Standing Desk or Walking Desk – Which Is Healthier For You?

Sit-and-Stand desk and treadmill desk are two of the hottest trends in workstation upgrades today that caters to the call of healthier alternative. We all know how sitting for long hours a day, everyday could cause health issues and even kill us in the long run. This is why computer solution manufacturers embraced the idea of making healthier workstations for computer professionals. If you’re one of the millions of people out there making a living out of your computer at home, or work in the office and use your computer for long hours everyday, then you are in dire need of a better work space. 

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Fortunately, we already have more than enough choices out there. All of which can be summarized into two options; standing desk or walking desk. Both are enjoying popularity in the corporate world and SOHO (small office/home office) settings. And both adhere to the idea of providing healthier workspace by encouraging movement and greatly reducing the hours spent on sitting, which as hundreds of studies shows, a real killer in many different ways.


However, promoting physical movement is simply where all the similarities of a standing desk and a walking desk end, which is why many people are torn between the two. If you’re having this dilemma, then you are in the right page. This entry will help you sort out the benefits and drawbacks of each option and help you decide which one suit you best in both comfort and ergonomics for better productivity.


What You Should Know About Standing

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Many medical experts and scientists who study human metabolism and biomechanics believe that standing is way better than sitting in a lot of ways. However, standing also has its downsides that should be considered. For example, long hours of standing without proper movement can also cause back aces or even back injuries in the long run (especially if standing in high heels for long hours). This is due to increased pressure on the spinal discs and muscle strain, increased foot pain and even stress on the heart.

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There are many of information you can find on the internet about the common afflictions of long hours of standing, a problem common to factor and retail workers who stand in small space and rarely walk around. Also, long hours of standing without movement can increase the risk of carotid artery disease and appearance of varicose veins. There is also even research that shows how standing all day can be even more dangerous than sitting all day. This is where the benefits of a sit-stand workstation get into the picture.

The Rebel Crank-Up 1000 standing desk is quite a stylish crank-adjustable sit-stand desk that provides its users the best of both worlds – the freedom of standing and being able to move around, and the ergonomic comforts of sitting. Apart from that, this desk comes with some convenient features to complete anyone’s workstation needs.

What You Should Know About Walking

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From a common sense point of view, we know that humans have evolved as a species to be in upright position. Our body is designed to move, and we can see through our history as we learned to run, crawl, climb, and jump for our survival, either chase our food run from wild animals. Our body is not designed to sit or stand in one place for extended period of time staring at the computer screen. Besides, watching a lion chase down a gazelle in Animal Planet while sitting comfortably on your sofa is different from hunting a rabbit for breakfast.

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Sitting all day slows down our body’s metabolism, which results to higher cholesterol and triglycerides, weight gain, higher blood pressure, and increasing the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Walking slowly on the other hand, boosts our energy levels, soothes muscles and joints and keeps our metabolism rate up, which is what treadmill desk advocates. However, many people mistake treadmill desks as workout equipment designed for weight loss. This is quite an unfortunate consequence resulted from thousands of TV ads, articles and book titles that lead people into the misconception about treadmill desk manufacturers. Besides, majority of the models they get for their ads are fit and healthy middle-aged individuals.

LifeSpan Fitness TR800-DT5 Desktop Treadmill for example is a low-use treadmill desk specially designed for individuals looking to change their sedentary lifestyle and become more active at work. It features a heavy-duty workspace, with Intelli-Guard and Intelli-Step Features, unique safety features for both the user and everybody around.

Standing vs. Walking

Ergonomics scholar from Cornell Alan Hodge is one of the many experts who say that too much standing without movements is detrimental to one’s health, it can lead to back aches which results to injuries and more stress for the heart. “Making people stand all day is dumb. Standing increases torso muscle activity and spinal disk pressure, increases risk of varicose veins, increases the risk of carotid artery disease and increases the load on the heart. If you stand all day, you will be worse off than if you sit all day." He said on his interview for Washington Post.

Hedge is definitely right, but the article forgot to mention about incorporating slow movements, such as walking, into the equation. Also, he didn’t argue that sitting is better than slow walking; he simply said that standing still for long hours has a lot of negative effects to the body as sitting.

There is no arguing that standing is better than sitting, provided that standing is incorporated with movements. There is a long list of scientific evidence that shows the important biological factors of the human body and how it shuts down when we remain stagnant and motionless.


Bottom Line

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Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we preach to provide the best workspace solutions for any computer workstations. We believe the best option you have is to switch it up all day. Stand, walk and move around when you can and sit when you must. Switching from one position to another will help keep your body active but not stressed. Standing desks will let you freely move around your workspace, talk to your workmates, stretch, etc. While treadmill desks encourages controlled slow walking where you can stop at point. Standing desk are two-for-one deal.

Thus, by all means, stand up and make sure you’re moving, or occasionally use a treadmill desk to walk slowly and keep the lower half of your body active as you keep your mind and hand busy with your computer.

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