7 Best Apps to Turn Your Windows Computer to a WiFi Hotspot

7 Best Apps To Turn Your Windows Computer To A Wifi Hotspot 566 8066930

7 Best Apps to Turn Your Windows Computer to a WiFi Hotspot

You have a good internet connection through a network cable, but you don’t have a wireless network and can’t connect your laptop, smartphones, and tablet to the internet. Yes you can get a router to make a wireless connection, but this is good only for computers set in a stationary place. However, if you travel for work, a router is another piece of hardware to carry, plus you want to setup a WiFi router in different places, then this method is for you. Want to know this secret? Check out this Dual Monitors Guide tutorial.

Fortunately for you, Windows lets you turn your laptop or desktop into a WiFi hotspot. Yep, you read it right, there is a hidden virtual WiFi adapter feature embedded in your Windows computer that lets you make a WiFi hotspot out of your device while you’re connected to another WiFi network, letting you share one wireless connection to another.

There are two ways we can do this: one way is by configuring Windows’ networking interface and the wireless network card inside Windows computer. It takes some work and indeed requires some software knowledge. The second way is through using third-party applications and software dedicated for ‘virtual router function.


Let’s start with the easiest route: the Software Approach

Apps to Turn Your Windows Computer ‘Virtual Router’

Free Solutions

1. Virtual Router

There’s an open-source application called the Virtual Router, and in most cases, it works better. It is actually an interface on top of powerful features built in Windows computers – a feature that Windows don’t expose to public.

It makes a virtual WiFi adapter that lets you connect WiFi network while hosting your very own WiFi network. You can do these things simultaneously using only a single WiFi adapter, making it an ideal way to share internet in hotels and various wireless networks where you only have one login to.

It comes with a nice interface for easy setup, quite more convenient than the Windows 7 and Windows 8 process. No ads, no hassle. You can download and launch the app from here. Simply put the name of your network, provide a passphrase, and select the connection you want to share with the different devices that you want to connect with you WiFi network. Click ‘Start Virtual Router’ button and the app will do the rest for you. Voila! You’re done, and you can even see the connected devices in a dedicated window. The best thing about this app? It’s for free!

7 Best Apps to Turn Your Windows Computer to a WiFi Hotspot

Virtual Router (image from Virtual Router)

It also ensures secured connection, as the Wireless Network makes and shares with Virtual Router uses WPA2 Encryption. Meaning, there is no way to turn the encryption off. You can also give the wireless connection a name of your choice and set its password. Of course, make sure your password is hard to guess, and should at least include 8 characters.


2. Virtual WiFi Router

There’s also another free apps that works the same called Virtual WiFi Router and WiFi Hotspot Creator. However, compared to other free apps for this purpose, Virtual Router don’t come with advertising, ensuring hassle-free setup and use. Plus, since this app is not supported by any ads, it will not track your web traffic and history the way other ad-supported programs do.


3. 1060 WiFi

7 Best Apps to Turn Your Windows Computer to a WiFi Hotspot

1060 WiFi (image from NextofWindows)

Another good option is the 1060 WiFi. Formerly a paid-software, this WiFi hotspot program is secure, ads-free and totally free program that can turn your desktop computer or laptop to a WiFi hotspot in seconds. The management system lets you see the connected devices, whether they are Android or iOS devices. It is compatible from Windows XP all the way to Windows 10 and has support for both 32-bit and 64-bit.


4. MyPublicWiFi

7 Best Apps to Turn Your Windows Computer to a WiFi Hotspot

(image from MyPublicWifi)

MyPublicWiFi is another easy-to-use program that you can run to your desktop PC or laptop for a wireless access point. It’s a good option for setting temporary wireless network that is isolated from LAN. It also tracks and record visited pages (URLs) and see connected clients. It also comes with a Firewall to restrict other users from accessing specified servers and even prevent use of certain Internet services such as file sharing programs.


5. Winhotspot

Winhotspot is short for Windows Hotspot, is a free software for WiFi hotspot. It can be used anywhere you wish, anytime, as long as your Windows PC is connected to the internet. It comes with a built-in bandwidth monitor to help you track your internet usage and can separate tabs for client IP and MAC addresses. It works on Windows 7 and 8 with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Paid Solutions

There’s also an affordable one named Thinix ($13 USD). And another good paid alternative is the Connectify Hot Spot PRO ($40 USD).

Sure these apps costs a few bucks, but it’s an investment you can make for hassle-free wireless connectivity, especially if you’re always on-the-go and always need reliable internet connection for your mobile devices. This app also help make file-sharing more convenient between connected devices and to the LAN (Local Area Network).


6. Thinix

Thinix is a paid solution that lets you share your computer’s internet connection with other devices by making a secured wireless hotspot through your computer’s wireless adapter (in Windows-based PC), it is easy to install and use. This means you only need to pay for one internet connection and share it across your house, for all devices and family members to connect. You can install this to your laptop and use it with your family in airports, hotels, etc., while traveling.


7 Best Apps to Turn Your Windows Computer to a WiFi Hotspot

Thinix security system (image from Softonic)

It comes with sophisticated and intuitive security system, which lets you set your password. It’s a perfect choice for frequent travelers.


7. Connectify

Connectify is probably the best app around for this purpose: it offers super easy setup option, runs smoothly and flawlessly, with users reporting minor to zero issues. Users can connect Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Blacberry phones and Playbook, and of course, Windows products. You can even connect up to five (5) wireless devices without experiencing any noticeable lags on your PC and other connected devices.

7 Best Apps to Turn Your Windows Computer to a WiFi Hotspot

Connectify (image from CNET)

This app is ideal for professionals who are in need of reliable wireless connection between devices, such as corporate trainers, sales people, lecturers, etc. And just like your conventional router, it ensures safe and secure sharing through with WPA2-PSK encryption. It can also let you monitor network usage by device at a glance. Different packages come with different upgrades that can be really useful for different types of users.


Bottom Line

Now you can connect your windows desktop or laptop and make a reliable virtual WiFi router with these apps. You can read reviews of these products and choose which one best suit to your needs and preference.

Stay tuned in Dual Monitors Guide for the second part of this topic, as we will teach you how to activate your Windows 7 and Windows 8’s computer networking interface. It’s an easy and absolutely free way to make full advantage of your computer’s internet connection.

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