Samsung LS27D590PS: An In-Depth Review

Samsung monitors are known for their design and smart functions. Over the years, they have released quite a lot of displays, both LCD TV and computer monitors, equipped with some really cool features that innovates viewing experience. This time, they do all the things they were known for minus the hefty price tag in the Samsung LS27D590PS. It’s a 27-inch monitor that comes with elegant and stylish design, solid performance, and nice set of improved features for optimal viewing experience.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a competitive and well-equipped 27-inch monitor to handle all your computing and viewing needs, then you should never miss out the new Samsung LS27D590PS. It may not be packed with extra features you commonly find from expensive monitors, but it is well-equipped with great set of features that will improve your viewing experience in so many ways, whether it’s for work or home entertainment. It’s elegantly designed, solid-performer in all areas, and significantly consumes less energy than its competition.  It’s a monitor especially designed for people looking for elegance and pure functionality.



Elegance and Pure Functionality

The Samsung LS27D590PS is a 27-inch LED monitor that offers 1080p Full HD resolution through 1920 x 1080pixels, alongside with various picture-quality-improvement features for convenient and optimal viewing experience. It displays images in extra-wide viewing angles that ensure full visual experience no matter where you sit in your room. It also offers full HD experience for all the devices you wish to connect it with, it is very energy efficient, probably the best power-saving monitor there is, and above all, a very affordable option, or should I say a bargain, considering its price, qualities and functions.


Wide Array of Picture Settings to Fit All Your Viewing Preferences

The Samsung LS27D590PS comes with all the basic picture presets settings you need for a good monitor, such as Brightness, Contrast, Aspect Ratio, Sharpness, and Custom Picture presets. It also comes with the Game Mode preset which automatically sets your display to the best picture settings for your specific games.


Game Mode Preset for Improved Gaming Experience

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The Samsung LS27D590PS is equipped with a wonderful Game Mode preset feature that when activated (with one press of a button), automatically adjusts the settings of the monitor and deliver optimum gaming settings. This feature detects scene changes, alters the picture setting’s contrast and improves color quality so users are able to see all the action, clearly. Also, with the help of the improved lag time, this the picture keeps up with your every move.

However, it will be best to leave this setting disabled, unless you like the Torch Mode (brightness, colors, and contrast are set high to catch your eye), the kind of setting you see in monitor retail stores.


Good Color Accuracy and Decent Grayscale Performance

In terms of color accuracy, this Samsung monitor is quite good, something you can expect from a product of its caliber. Based on the chromaticity chart, colors red and blue are right on target, while the color green is just slight out of the ideal CIE coordinates, a common issue in mid-range monitors today. Also, the skewed green doesn’t affect the color quality.

The grayscale performance of LS27D590PS is decent, though far from impressive. It’s able to show good shadow and highlights in test images, and it is able to reproduce each shade of gray on the DisplayMate 64-Step Grayscale test.


1080p Full HD Video Quality with HDMI for All Multiple Devices

The Onboard HDMI in this cabinet lets you connect it to your satellite box or cable, HD laptop, Blu-ray player, HD game system or any device that uses HDMI output. This gives you the liberty to use this display for anything you want, from working, watching movies, gaming, and more. You can connect your computer to the VGA port and switch back and forth by simply pressing the source button.


Wide Viewing Angle to Give You Entertainment from Every Angle

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The viewing angle of Samsung LS27D590PS is expanded, making it an excellent choice for home and office entertainment, particularly for watching movies. This is what the PLS (Plane Line Switching) panel technology is about, as it is said to rival IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology for wider viewing angle and color quality. This monitor has an expanded 178° in both vertical and horizontal scale, ensuring consistent contrast ratio and natural colors for great viewing quality no matter where you sit in the room.


Equipped with Magic Upscale Technology for Better Image Quality

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The Magic Upscale Technology equipped in this monitor to improve image quality regardless of what the original picture     quality was. This feature prevents images from degradation when scaling up and provides only the most brilliant colors and crisper images than you will see in smaller sections.


Brilliant Picture Through Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio

Samsung LS27D590PS is equipped with the brand’s Mega DCR, which will improve users’ viewing experience with brilliant true-to-life picture and crisp colors. It’s a sophisticated technology from Samsung that works by managing picture’s contrast ratio in real-time, delivering bright colors, pristine whites, and ultra-dark blacks.


