Acer S241HL bmid; An In-Depth Review

Acer S241HL bmid; An In-Depth Review

In the past couple of years, monitor prices have dropped significantly, giving computer users the better chance to get a hold of better-performing monitors that were once expensive for its specs, performance and features. However, it’s no secret that most manufacturers cut corners in some of their products (particularly in panel technology and features) to keep their prices low. And of good example we can find in the market is the Acer S241HL bmid – arguably the best value 24-inch monitor today. How far did Acer cut the corners of this product to keep its prices low? What makes it a good value? Find out here in Dual Monitors Guide’s in-depth review.

Acer S241HL bmid; An In-Depth Review

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Who is it for?

For anyone looking to have a good all-around monitor with a very affordable price tag, the Acer S241HL bmid should be on your wish list. All factors considered, it is the best valued 24-inch monitor out there today.



This 24-inch monitor uses TN (Twisted Nematic) panel technology, which as we all know, is an inferior panel in terms of colour production. It is however, the best panel for fast moving scenes, such as in games and action-packed movies, and of course, the most affordable panel technology, which helped in keeping the price of this product low. The screen in Full HD 1920x1080p resolution and uses a W-LED light, which is bright and efficient.

Decent Response Time for Both Games and Movies

The Acer S241HL bmid runs at 5ms response time (gray-to-gray) with 60Hz refresh rate. Though not as fast as the best gaming monitor out there, it is definitely on par with the good ones, providing decent speed for smooth viewing experience in both games and movies. There are no obvious blurring and ghosting, even in demanding titles or action-packed Blu-ray movies.


Good Brightness Level for All-Around Purpose

This monitor runs at around 391 lux, which is pretty bright for a TN-based panel.


Energy Efficient Monitor Perfect for Everyday Use

Most mid-sized monitors are efficient, except of course those high end products with really good IPS panels, higher resolution, with variety of Presets and features and higher brightness level.  The Acer S241HL bmid however, is quite a basic monitor that uses TN panel, and at default mode it consumes 18W, which is pretty low in most mid-sized monitor standards, quite a good power-saver for everyday use.

Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Mounting Options


As with other 24-inch monitor, the Acer S241HL bmid is a great choice for dual monitor or even triple monitor setup. It’s easily one of the best size there is for multi-monitor setup, as its big enough to provide great screen real estate and compact enough to leave some room for other stuff on your work desk.

Acer S241HL bmid; An In-Depth Review

Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm (image from Amazon)

If you’re considering a dual monitor setup for this monitor, then the product that should be on your top of your list is the Ergotron LX Wall Mount LCD Arm. Each of its arm can hold monitors and move independently to improve your ergonomics. It also comes with the brand’s very own Constant Force technology, which lets users re-adjust each screen smoothly and easily, and still holds  the screens in secured and stable fashion.

Acer S241HL bmid; An In-Depth Review

MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand (image from Amazon)

For a cheaper alternative, you can opt for MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand. This ergonomic product can easily clamp on your desk and hold both monitors in place. It may not come with a lot of adjustment options such as the Ergotron’s, but it does the job well in holding two screens side-by-side for dual monitor setup. Also, it is very easy to assemble and setup to your work desk.


Design and Features

Acer S241HL bmid; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

Design wise, the Acer S241HL bmid is an everyday series display that gives you the beauty of the basics through the best value. It features decent widescreen visuals and equipped with eco-conscious features, making it the perfect monitor for all-around use, be it for working on documents or multimedia in home, office, studio or study.


Easy and Quick Installation and Setup

Acer S241HL bmid; An In-Depth Review

(image from Amazon)

In terms of assembly and setup, this monitor is pretty easy to work on, though it needs a Philips screwdriver and a flat blade screwdriver to secure pieces into their places. It comes with just three major parts, the monitor, the stand bracket and its base. Simply slide in the bracket and lock it in using the screw provided. Then place the base onto the bottom of the bracket and tighten it with the flat blade screw. This is where Acer received a lot of complains about the assembly, as they could have used the same screw head in both locations.

Connectivity Options

It comes with a good set of inputs/outputs that are nicely arranged for your convenience. The selection includes power jack, audio input, HDMI, DVI and D-SUB ports.


With Speakers for Workstation Convenience

Like most speakers that come with affordable monitors, don’t expect a good quality sound from the Acer S241HL bmid. It’s good for all-around use, such as listening to music or watching YouTube videos while working, which adds convenience for your workstation as you don’t need to get a pair of external speakers for general use.


Stable Stand But with Limited Adjustability

This Acer monitor sports a standard round base, which provides good stability for the mid-sized cabinet. However, it doesn’t come with any adjustments than tilt.


Tech Specs

Acer S241HL bmid; An In-Depth Review

Package includes the S241HL bmid monitor, VGA cable, DVI cable, HDMI cable, and Power Cord.

Bottom Line

For its target market and industry, the Acer S241HL bmid undoubtedly ticks all the boxes. It’s a good all-around performer with all the basic things you need for an everyday computer – simple and straightforward design, decent colour accuracy and average response time.

Considering its price, there isn’t much to complain about this product, since we understand that Acer cut some corners in its production to keep its price low. But of course, there are a few areas they can really improve on to make this product better. For starters, the monitor takes a long time to start up. For the design, Acer could have used the same screw head for mounting the bracket to its base. Also, the VESA-compliant mounting holes are located in a recessed location at the backside of the cabinet. Pair this with the way the ports are positioned (projects out the back rather than to the bottom may mean very limited mounting option), except of course if you use a monitor stand or a desk mount with fully articulating arm. The last two issues are minor flaws, but little issues like this could have been prevented.

All in all, the Acer S241HL bmid is a pretty good monitor for its price. You get 24-inch Full HD resolution and some basic features for your workstation for a crazy low price.

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