Acer H276HL Review; Good Quality Large Screen Monitor with Cheap Price Tag

Acer H276hl Review Good Quality Large Screen Monitor With Cheap Price Tag 283 5776224

Acer H276HL Review; Good Quality Large Screen Monitor with Cheap Price Tag

Most of us look for all-around and versatile monitors that can support and deliver any task we wish to do with our computer to get the best bung for our buck. And it’s a general consensus that bigger display means better. However, extra screen real estate means extra cost, which has been prohibitive for users on a budget. Acer solves this issue with their latest display, the Acer H276HL, a 27-inch IPS monitor that provides solid all-around performance and stylish look for a reasonable, if not affordable price tag. Check out this in-depth Acer H276HL review from Dual Monitors Guide and find out more about this beautiful monitor.

Acer H276HL Review; Good Quality Large Screen Monitor with Cheap Price Tag

Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a large widescreen monitor, with good performance and picture quality, and has all the basic functions and features for all-around use, but doesn’t hurt your budget, then you should check out Acer H276HL. This product is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest monitor out there for its size. It’s sleek and stylish and works well for variety of use.



Acer H276HL Review; Good Quality Large Screen Monitor with Cheap Price Tag

The Acer H276HL may not be packed with a lot of features, but it is sure enough to provide the best performance you can ask for. It’s quite a solid, all-around performer that can do almost anything you ask for. Above all, it is the most affordable monitor of its size and performance today, and that is pretty hard to beat.

Solid All-Around Performance for All Your Computing and Viewing Needs

The Acer H276HL is quite an all-around performer and it allows you to do whatever you want with it, whether its multitasking documents and apps as you work, opening multiple tabs as you surf the web, or even play the latest FPS (first-person shooter) games.

Accurate Colors and Excellent Grayscale Performance

For a low-cost monitor, the colors Acer H276HL able to display is pretty accurate. Chromaticity test shows colors red and blue are all in their respective ideal CIE coordinates, while green is just slightly out of the ideal dot, which is quite common among both low-end and mid-range monitors today. Action-packed Blu-ray movies look excellent on this display, dark and light image details in the movie The Wolverine looks pretty sharp.

The movie is also displayed with fine shadow details, thanks to the monitor’s ability to display all shades of gray. The grayscale performance of H276HL may not be on par with the high-end IPS monitors out there, but it is pretty good considering its price.

IPS panels are known for their wide viewing angles, and this Acer monitor is no different from that. Colors remained true while display remains bright when viewed from different angles.

Decent 5ms Pixel Response Rate for All-Around Use

The Acer H276HL works with 5ms (gray-to-gray) pixel response, which may seem a little short compared to most gaming monitors today, as they work around 2ms. But this product works enough to get the job done; it can handle fast-action video games such as Aliens vs. Predators, with some blurring artifacts from time to time. These blurring are hardly noticeable by all, expect maybe for hardcore gamers.

Energy Efficient Choice

Despite its larger screen size, the Acer H276HL is quite an energy-efficient monitor. Consuming only 24-watts at Standard picture preset, and 22-watts at Eco preset, this product is significantly more energy efficient than its fellow 27-inch variant Acer K272HUL (works at 38 watts at Standard picture preset) and BenQ EW2740L (works at 30 watts at Standard preset).


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

Putting two Acer H276HL monitors side-by-side for dual monitor or triple monitor setup is a good idea, as unlike most 27-inch IPS monitors in the market today, it is affordable and practical. The solid all-around performance of this display lets you enjoy working on your computer, multi-tasking multiple apps and Windows, or even play the latest action-packed FPS games. Its elegant design and thin bezel will look good in any work environment, particularly for multiple monitor setup. The stand provides stable support, but it’s not the most ergonomic choice. You can however, always opt for ergonomic solutions, such as dual monitor stands, height-adjustable sit-stand desks and workstations, and set two or more displays ergonomically to your desk.

