Both portable monitors sports piano-black glossy finish, but the latest version has a slimmer and sleeker design. The screen is framed with 1-inch thick bezel with rubber grips to sit the monitor in either landscape or portrait mode. But just like its predecessor, the back and sides of the frame is quick to pick up fingerprints.


Thinner, Lighter and More Portable than Ever

AOC E1659FWU 16-inch Portable LED Monitor Review, The New and Improved

This model is half inch thinner than its previous model, and this thinner and lighter frame adds up to great portability, making it the perfect solution for business travelers on-the-go looking for dual monitor setups with their laptop, making business presentations, for photo frame applications, etc. It is easy to fit into a backpack or carry case, and with the VESA 75 x 75 compliant feature, it gives the users the luxury to mount the monitor to the right wall mount and bracket.

Built-in DisplayLink Technology for Easy Simultaneous Connectivity with Multiple Devices

This USB monitor gives users the luxury to use the monitor for multiple devices setup for their portable computer through the built-in DisplayLink USB graphics. This feature allows simultaneous connection of a single laptop to work as a multi-monitor for either PC or Mac. Simply install the DisplayLink software on your PC and you can quickly add multiple USB monitors as your external displays any time you want, without needing to use extra hardware or any complicated setup requirements.


Smart UI

Smart UI is AOC’s way of getting rid of buttons from the monitor, as it lets you do the adjustments right on your screen. This feature appears as an icon on your taskbar, and it is where you can adjust the display’s brightness, contrast, and resolution and extend and mirroring options to suit your needs and preferences for your extra display.


Improved Flexi-Stand for Free Standing the Monitor in Both Landscape and Portrait Orientation

AOC E1659FWU 16-inch Portable LED Monitor Review, The New and Improved

Compared to AOC E11649WU’s embedded tab that allows free standing of the portable USB monitor, E1659FWU uses a stainless foldable flexi-stand which looks way better than the previous model. Still offers support for landscape and portrait orientation and can be folded in completely without jutting out. Landscape mode of course, is deal for making and showing presentations, Excel sheets, browsing the web, etc., while portrait mode is good for Word processing, coding, or as a side display for easy vertical for messaging or search results.

Tech Specs

AOC E1659FWU 16-inch Portable LED Monitor Review, The New and Improved

Package also comes with the Stand and Carry Case


Bottom Line

AOC E1659FWU 16-inch Portable LED Monitor Review, The New and Improved

The AOC e1659Fwu Portable LCD Monitor may not sweep you off your feet in terms of performance and image quality. But it is certainly a much improved version compared to its previous model aesthetically and image quality wise. Also, its convenience in portability and ultra-lightweight is what makes it quite a great tool for frequent travelers who are looking to expand their screen real estate and maximize their portable computer while on-the-go.

The minor issues about this portable monitor are its somewhat-reflective screen, which can be a problem in a brightly-lit environment and fingerprint-prone finish. Some Mac users also report problematic performance, but DisplayLink says they are already working for a solution.

All in all, this portable LCD monitor is a quick and affordable solution for people looking for extra display for their laptops. But it comes with the USB 3.0 which adds a lot to its performance as it delivers clean and stutter-free videos. The 15.6 inch screen is good enough to deliver crisp texts, sharp images, even though it is less than stellar in terms of color accuracy.

Also, it seems like AOC listened to the complaints and suggestions from its previous model, as the E1659FWU comes with lightweight neoprene sleeve, so users can carry it around easily and more securely.

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