7 Things That Should Always Be On Your Office Desk

7 Things That Should Always Be On Your Office Desk 85 2254604

7 Things That Should Always Be On Your Office Desk

No two office desks are alike, office workstations may use similar designs, but ultimately, each office desk is unique to its owner/user. Some like their desk organized so it would look presentable. Desks can also tell you if someone is organized, messy, artsy, etc. with one quick glance on what’s on the desk. Though everyone’s desk can be unique, there are some items that we should always have at arm’s reach, be it in a cubicle or a home office. Aside from the obvious, here are the six office desk essentials everyone should have.



A Plant

Cactus and Succulent garden (image from Amazon)

Well this may sound ridiculous, but just by having a cute plant on your desk, or workstation, can significantly improve your mood. Studies show that people are more productive and efficient at work when they see some greenery in their work environment. Also, if you’re breathing all that re-circulated air stale air, plants can great help you. As a matter of fact, there are plants specifically used for improving indoor air quality, such as aloe plants. If you worry you might let it die, then you should know that cactus are resilient, requires little care and very hard to kill.


You don’t want to sneeze on your computer screen and keyboard, that’s gross. Also, be a considerate coworker and use a tissue when you sneeze, or wipe and clean your desk before and after your shift.



Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones (image from Amazon)

We all have that ‘in the zone’ time of the day, where we don’t want to be disturbed by anyone, and just focus on our task. Unfortunately for office spaces, this can be really. This is where the benefits of headphones get into the picture – it lets you block out the rest of the office and get in your zone. You can listen to your favorite song, or you don’t have to listen to anything and just stick them on your ears. It’s a universal sign for “leave me alone.” That’s if your office allows headphones though. For home office small office guys, a headphone is a must.


Light and Healthy Snacks and a Water Bottle

Nalgene On the Fly Water Bottle (image from Amazon)

If your job requires you to sit all day, you might feel hungry. Having a light snack at arm’s reach is a great way to keep your energy up. Of course, it must not be a bag of chips or chocolate bar. What you need is something that doesn’t spoil easily, such as apple, almonds, banana, peanut butter, oatmeal, granola bars.

Also, a good quality water bottle can make a huge difference in your health. Plus, it is much cheaper than having to buy a new one each time you feel thirsty. Also, having a bottle on your desk will help you remind yourself to drink water often, as we all know, it is crucial to keep our body hydrated throughout the day.


Extra Phone Charger

Hama MicroCube USB Charger (image from Amazon)

If you’re always busy at work, then you may not take your phone out from your bag or pocket. Unfortunately, the way smartphones are made, they drain the battery even without doing much. This is why they are always on the brink of death by the end of the day. A spare phone charger in your drawer can provide you the convenience and security you need to keep your phone powered throughout the day. You never know when your phone will run out, thus, it is always better to be prepared. The best thing about these chargers is they are universal, you can charge your smartphones, tablet, etc.


Hand Sanitizer

Purell hand sanitizer (image from Amazon)

Though it is always good to wash your hands, for some reasons, you forget to do it once in a while. Having a hand sanitizer near you can help stay clean. Make sure you clean your hands before eating or touching your face. Research shows our keyboards can be dirtier than a toilet sink. For ladies, make sure you have your favorite hand lotion near you to keep your hands smooth and soft.


Framed Photos

Malden Plastic Picture Frame (image from Amazon)

Whenever you feel tired, frustrated, or even demotivated, having your loved one’s photos in your workstation will make you feel better again in an instant. There’s no better way to re-energize yourself than looking at framed photos of your loved ones. Having their photos on your desk will certainly help you through get through the day.


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