Tips to Make a Beautiful and Productive Home Office

If you’re one of the millions of people out there who opted to have a SOHO or small office home office and work at home, then you owe it to yourself to have a proper space conducive for working. The hardest part of working at home is staying motivated, which is why it’s important to have the right environment, equipment and tools to keep the motivation and stay efficient and productive. Check out these tips from Dual Monitors Guide and know more about workstation ergonomics.

Working at home has tons of upsides, from better balance of work and life, no commute or driving from your home to your office. One of the biggest advantages of work at home jobs is the liberty to decorate and design your own home office, without letting both spaces lose their distinct identity. Most of us simply want a space in our house that is not just conducive for working, but more importantly beautiful and blends with our personal space that we call home and have a nice place to spend time. A good home office is even more important if you run your small business out of your home.

Many people however, mess their home office up, causing them their motivation and productivity. To help you out in this, Dual Monitors Guide have pulled out some of the most useful tips from experienced home-workers and gathered workstation ergonomics and ergonomic computer setup tips from the experts.


Get the Right Space

Many of those who work at home use their house’s guest room, spare bedroom, or basement as their home office. However, there could be a better for home office. If you seldom use your formal living room or dining room, then you might want to consider these spaces for a bigger and better home office.


If you work at home full time, then you most likely will spend as much time in your own personal space as you do in the rest of your house. Give your workspace a significant importance for your livelihood, don’t treat your office the same way as you treat other rooms and spaces in your house. Rather, give to it the importance it deserves.

One important factor you need to always consider is the liberty to ‘switch off’ when you’re not working. For this reason, it is good to work in a space where there is a room that you can close and “leave” your work and come back for tomorrow.

Obviously, the best way to find the best spot in your house is to try out different spaces before deciding exactly where you want to put your desk and have your workstation. Upon deciding, it is understandable that you have ideas in mind, but you have to be open to the possibilities that these spaces can turn out to be too hot or too cold, too quiet or too noisy, to be conducive for working. Thus, avoid moving around major furniture and equipment in your house.

Also, remember that working at home gives you some certain tax breaks, which means you can always put your investments back in your pockets.


Consider Stand-Up Desks

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There’s been tens, if not hundreds of studies out there that proves how dangerous sedentary lifestyle is, and how sitting all day can kill you. If you’re working in front of your computer at home, then you will most likely spend most of your day sitting on your chair, facing your computer screen. Fortunately, the awareness against the dangers of sedentary lifestyle have spread throughout the business and corporate world, encouraging people to become more active and move a lot while in their work.

If you’re putting up your home office from scratch, then you might want to consider stand-up desks, or various computer ergonomic solutions such as height-adjustable desks or desktop risers.

Though standing all day can pose some health risks, it is not as bad as sitting all day. Having a new office and setup is a perfect time to make significant changes at how you work. Stand-up desks might just save your life one day.

Stand-up desks, sit-stand desks or height-adjustable desks provide users the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds – stand when they like, and sit when they have to. This home office upgrade may seem like a big investment, depending on the type and brand you want, but they can definitely make a huge difference in your health and counteracting the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle.

(image from Amazon)

The Rebel Crank-Up 1000 standing desk for example, is a gorgeous sit-stand desk with modern design to complement your modern workspace. It features a glass top with well-designed and solid construction, and spacious leg space for you to move around and stay active as you work on your computer all day.

(image from Ergotron)

The Ergotron WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk is also a good option, as it can help you counteract the negative effects of sitting without compromising the benefits of a traditional desk. It comes with good height adjustments to fit your preferred height and switch from sitting and standing, with solidly stable and sturdy base, and customizable with other accessories to make a perfectly ergonomic and comfortable workstation.

(image from Ergotron)

If getting rid of your existing home office desk is impossible, then you might want to consider sit-stand workstations instead. The Ergotron WorkFit-S is a good example of high quality sit-stand workstation as it allows you to transform your desk to a customized height-adjustable desk, with the practical and comfortable ergonomics you need. The best part of this workstation upgrade is that, it can hold two monitors side-by-side simultaneously, perfect for computer professionals who works on multiple applications, windows, files and spreadsheets on their monitor and needs dual monitors setup.

(image from Ergotron)

If you’re working on a laptop, then one of your best choices out there is the Ergotron WorkFit-P. It’s a sit-stand workstation designed for laptops, particularly for Apple’s current line of Mac book and iMac laptops and encourages users to think on their toes. It allows laptops users to work freely in either home office, whether it’s in sitting or standing position, and can switch in either position in seconds. Above all, it comes with a great design, very solid, and sets up very easily. Aesthetic wise it fits perfectly with Apple laptop products.

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