Acer BE270U; An In-Depth Review

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Acer BE270U; An In-Depth Review

Acer is easily one of the most popular brands across the globe for quality and affordable products. It’s a widely known name for desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, and even mobiles like smartphones and tablets. And due to its comparatively cheaper prices, many consumers prefer their products. One of their latest products in the monitor market Acer BE270U, lived up to the brand’s reputation, as it’s well equipped to deliver professional quality performance. It’s a visual revolution from your old monitors, but without all the dazzling accessories, add-ons, and bells and whistles. What makes it a good monitor? How does it stand against other professional monitors in the market? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to find out.

Acer BE270U; An In-Depth Review

Acer BE270U (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Acer BE270U is designed for photographers, web designers, and other graphics professionals. It’s a well-equipped monitor which uses IPS panel for professional and colour-demanding tasks. It also supports multi-display setups, making it a convenient addition to your existing work computer setup.



The Acer BE270U uses an IPS panel to run WQHD (Wide Quad High-Definition) resolution, which is at 2560 x 1440p. This means users will have clean, clear and crisp images on the screen all throughout its entirely jitter-free screen. It also has excellent color and contrast ratio as well as brightness level, making both pictures and videos look more vibrant on its screen.


WQHD Resolution at IPS Panel for Sharp Image Details and Wide Viewing Angles

In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel is the best in the market for clear and vivid image quality. Pair that with 2560x1440p resolution and you get beautiful and crisp images on the 27-inch screen. Brightness peaks at 350 cd/m2, at 16:9 aspect ratio and 1000:1 contrast ratio, which is quite the standard now for high quality monitors.

The refresh rate of this Acer monitor is at 75Hz, while pixel response is at 6ms (gray-to-gray). While that’s certainly way below the ideal for gaming, we understand this shortcoming since this monitor is not really meant for gaming, and its panel technology focuses more on colour precision and grayscale performance rather than fast and smooth performance. Nevertheless, those digits are pretty decent for most games.

As with other monitors that sports IPS panels out there, this monitor offers wide viewing angles, without any color shifting when viewed from any of its four sides.


Advanced Color Settings for Professional Use

Out-of-the-box colour accuracy of Acer BE270U may not be ideal, but with some tweaks on its advanced color settings, one can get excellent image quality for professional use. Chromaticity test shows colors red and blue straddle near the border of their ideal zones, while green is just outside the zone. This causes minor skewing, but not enough to cause oversaturation. Also, all colors can be brought into alignment using the monitor’s 6-Axis-Hue and 6-Axis-Saturation adjustments.


Decent Performance for After-Hours Fun

As said earlier, Acer BE270U is not designed for gaming, but there’s no reason for users to not enjoy some games with it. The 6ms gray-to-gray response time causes some ghosting in Crysis 3 (PC), while the 10.6 input lag (measured via Leo Bodnar video signal tester) means users won’t get blown away while waiting for the screen to react from commands from the controller. It’s a little shy from the fastest in the market, namely BenQ XL2430T and the BenQ SW2700PT, which is at 9.5ms.


Energy Efficient Monitor

Acer BE270U is an energy efficient monitor, which consumes only 26W at Standard picture mode, and 26W at Eco mode. To compare, monitors of its competition is way higher, such as BenQ SW2700PT, which uses 43 watts at Standard mode, and doesn’t offer Eco mode. ViewSonic XG2703 runs at 40 watts in Standard mode bring it all the way down to 27 watts in Conserve mode.



Design and Features

Acer BE270U; An In-Depth Review

Acer BE270U (image from Amazon)

Design wise, the Acer BE270U certainly offers a beautiful display with its bezel-free black cabinet design that offers a near-seamless viewing environment when used in a dual monitor (side-by-side) or triple monitor (multi-monitor) setup. It looks sleek and straightforward; and this minimalistic approach is what gives it the beautiful professional look, which is perfect since it’s not particularly made for gaming. The 27-inch screen is slim, lightweight and looks classy and sophisticated to say the least.

