Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp: An In-Depth Review

If you have been using a standing desk for quite some time, then you may have realized that finding the best monitor setup is one of the biggest challenges in a standing desk. The goal of a standing computer desk is to provide healthier alternative for people who use their computer for long hours a day, every day.


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Last thing you want from a standing computer desk is to constantly look down at your computer monitors just to see everything clear. Though it may not seem a taxing activity, it can definitely hurt your neck and posture in the long run. Thus, your best bet is to raise your monitor to the perfect level that suits your height and preferences.


Most widescreen monitors come with good stands that can work on regular desks, but they can’t be elevated to suit standing computer desks. Widescreen computer stands are terrible for standing use, as they only allow tilting up and down, no height adjustments whatsoever. Luckily for standing computer desk users, Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp is designed just for this purpose.

This particular product from Tyke Supply is one of the best-selling products of its kind in Amazon today. With over a thousand of positive reviews, it really lives up to the promises it claims. It can hold 24 inch widescreen LCD monitors nicely, fully adjustable, VESA compatible and easy to install to your desk. But what really makes this simple tool special for its consumers? Read on and find out. 

Who is it for?

When it comes to dual monitor stands and multiple monitor stands, the name Ergorton is one of the first things that come into our mind. Though their products are undeniably good, they usually come with a hefty price tag. If you’re looking for a simple side-by-side dual monitor stand that won’t hurt your budget, then the Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp is worth checking out for.

This product is amazingly reliable, comes with fully adjustable arms and above all, only costs a fraction of what most high-end dual monitor stands cost in the market today.

The Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp is made especially for people who are currently looking for a dual monitor stand to pair with their desk to make a nice and sturdy standing computer desk. It’s a no-fuss, simple and straightforward product that just delivers the job it’s expected to do.



This dual monitor stand has a solid 5 star rating from over a thousand buyers/reviewers in Amazon, that alone should be capture your interest. Though inferior to Ergotron’s bells and whistles, the performance and quality of Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp for its price sounds like a huge bargain.


Easy and Quick to Install Monitor Stand

This dual monitor stand comes ready to install with all the included hardware. No need to drill holes into your countertop or desk, as sturdy clamps provide easy and quick setup. It can be clamped using two finger screws, and secure mount to a desktop or any horizontal surface. Mounts easily and feels solid as rock once set. The whole thing can be setup in minutes. It also comes with a instructions and hex tools for convenient and no-fuss installation.


Also, included in the package is everything you need to setup the dual monitor stand in place. Monitor screws and hex tool are provided for tightening or loosening the arm joints for the monitors.


Fully Adjustable Monitor Stand for a Comfortable Standing Work Desk

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The pole has a Double-Link Swing Arm which provides reliably secured position to elevate two widescreen monitor, helping you free up your desk for more comfortable and productive work space.

The full adjustability of this stand allows you to tile, rotate, move side-to-side, change height and tension through provided settings for comfortable and productive viewing position that reduces neck fatigue, eye strain and risks of back aches.

Convenient Option for Presentation

Monitors mounted on each arm of this dual monitor stand can be rotated around the pole to allow people from the other side to view the screen. Perfect for making presentation and other multi-media shows in almost all directions.


Heavy-Duty Metal Construction

The entire monitor stand is made up of a solid die-cast aluminum, allowing it to stand nicely on any surface while securing the two widescreen monitors in place. Design to hold two 24-inch widescreen LCD displays, this stand comes with a durable metal construction that gives the idea of high manufacturing quality.


Simple and Elegant Design that Looks Stunning on Any Work Desk

The Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles you normally find in expensive monitor stands. It’s a simple and straightforward tool that clamps on flat surfaces and looks nicely for any work desk.

The pole is nicely welded on the base plate, while the whole thing is painted and finished smoothly, without sharp edges.

Tyke Supply also provides plastic covers to hide the tightening nuts at the joints and solidly snaps into position.


Affordable and Practical Solution

For less than $50 delivered via Amazon Prime, the Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp is quite a bargain for quality. Design and build quality is even comparable to its expensive counterparts that cost almost 9 times more.


Features and Specs

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Different Height Settings

The clamp has three height settings that allow you to find the best and most comfortable position for a standing work desk. It is very easy to set, but can be hard when the pole has been mounted on the desk. The best way to find the perfect height setting is to set it first before mounting as the cross arms are easier to move up and down. Redoing the clamp can be a tedious task.

The stand itself is fully adjustable from the height of the arms, giving the monitors the freedom to be tilted, pivot, and rotate in different directions.

Both arms can be adjusted independently aside from being locked at the same height.

Stable and Solid Base

The C-clamp that supports 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm VESA mounts and allows the monitor stand to attach nicely and securely to any desk. It is mounted on desks using two screws and squeezes at the bottom for stable and solid base. The base is 1/8” thick, stands without wobbling whatsoever and stands solid as rock.


Decent Cable Management System

Cable clips clamps along each arm. They may feel a little flimsy, but once you figure it out, they work just fine.



  • Fits 75 x 75 mm / 100 x 100 mm VESA-compliant monitors
  • Can hold up to two (2) 16 lbs 24” widescreen LCD monitors (32 lbs total)
  • Clamps on horizontal surfaces of up to 3.5 in thick
  • Dimensions: Height (pole): 18 in.; circumference (pole): 4.5 in.; Arm length (radius): 15.5 in.;Arm length (radius): 15.5 in.;Arm width (extended): 36 in.
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Package Contents: LCD Monitor Pole with Double-Link Swing Arm, Cable management clips, trim caps, C-clamp with two (2) thumb screws and two (2) mounting screws, eight (8) monitor mounting screws, installation instruction and hex tool. 


Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a cheap solution for your dual monitor desk and want to have a better and more comfortable standing desk for less than $60, then the Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp is definitely for you. This dual monitor stand is an excellent deal that delivers high quality and reliability for about 50% to 70% less money than many of its competition.

It stands securely in place and doesn’t demand thorough maintenance once set up. As a matter of fact, the whole setup can be finished by 15 minutes or so.

A minor drawback is in its swingarm joints. The whole thing would be much better is the swingarm joint locks via lever rather than of a bolt. This makes the monitors easier to reposition and fine-tune and find the best angles.

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