What is a Reverse KVM Switch?

A KVM switch is a device that enables you to connect two or more computers together, and they are all then controlled via a single mouse and keyboard.

This makes working with a number of computers easy, as you will be able to work with the various devices using a single set of controllers and will enable you to transfer data back and forth between the two machines. For those who work with a number of different screens and computers, the KVM switch will be the solution to make life easier.

The reverse KVM switch is a device that functions inversely to the KVM switch. While a KVM switch enables you to connect two or more computers to the same controllers, the reverse KVM will give you the option of connected two or more sets of controllers to the same computer.

This may not be as common as using a regular KVM switch, but there are plenty of times when being able to use a number of controllers for the same computer will come in handy.

When Reverse KVM Switches are Helpful

With reverse/inverse KVM switches it is easy to connect any number of mice, keyboards, joysticks, digital pens, and other devices to the same computer. This also gives users the ability to control the computer remotely from a number of locations, which will be important in any number of situations.

Take, for example, the professional presentation. If multiple people are giving a presentation, it will be useful to be able to use a number of wireless devices to control the presentation. Those receiving hands on training from another professional will find that having the reverse KVM will come in handy, as the instructor will be able to show them how to perform the various computer tasks without needing to share a single set of controllers.

Those working on graphic design or video editing may find that the reverse KVM switch will come in handy, and it has many uses. There are certain specialized keyboards or controllers that are used for specific tasks, and the reverse KVM makes it easy to switch between the devices without needing to plug in or unplug any devices.

The thing that makes the device such a useful one is the fact that you are able to connect a number of controllers to the same computer. This can help to reduce the number of times that you will need to reach behind the computer to plug in your USB devices, as you have a box directly in front of you that will enable you to simply plug in a number of controllers to be used.

The reverse KVM switchbox will usually come with the software for controlling the box integrated into the device. This will eliminate the need to hunt for the proper software and drivers to use the KVM switch, as it is instantly available and automatically installed as soon as you plug in your KVM switch box.