7 Best Free AntiVirus for 2015

7 Best Free AntiVirus for 2015

Many people think and say they don’t need AntiVirus software simply because they use their computers for web surfing and watching cat videos on YouTube, and that they don’t keep important files and information on their computer. These are the kind of people who take their laptop or desktop to the technician several times a year, as it’s been blocked by ransomware. Most computer users shy on AntiVirus because they don’t want to pay for it. However, there are a lot of products out there that can provide excellent protection that you can get without spending a single dime.

7 Best Free AntiVirus for 2015

Yes you read it right, free versions do the same as their commercial cousins do, as a matter of fact, there are free products out there that even offer better protection than paid ones. Dual Monitors Guide has rounded up seven totally-free antiviruses you can have. Here’s a short list of the 2015 antivirus tools that will do the best job to safeguard your PC and wipe out any threats. But first, let’s take a closer look on how we come up with this list to know what essential things to look for in an antivirus.


Windows 8 and Windows 10 comes with their own built-in antivirus software, however, many test results shows Windows Defender doesn’t do the job quite well. Also, earlier versions of Windows antivirus programs are even less comprehensive.

What’s an AntiVirus Should Be Like

Basically, you want an antivirus that can root out existing malware, but it’s constant task is to keep nasty programs from getting foothold to your computer, such as botnets and ransomware. All programs in this list provide real-time protection against malware attacks. Some even take their role even further to make sure you can’t get anywhere near browsing a malware-hosting website or get fooled into giving away your credentials to phishing sites.

Useful Features to Look For

Obviously, you want the antivirus product to scan files on access and keep malwares from launching in your computer. Also, you want a program that can scan your computer on demand or on the schedule you set. There’s an exception in this list though, as this tool is specifically made to detect any attempts to exploit apps and Operating System vulnerabilities – it’s called the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Freeand it’s designed for use alongside with regular antivirus tools.

Antivirus apps should also be able to block access to malware-hosting URLs, it’s one of the easiest ways to avoid trouble. Some products take this even further by steering away users from fraudulent sites, and phishing websites that attempts to steel users’ login information for financial sites and various sensitive information.

Some programs offer behavior-based detection, which works by detecting malware that users’ have never been near before. However, it works as a double-edge sword, because if not used properly, it can bombard the user with messages about programs that are perfectly safe and legitimate.

One of the easiest ways to protect your computer is to have all the security updates, both for Windows, browsers, and often-used apps. In Windows 10 for example, there are little options for users, but there are ways to get through the security holes in popular applications and add-ons. You can scan for vulnerability to check for missing updates, however, this step doesn’t always show up in free ones.

Another great way to safeguard your computer is to prevent attacks from USB-based virus and malwares, scan for weakness in the router, and cleaning browsing history.


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