3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm; An In-Depth Review

3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm; An In-Depth Review

The world of third party office ergonomic solutions is being dominated by the bigger brands, and rightfully so, as most of them have reached their status through honesty and dependable quality. However, many of these premium brands can be quite expensive. Good thing there are lesser-known brands that offers reasonable, if not affordable alternative. One of them is the 3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm, a straightforward ergonomic solution that does all the basic things, and more. Know more about this product in Dual Monitors Guide’s in-depth review.

3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm; An In-Depth Review

3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

The 3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm is for anyone looking for a dependable and high quality dual monitor solution and save precious desk space in their workstation. It is easy to install and comes with all the functions and adjustability of any high-end monitor stand.


The 3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm offers quite a dynamic dual monitor solution for anyone looking to mount two monitors side-by-side in their office desk and work on multiple tasks, apps and windows on a regular basis.


Easy Attachments

Putting the arms together and mounting the monitors is pretty easy – they snap in together, thanks to the quick release latches that easily mount and remove the monitors.


Easy Adjustments

3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm (image from Amazon)

The fully articulating arms of 3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm features smooth and easy adjustments for any monitors attached. Users can easily set their display in whatever position; height, tilt and angle on their desk by maneuvering the arms. The arms can easily move up, in and out and down and side to side, or even move the screens completely to the back when not in use, saving significant desk space. This means users can experience better viewing comfort as they can set their monitor on their preferred position, minimizing the risk of neck pain, back ache and shoulder pain.

3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm; An In-Depth Review

Also, the last arm features a “counterbalance mechanism”, allowing users to move the attached screens up and down with relative ease. The spring provides a tiny pressure, enough to pull the monitor back to neutral position and keep everything stable.


Mounting Options for Either Convenience and Stability

3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm; An In-Depth Review

3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm (image from Amazon)

There are multiple mounting options for this monitor stand; it can be mounted clamp style, which is the easiest and most common option, as all you have to do is attach and clip the clamp to a flat surface. The second is the Grommet style, and it requires drilling, but is the safer and the more reliable mounting option between the two.



Design and Features

3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm; An In-Depth Review

3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm (image from Amazon)

Design wise, this stand appears to be very sturdy, but allows movement on any work surface.It is pretty stable, giving users the peace of mind as they mount two mid-sized monitors in place.


Easy to Put Together and Install

Anyone with basic knowledge of construction and interested in DIY projects can setup and put this dual monitor stand easily. The limited diagram can be challenging to read, but assembly wise, the whole thing is pretty straightforward. Once you have the major parts figured out, you can put together the pieces.

To balance the weight, use the supplied Allen wrench. The intended mode is having the arms stretched out. But you can always fold the arms in position to save desk space.

Upon assembly, make sure you choose the right bolt size when attaching quick clips. Longer screws without clips may damage the backside of your monitor.

Also, make sure the clamp sits and locks on a thick edge or a desk, as the weight of the monitors attached to the arm, or by simply pressing down the arms could damage or even break a desk corner.

Lastly, position the cable trays in such a way that is convenient for you as you take them off.

For full assembly guide, check out our assembly 3M Easy Adjust Dual Monitor Arm assembly post here



Tech Specs

3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm; An In-Depth Review

Bottom Line

The 3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm is a simple and straightforward dual monitor stand made with high quality and dependable performance. It is reasonably priced, making it one of better deals for anyone looking to use two displays side-by-side. It can adjust monitor positions easily, and has wide range of adjustments you can usually expect from its expensive competitors. The quick clips also make it easy to mount and dismount the monitors, allowing users to remove and repurpose their computer monitors.

The diagrams are very easy to understand. Also, you may have to play more with the torque using the supplied Allen wrench to get the arm balance right. Lastly, arms perform better when extended, as they can’t be fully folded right to a flat position. This stand is far from perfect, and can be pricey too for anyone who are not looking forward to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars for a monitor stand.

All in all, the 3M Easy-Adjust Dual Monitor Arm is one of the better options out there for anyone looking for a dual monitor stand with fully-articulating arm and dependable quality. It is reasonably priced, even cheaper than many of its competitors.

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