Acer S277HK; An In-Depth Review

Acer S277HK; An In-Depth Review

Widely known for work laptops, Acer have become a household name in computer desks, both in business offices and home offices. And it has maintained quite a reputation in competitive high quality LCD monitors throughout the years.  The latest addition to its family Acer S277HK, lives up to the brand’s innovative reputation, as it presents an untraditional design. This 27in Ultra HD monitor is truly an eye-catcher even when turned off, but is its performance as good as it aesthetics? Find out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Acer S277HK; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking to upgrade your work desk with a big, unique and bezel-less monitor with high resolution output and basic workstation necessities, then you should check out Acer S277HK. This 27-inch display comes in sleek and modern design and packs a lot of business and consumer-centric features, runs at wonderful 4K UHD resolution and has the basic connectivity options to complete your workstation needs.



Acer S277HK; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

The Ultra HD resolution indeed, provides great help for graphics designers and web designers through the photo editing software they use. This is where the pixel density of Acer S277HK will be used at its best.


Decent Color and Image Quality, Can Be Improved with Colour Calibration

The 27-inch IPS panel runs 3840×2160 resolution, which means it’s fully capable of delivering Ultra HD images and video through wide colour gamut coverage. Colours are vibrant in this screen, and they’re represented onscreen with fine details coming from small nuances shades of high-res photographs. sRGB color coverage is almost perfect, scoring 99.9%. Contrast is a little short from the ideal, but works fine as it scores 883:1. Black level is also at 0.27cd/m2, which is decent enough for almost all types of use. Colour temperature however is at 6858K which is slightly off the mark than monitors calibrated to 6500K. This results to images looking cooler than they should be. Switching to Graphics Colour Preset mode will improve both contrast level to 911:1 and colour temperature to 6583K.

The Acer S277HK is a consumer monitor, which means it can’t promise professional-grade colour accuracy. However, with some calibration, this product can get excellent scores, especially when it comes to sRGB colour accuracy. Its weakest colour is red, making images with this color a little oversaturated.

Those professionals working on Adobe RGB may have a hard time using this display, as it only scores 72% coverage, not enough for print. Those who work on design however, will find a practical use for this display, especially after calibration.


Perfect for Windows 8’s Scaling Enhancement Feature

Currently, it’s a bit tough to get the most out of our UHD resolution on monitors as big as 27-inch, as picture in native resolution and texts can appear small. Windows 8 will be great for this display, as it provides scaling enhancement and increase font size and make them more readable. However, expect some issues for the time being; some fonts may seem uneven, while some logos may look blurry when enlarged. But then again, it’s far better than what Mac OS can offer.

With Acer’s EyeProtect Technology to Reduce Eyestrain and Comfortable Viewing

Those who work on their computer for extended period of time will love the EyeProtect technology that comes with the Acer S277HKIt’s a feature that eliminates screen flickering and greatly reduces Blue Light, minimizing the risk of eyestrain and long-term eye and vision damage, and provide a better screen quality for comfortable viewing.

The feature also comes with Low Dimming function and ComfyView technology; the former allow users to adjust down the monitor’s brightness down to 15%, while the latter minimizes reflections caused by ambient light.

Decent 4ms Response Time and 10ms Input Lag for Your Games and Movies

The 4ms response time may be a little off from the ideal, but considering this monitor uses IPS panel and works at 4K UHD resolution, that pixel response time can be considered impressive. This Acer UHD monitor delivers high-quality images and videos. There are no noticeable ghosting issues for less-demanding game titles. the pixel response is fast enough as well for watching videos and movies.

It also comes with Super Sharpness technology which helps fix detail issues caused by low resolution, and automatically adjust image quality to ensure you get the best image settings all the time.

The Input Lag (the time for the monitor takes to recognize and take commands from keyboard and mouse) is at 10ms, which is still excellent, even for games.


A Little Heavy Power Consumption

Acer S277HK is ought to be a work monitor, which is a unfortunate to know that it’s a little heavy on power consumption. At default settings, it scores 31W. Turning brightness a little higher (150 cd/m²) also spikes power consumption to 36W. This is quite a lot for a monitor of its size and capacity.



Design and Features

Acer S277HK; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Acer markets Acer S277HK as a frameless monitor, which highlights non-touch display on its premium bezel-less design. The cabinet is made up of plastic and accented by a 2.2cm silver strip running across its bottom edge. The light grey brushed metal frame is quite similar to the material used on Acer’s cheap Switch Tablets. It’s a decent material, but it doesn’t really provide a premium feel.