Power Efficient Standard Mode with Great Eco-Saving Mode to Help You Save Energy

The LS27D590PS only consumes 16 watts at Standard mode. Also, it comes with two (2) power saving options, namely 25% Power Saving mode and 50% Power Saving mode. The latter consumes an impressively low 13 watts, which is easily one of the lowest power saving function to date. To compare, its closest rivals Acer H276HL consumes 24 watts at Standard mode and 22 watts at Eco Mode, while the ViewSonic VX2703mh-LED consumes 27 watts at Standard and 17 watts at Eco mode.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Option

As an elegant and stylish 27-inch monitor, the Samsung LS27D590PS  can definitely be enough in most types of computing use. It’s a great all-around display that can accommodate work, gaming and entertainment. In terms of gaming, this Samsung display is well-equipped to handle all the good stuff you expect from action-packed high-paced games. Plus, it comes with the Game mode preset that can fit to your gaming needs. For entertainment, the 1080p Full HD resolution is more than enough. For a full cinematic view or for better gaming edge, you will never go wrong with dual monitor and multiple monitor setup with this one. It comes with really thin bezel that look almost invisible, perfect for sitting two to three or more monitors side-by-side. Plus, it comes with a nice viewing angle to handle all your viewing needs, wherever you plan to sit in your room.

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The elegant and space-saving stand may look good on your desk, but it doesn’t give you the flexibility and ergonomic convenience you may need for long hours of work, playing or watching movies with your PC. 27-inch displays like this need better support. The LX Triple Display Lift Stand is originally designed for triple monitor setup for small monitors (21-inch or less), but it can also support two 27-inch displays nicely (can support two 30-inch monitors). 

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If you want to revamp your workspace with good quality table, be able to sit and stand whenever you want, and have a dual monitor or triple monitor setup, then you should check out height-adjustable sit-stand desks like Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk, a stylish and intelligently designed standing desk that comes with smart electric controllers, solid build, excellent height adjustment range,  smooth operation and versatile design and tabletop choices that lets you fit to your workspace.


Design and Features

The Samsung LS27D590PS is an elegant and stylish 27-inch PLS (Plane Line Switching) panel monitor, which is Samsung’s answer to the Hitachi-developed technology’s IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology. PLS is said to compete against IPS in terms of rich color quality and wide viewing angles.  The space-saving minimalist design of this display device puts the picture right at the center stage, letting users concentrate on the screen without anything to stand in the way.

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Elegant Cabinet and Ultra-Thin Black Bezel

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This monitor’s bezel is only 0.2-inch thin, making its 27-inch screen appear larger than it already is. Its narrow and a near invisible design makes the screen and everything it displays look more prominent.     The outer edge of its matte-black cabinet is brushed with aluminum adorns.


Easy Navigation; Single-Jog Power Button and Joystick for Menu Function

Unlike most monitors in the market today, you will not find the usual set of buttons on the Samsung LS27D590PS. Rather, it features a ‘single-jog button’ located at the lower right side of the cabinet and works as the Power Button and a Joystick to navigate the menu and adjust display and monitor’s settings. This method makes navigation and adjusting monitor’s settings far easier than fiddling through multiple buttons.


Inputs/Output Ports

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The back of the cabinet houses the input/output ports of the monitor. The array of I/O ports includes two (2) HDMI ports and a VGA port. It also comes with a headphone jack (HDMI audio). Unfortunately, this Samsung monitor doesn’t come with USB ports, a common feature in most new models today.


Easel-type Stand

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The easel-type stand is wedge-shaped, which provides good amount of stability and support to the whole monitor. Also, the stand leaves a room for users to stash their keyboard under the monitor, quite a convenient feature to help save precious space on your work desk. The stand allows the display to tilt up and down, but it can’t adjust the monitor’s height, swivel or pivot display to portrait mode.

Tech Specs

Package includes a VGA cable, a Quick Start Guide and a Resource CD.


Bottom Line

The Samsung LS27D590PS is quite a sharp-looking monitor equipped with some great features that will improve anyone’s viewing experience, no matter what they wish to do with their computer. It may not be equipped with tons of different features and extras such as webcam, microphone and speakers, but most monitors of its price range don’t have these features either.

Though it’s a little pricier than many monitors of its category, it justifies its price through robust color performance, inky blacks, ultra-wide viewing angles, and solid set of features that will improve anyone’s computing and viewing experience. It also comes with dual HDMI inputs that let users connect the display to any full HD device for full HD experience, and switch between inputs alternatively.

All in all, the Samsung LS27D590PS is a reasonably priced, if not affordable 27-inch monitor that looks and performs like expensive models in the market today. The PLS panel really proves to be a worthy competitor against the popular IPS panel commonly used in many good-quality monitors out there, as it works with good color and grayscale performance and wide viewing angles in both vertical and horizontal positions.

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