The screen comes with a non-reflective coating, which means it’s protected against glares and reflections from artificial and natural light, making it easier for users to see the screen.

As said earlier, the bezels are extremely thin, which doesn’t only give it a clean profile, but also an excellent choice for dual monitor or even triple monitor setup, which is what many professionals do to multiply their screen real estate, open multiple programs and work more effectively.


Connectivity Options

For video ports, this Acer monitor has plenty of options to offer, including 2 HDMI/MHL inputs, a full-size DisplayPort input, a mini DisplayPort input, as well as a full-size DisplayPort output that offers daisy-chaining capabilities, allowing users to hook up three additional monitors with it.

Alongside the video ports are 3 USB 3.0 ports, with one upstream and two downstream ports, and a headphone jack. There are also two more USB 3.0 downstream ports on the left side of the cabinet for easy reach.


Buttons and Controls

For the control buttons, there are 5 buttons and a Power button for this Acer monitor, all of which are located on the bottom edge of the cabinet. The function buttons provide access and navigation to the settings menus where users can reset the screen’s Brightness, Contrast, Color, Temperature, Gamma and Sharpness levels. For Picture Presets, there are 5 choices, namely Standard, Eco, Movie, Graphics and User. There’s also a Blue Light setting to help users relieve eyestrain, sRGB mode and 6-Axis Hue and Saturation adjustments for more precise color tuning.

There are also many PiP (Picture-In-Picture) and PbP (Picture-By-Picture) settings, as well as a Daisy Chain setting that lets users extend their desktop across multiple displays, or even clone the master monitor.


With Built-In Speakers

Acer BE270U; An In-Depth Review

Acer BE270U (image from Amazon)

Acer is known to be a generous brand, and when it comes to its products, they certainly don’t hold back. One good addition this monitor has is the pair of 2W speakers. They’re by no means good quality, but they’re pretty decent, with moderately loud volume capacity. Obviously, it lacks the bass of a quality speaker, and it sound really tinny when volume is cranked up.


Ergonomic, Fully-Adjustable Stand

Acer BE270U; An In-Depth Review

Acer BE270U (image from Amazon)

The monitor is supported by an ergonomic and fully adjustable stand, meaning it offers swivel, tilt, pivot and height adjustment, making it a comfortable choice for users of any height and setup. This is definitely a plus for the product, since many 27-inch monitors out there don’t come with adjustable stand. The rectangular base offers solid and stable support, with a tray for storing your keyboard.


Tech Specs

Acer BE270U; An In-Depth Review

Package includes the 27-inch monitor, DisplayPort and HDMI cables, upstream USB cable and a Quick Start Guide.


Bottom Line

Acer BE270U offers a lot of good things that makes it a really good fit for professionals. It provides excellent combo of ultra-high resolution screen and superb color definition. It also comes with EyeProtect technology, a really convenient feature for professional users who work on for hours on their computers on a daily basis. The nearly borderless frame design also makes it a great choice for dual monitor or triple monitor setup, which is again, a common setup among professionals. The IPS panel has really good grayscale performance, and wide viewing angle, and though color accuracy is a bit off, Acer makes up for it by providing a 6-Axis color setting option that lets users get the ideal color accuracy for the monitor.


In terms of functionality, this monitor is quite generous, as it comes with a selection of digital video ports, including DisplayPort that lets you daisy-chain your screen.

The Acer BE270U is being marketed as affordable, but when compared to its competitors or similar products in the market, it is still a little more expensive. That is not to say the price is not justified though. If you’re looking for a quality mid-range monitor, you can opt for BenQ SW2700PT. It’s definitely more expensive (about $150 more), but you get better out-of-the-box color accuracy, with good hardware calibration support, as well as a shading hood and an integrated card slot, both of which can be convenient for professional users.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today.

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