Top 7 Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mats In the Market Today

If you want to stand more often as you work on your computer and stay in your workstation for long hours a day, everyday, your best solution is to get a sit-stand desk mount, sit-stand wall mount, or better yet, a sit-stand desk. Ergotron has a complete list of products for this kind of monitor setup, with tons of accessories you can pair with to make your workstation more comfortable and ergonomic. One of the most important accessories you need to get for a sit-stand workstation a standing desk mat. You may think are nothing but a piece of rubber mat that lays around the floor for you to step on. Though most regular mats works just like that, good quality standing desk mats does more things to your workstation than you can imagine. This entry of Dual Monitor’s Guide will talk about the benefits of an anti-fatigue standing mat and the five best standings mats in the market today.

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Benefits of Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

Most often than not, standing desks feel a bit weird at first. Besides, people who stand all day at work wish they could sit down, and we opt for something that will make us stand on purpose. However, if you’re one of the millions of people out there who sit in front of his computer all day, everyday, then you should consider standing more often at work to counter the bad effects of sedentary working environment. Like good things that come in pairs, standing desks are paired with standing mats, and both work hand-in-hand to provide comfort and make you become more productive at work.


Anti-fatigue mats are common fixtures in restaurant kitchens, factories, cash registers or anywhere where people stand for hours at a time. Using them alongside with standing desks can make a huge difference in anyone’s workstation, particularly in office settings.

However, it is important to note that not all mats are made equal. Here are Dual Monitors Guide’s top five best standing mats to choose from.

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High quality standing mats, such as Sublime’s Imprint Cumulus Pro, provides optimum support for your feet. It’s a commercial-grade mat that relieves relieve pressure from your heels, all the way to your legs, back and shoulders, allowing you to stand longer,  become more productive as you work, and minimizes the risk of any long-term pain you can acquire from standing. It is made up of solid, one piece polyurethane construction and high-density core that guarantee long-term support. It is made up of solid, one piece polyurethane construction and high-density core made with Cushion-Core technology, which effectively reduces fatigue and provides comfort that guarantee long-term support. It feels great to stand on and will not offgas toxic chemicals.

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Another very impressive high-quality product is the Ergotron Workfit floor mat. This product is ergonomically designed to support better blood circulation, prevent fatigue and encourages slight healthy movements for healthy legs. It’s also designed with highly flexible, beveled edges to reduce trip hazard. The brand itself has made a name for providing excellent desk mounts, wall mounts and workstation solutions for various settings, be it for residential use, commercial, industrial, medical environment, etc. It also doesn't offgas toxic chemicals.

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If you’re looking for a softer and squishier standing surface, WellnessMats Originals is for you. It may be less supportive compared to the first two mentioned above, but it is indeed a great option if you’re looking for a soft alternative. It is made up of 100% pure polyurethane, which guarantees to always lie flat on the floor, never curls up at the edges, never compress or wears through.  Another big selling point of this mat is its construction; it is abrasion, puncture, tear, slip, and stain resistant, with safe and non-toxic, PVC and BPA-free material. It is also very easy to clean, all you have to do is use any common household cleaner, or sweep its surface of dirt and dust.

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For a firmer standing surface that still provides decent support, checkout SmartCells Original mat. It’s one of the most versatile standing mats you can find out there; its stylish design makes it a good choice for different settings, be it in your bathroom, kitchen or office. The rubber supportive cells feel very different from polyurethane mats, and you may want to wear your shoes with it as it pushes back your feet as rubber cells work like springs. Its stable surface offers some foot relief though.

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The Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue is arguably the cheapest in this list. This USA-made anti-fatigue mat features a 3/8-inch ribbed surface and made with vinyl foam inside. The ribbing makes the mat great for bare feet, though some complain as they can be too firm. However, the durable, non-slip and non-curling edges of this mat make it one of Amazon’s best sellers. It’s a good cheap choice for anyone looking to try standing while working.

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Contrary to its name, the New Life Gel Pro  is not made up of gel, rather, it’s made up of an eco-friendly plant-based foam cushion. This U.S.A made mat is 3/4-inch thick, and not only slip resistant, it is also mildew and fade-resistant, making it a great choice not just for home office use, but also for jobs that requires a lot of standing, such as teaching, etc. The 20 x 30-inch size is more than enough for freedom of movement and cushion support.



Splitting between sitting and standing as you work on your computer for long hours a day, every day, is the best way to keep your body healthy. Standing mats are simple and small workstation add-ons that can make a huge difference in your comfort, productivity and long-term health. Check out Dual Monitors Guide for more workstation solutions now!

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