7 Best Professional-Grade 4K Monitors for 2015

7 Best Professional-Grade 4K Monitors for 2015

4K is definitely here, and it has started to take over many cubicles, commercial spaces and home offices, in the past year. Though contents for 4K or Ultra HD monitors are still scarce, rumor has it that the film industry is really looking at this technology for the near future. And as we all know, near future can be pretty quick to arrive in the world of computer technology. It can be next year, or even in a couple of months. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we make sure we keep track with these latest trends to deliver you the best information available. If you want to jump in to 4K bandwagon to future-proof your workstation or simply want an entirely new work and viewing experience, then here are 7 options should need to look for.

Top 7: AOC U2868PQU

7 Best Professional-Grade 4K Monitors for 2015

The AOC U2868PQU runs at 3840x2160p resolution, but it took a step back by using TN (Twisted Nematic) panel for its screen, giving the its brand the ability to put a price tag almost half less than its IPS (In-Plane Switching) and VA (Vertical Alignment) competition. Despite that, it comes with pretty decent colour gamut, and contrast ratio, which is impressive considering the panel type it uses. It delivers bold colors and good grayscale performance, making it a good affordable choice for CAD/CAM designers and other graphics professionals. Like most TN-based monitors though, it doesn’t have good viewing angle performance.

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Top 6: LG 34UM95

7 Best Professional-Grade 4K Monitors for 2015

If you are used to dual monitor setup, then you will have no problem using this single expansive screen of LG 34UM95. This monitor looks great right from the get go, and can easily double as entertainment display. Aesthetically speaking, it’s definitely a beautiful monitor, and pretty competitive as well, as it runs at 3440×1440 Ultra-Wide Quad HD resolution at 21:9 Aspect Ratio that can be split into customized-size sections. It can easily double as entertainment display, and pretty versatile as well, as it has all the I/O ports you can ever ask for.

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Top 5: ViewSonic VP2780-4K

7 Best Professional-Grade 4K Monitors for 2015

The  ViewSonic VP2780-4Kcan be easily considered as an expensive categorized it’s a consumer monitor. However, when compared against professional monitors with other full AdobeRGB color and well-polished On-Screen Display menu, it can be considered affordable, if not cheap. Designed for graphics professionals, content developers and for post-production work, this ViewSonic display is a professional-grade monitor that takes the notch one step further, it uses IPS panel and packs 4K Ultra HD resolution, excellent for almost all type of professional use.

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Top 4: Acer S277HK

7 Best Professional-Grade 4K Monitors for 2015

Acer S277HK makes quite an impact not just in its performance, but also in its unique and undeniably beautiful aesthetic design of angular white and silver frame and bezel-free design. The screen itself lives up to the brand’s innovative reputation, as its IPS panel runs at Ultra HD, coated with anti-reflective film. The 27-inch screen looks great, but its contrast and native resolution is quite average. A little calibration however, can make a huge difference. Also, it lacks adjustability and ergonomic support (no VESA mounting holes). For its price tag however, it can be considered affordable.

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Top 3: Samsung UD970

7 Best Professional-Grade 4K Monitors for 2015

Samsung UD970 (short for Samsung U32D970) is quite a pricey display, but once your turn it on and use it, you will understand and get satisfied for its price, as it delivers phenomenal image quality. Designed for professional work environment, this display runs at 4K Ultra HD resolution and combines it with insanely accurate color rendition and flexible display modes, making it an excellent choice for graphics artists, photographers, etc. If you are after multimedia and gaming however, you would be better off saving some of money for cheaper alternatives with better contrast. It’s a well-rounded monitor with top-notch color accuracy, contrast and uniformity.

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Top 2: Philips BDM4065UC

7 Best Professional-Grade 4K Monitors for 2015

For anyone that needs extra-large display, the Philips BDM4065UC can definitely fit your needs. This 40-inch display can serve both as computer monitor and TV/home screen cinema. It has excellent colour accuracy, outstanding contrast ratio, and wins almost every category, except from some subtle flickers and uneven lighting in some cases. This huge monitor is definitely not for regular everyday users, but for professionals who demand more screen real estate, and still have more desk space.

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Top 1: BenQ BL3201PT

7 Best Professional-Grade 4K Monitors for 2015

From the makers of outstanding displays, BenQ BL3201PT almost has every good thing we ask for in a modern high-performance Ultra HD monitor. It perfectly combines well-constructed design with intuitive OSD interface and excellent overall image quality. This large desktop monitor is made for professionals such as designers and home users looking for an easy-to-use high-class construction and great image quality.

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