10 Ways to Reduce Computer Eyestrain and Staying Productive Part 3

10 Ways to Reduce Computer Eyestrain and Staying Productive Part 3

Modify Your Workstation

If your workstation requires you to look back and forth between your computer screen and your printed page, then you might want to modify it to your favor. Put your written pages on a copy stand adjacent to your computer screen. Light that copy stand properly so you can read it easily. You can also use a desk lamp, but again, make sure the light doesn’t outshine your screen, or it will cause glares that can hurt your eyes.

10 Ways to Reduce Computer Eyestrain and Staying Productive Part 3

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Bad posture can also contribute to computer vision syndrome. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we have discussed how good posture can help reduce and even counteract the negative effects of sitting. We have also features a lot of ergonomic products that can provide you the best working and most comfortable environment.

You can also reinforce your workstation with third-party ergonomic products, such as sit-stand desks or sit-stand desk wall mount so you have the freedom to move around, stretch, and switch between sitting and standing as you work.

The Ergotron WorkFit-S, Dual Monitor Sit-Stand Workstation for example, allows you to transform your work desk into a customized height-adjustable workstation with practical and comfortable ergonomics.

Laptop users can enjoy the same benefits with sit-stand LCD arms. Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation for example, is specially designed for Apple’s current line of Mac book and iMac laptops. This ergonomic solution encourages users to stand comfortably and sit when they have to, as it can easily switch in either position in seconds. It is solidly built and aesthetically well designed to fit nicely with your Apple laptop.

If you’re working on a dual monitor or triple monitor setup, then upgrade your workstation with the fully adjustable, flexible and versatile solutions, such as dual monitor stands , LCD arms and wall mounts.

If you can afford to get rid of your old desk and replace it with a whole new one, then you might want to revamp your whole workstation with an adjustable height standing desk.  

Rebel Crank-Up 1000 standing desk is a good example of a gorgeous sit-stand desk that can make any office space look stunning. Design wise, it is one of the most modern you can find in the market today. You can get the desk in glass or wood top. Most opt for the former, as glass table is quite unique and adds a little extra to the workstation’s aesthetics. The 48 inches x 28 inches shiny table top adds a taste of modern elegance to any workspace. It has spacious leg room for flexibility, with a power outlets and handy plastic organizer to organize your desk. Of course, when using the glass table top, you will need a mouse pad for your mouse to function well.

Take Frequent Breaks and Exercise Your Eyes

Computer Vision Syndrome involves a lot of things, from back ache to neck pain, down to shoulder pain. Which is why taking frequent breaks is important to help you throughout the day.

Many people take only two 15-minute breaks tops throughout their shift. According to NIOSH’s study on the other hand, eye strain can be significantly reduced when people take four more frequent mini-breaks (5-minute breaks) throughout the day.

Four 5-minute breaks mean additional 20-minutes of break through the day, but rather than causing productivity problems, these mini-breaks actually improve worker’s productivity. Those who are in Data Entry jobs were able to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently after taking the extra breaks.

During your five-minute breaks, make sure you stand up from your station, move and stretch a lot, from your neck down to your shoulders, arms, back, and legs. Office stretches helps a lot in reducing tension and muscle fatigue caused by prolonged sitting.

10 Ways to Reduce Computer Eyestrain and Staying Productive Part 3

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The 20-20-20 Solution and Other Eye Exercises

Another cause of eye strain and computer vision syndrome is focus fatigue. Our eye muscles get tired in focusing our sight to our computer screen. The simple solution for this is to look away from your screen for at least every 20 minutes, and focus our sight to distant objects (somewhere at least 20 feet away) for at least 20 seconds. Looking away relaxes our eye muscles, reducing eye fatigue and minimizing the risk of eye strain.

Another good eye exercises is to gaze at a distant object for around 15 seconds, then gaze in a closer object for another 15 seconds, then look back at a distant object. Doing this 10 times helps exercise your eye muscles and relieves it from eye strain. It also helps your eyes’ ability to focus and helps against eye conditioned called “lock up” an accommodative spasm that results from prolonged computer work and causes the problems to the eyes’ ability to focus on objects.

The Importance of Blinking

Blinking is an important bodily function, it rejuvenates our eyes by rewet the eyes, avoiding dryness and irritation. The water that coats our eyes evaporate faster when we don’t blink, causing dryness. Also, indoor air like most office environments, is dry, which can lead to dry eye problems and irritation.

This is why when working on your computer, make sure you blink a lot. Experts suggest that computer users must blink more than usual. You can try this exercise: close your eyes 10 times very slowly (as if falling asleep) every 20 minutes. This will rewet your eyes and lubricate it with water naturally.

Also, should you experience eye dryness symptoms, ask your doctor about artificial tears to aide you through the day. Don’t confuse this with lubricating drops with drops that “gets the red out.” The latter is not specifically formulated to address dryness and prevent irritation.

Bottom Line

These are the ten tested-and-proven ways to combat eyestrain and stay more productive in your computer. If you suffer from eyestrain and other related problems after doing these tips, then you should consult your doctor.

For more comfortable workstation tips and advice on ergonomic solutions, in-depth reviews of ergonomic products, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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