Acer H276HL Review; Good Quality Large Screen Monitor with Cheap Price Tag

Ergotron’s  Interactive Arm, HD for example, accommodates all your active TV positioning needs. This wall-mounted arm lets lift your display, swing, swivel, or turn it into any direction you want to get the best viewing position. Your monitor will look like floating in the air, but you have the luxury to move it around and position it anywhere you want within its adjustment range, with just one simple touch. This arm holds displays ranging from 30-inch to 55-inch, and 18 to 40 lbs. weight capacity.

Acer H276HL Review; Good Quality Large Screen Monitor with Cheap Price Tag

If you want to revamp your workstation and have a desk that will support all your upgrade needs, and have the luxury to move, sit and stand as you work on your computer, then you should check out  Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk (light grey). This desk will help you counteract the negative effects of sitting without compromising the benefits of a traditional desk. It comes with good height adjustments to fit your preferred height and switch from sitting and standing, with solidly stable and sturdy base, and customizable with other accessories to make a perfectly ergonomic and comfortable workstation.

Design and Features

The Acer H276HL sports a sleek design that can make any work desk look better. The 1920 x 1080 panel is housed in a bezel-free cabinet that is just 1.3-inch thick and finished with matte-black texture and thin band of glossy-black trim around the edges.


Has All the Basic I/O Ports You Need

The back side of the Acer H276HL’s cabinet houses the HDMI, DVI and VGA video ports, as well as an audio port and a headphone jack, which are pretty much all you need for basic computing and entertainment use. Unfortunately, unlike most new monitors today, this product doesn’t come with USB ports, nor does it have a DisplayPort input or a webcam. 

Acer H276HL Review; Good Quality Large Screen Monitor with Cheap Price Tag

The HDMI ports however, doubles as an MHL (mobile high-definition) port, and is capable of displaying content from compatible devices such as smartphones or tablets, as you charge them through an HDMI an HDMI-to-MHL cable (not included in the package).


Some Extra Speakers for Basic Use

This Acer monitor is equipped with a pair of 1.5-watt speakers, which are obviously far from impressive. They are not really strong audio peripherals, lacks the bass and sounds tinny. It’s a good gesture from Acer to include this hardware as a built-in extra, considering the price of the monitor. But honestly, you will be better off using a decent set of desktop speakers should you wish to play games and watch movies on your PC. But if you just want to listen to music on a low volume as you work, the speakers can be enough.


Decent Stand

Acer H276HL Review; Good Quality Large Screen Monitor with Cheap Price Tag

The Acer H276HL’s textured black base provides stable support for the display. It allows tilt adjustment, but it doesn’t offer more ergonomic features as its adjustment is pretty limited to that. It doesn’t support height adjustment, swivel or pivot movements.


Buttons and Functions

The Acer H276HL has five (5) function buttons and a power switch button, all of which are mounted underneath the lower bezel. Like other Acer monitors, such as Acer B276HU and Acer FT200HQL, pressing any buttons will bring up the on-screen menu, which are all labeled.

The menu gives you access to five (5) picture presets, namely Standard, User, Eco, Movie and Graphics. You can also adjust the built-in speakers’ volume through the function button, choose and input source, or go to the Main Menu to access picture settings, namely Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature settings, as well as Focus, Screen Position, and Clock, when using analog signal.


Tech Specs

Acer H276HL Review; Good Quality Large Screen Monitor with Cheap Price Tag

Package includes the H276HL Widescreen LCD Monitor, a DVI Cable, HDMI Cable, VGA Cable and a power cord.


Bottom Line

Acer H276HL Review; Good Quality Large Screen Monitor with Cheap Price Tag

The Acer H276HL is quite an attractive 27-inch display that uses IPS panel technology to deliver accurate colors and good grayscale performance for versatile computing and viewing use. It comes with a sleek design, like most, if not all Acer products, works really well and very affordable for its size, performance and quality.

There are of course, some limitations in this product, as expected in product on its price range. The glossy and reflective screen can be distracting, especially when showing dark background. Also, it lacks the features you expect for monitors of its size and kind.

What this Acer monitor lacks in features however, makes up for good overall display quality, accurate colors and above-average grayscale performance. Though it can’t beat its higher-resolution sibling Acer K272HUL, it is way cheaper and is an outstanding value. For more in-depth LCD monitor reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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