Acer S277HK; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

The rear side of the cabinet is glossy white, giving it a clean and fresh look, shunning away from the traditional black finish which makes most displays look like a plain box. The biggest downside of the aesthetics however is that, the white plastic is a magnet for dirt and fingerprint smudges. If you often hold the backside and adjust the tilt of your display, then you need to wipe it clean more often.

When you switch the display off, you will easily notice the near-borderless design, which uses only 1mm border – amazingly thin. But like any other near-borderless displays, switching the monitor on will reveal around 8mm border. Still impressive though.

Buttons and Controls

The bottom bezel features the power button, which comes with glowing blue light when the monitor is used, along with other physical buttons. These buttons give access to display settings, volume level for the speakers, switch between different Picture modes, activate Picture-in-Picture feature, and toggle through different inputs. They have good tactile feel, and don’t come with labels, but the monitor features quick OSD (on-screen display) when you press any of the buttons. Like most HDTV, the Acer S277HK requires pressing multiple buttons for simple settings adjustments.

For its preset colour modes, this Acer display offers five (5) Preset modes for users to choose and fit basic types of viewing preferences. The choices include Standard mode, Movie, Graphics, Eco and User mode. User mode lets you set the colour balance, gamma and temperature. However, it results to unpleasant black border, which can be annoying. There’s also an sRGB mode that improves color accuracy, which results to 1.07 average Delta E score.


Basic Set of I/O Ports for Your Workstation

Acer S277HK; An In-Depth Review

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For its connectivity inputs and outputs, this Acer monitor offers basic set of options. All are well hidden at the back side of the panel, above the metal stand. The basic set includes DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and mini-DisplayPort. It doesn’t have USB ports, which is a shame, considering its size and claim as a work display. It also comes with Picture-in-Picture mode, allowing users to simultaneously connect multiple sources to this monitor.

The stand’s design makes it impossible to hide the cables. You may want avoid setting this display in an open-air front office space, rather, it would look better if it’s against a wall, as you can easily hide the cable clutter.


Good Quality 2W Speakers for General Use

Acer S277HK; An In-Depth Review

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This Acer UHD monitor has 2W speakers built-in on its stand. The manufacturer uses DTS sound technology, together with its propriety TrueHarmony to improve the bass and cut distortion of this model’s speakers. The speakers indeed make a decent sound without distortion. Connecting the display to MacBook Pro, it scored modest volume. Volume is better with Windows-based systems though, particularly with Alienware 14, Surface Pro 2 and Dell Venue 11 Pro.


Innovative and Aesthetically Pleasing Reverse L-Shaped Stand Comes with a Price

At first glance, the Acer S277HK is a striking 27-inch Ultra HD monitor. Acer shunned from the traditional monitor stand and emphasis on symmetry, rather, it uses an upright stand that holds the display from the side, resembling a reverse L-shaped stand. The metal base of the monitor is made up of a two asymmetrical sections wireframe divided, and shows the surface of the desk. It’s quite an innovative design, and a smart space-saver as well, as that small rectangular space under the monitor can be to store desk toys, paper, pen, phone, etc. There’s not enough room though, as it only has 75mm clearance between the monitor’s lower frame and the desk. The metal base adds unique and sophisticated aesthetics, as it holds the huge monitor in place.

Acer S277HK; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Aside from looking good on your desk, the reverse L-shaped stand doesn’t have anything more to offer. It doesn’t allow swivel adjustments, height adjustments and pivot. Hence, it’s not a very practical stand. But then again, not everyone uses these adjustments. This asymmetrical stand however, provides balanced and stable base for the whole cabinet.

Tech Specs

Acer S277HK; An In-Depth Review

Package includes the S277HK Widescreen LCD Monitor, DVI Cable, a DisplayPort Cable and a Power Cord.

Bottom Line

The inspired design of Acer S277HK is paired nicely with UHD resolution, respectable responsiveness and colorimetry. All these for a very competitive price tag. Its bezel-free design adds more to its aesthetics, while its good color quality makes it a very versatile display for variety of use.

Yes it is mediocre in a lot of categories; the contrast ratio is not good enough, its native resolution makes pictures and texts appear too small on its big 27-inch screen, and it has average upscaling from Full HD. Also, the asymmetrical stand may look cool, but it lacks the adjustability you might need in a work monitor. Plus, the cabinet doesn’t support VESA mounting, as it doesn’t come with VESA standard mounting holes. It also lacks the USB ports and a monster on power consumption.

 However, with a little work on its calibration, it can be improved for more impressive and immersive picture quality.

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