NEC MultiSync E232WMT: An In-Depth Review

The perfect combination of Windows 8 OS and touchscreen monitors has really revolutionized how we use our computers today. User-friendliness and responsiveness can easily make anyone’s workstation more efficient for any computing task. One of the recently added touchscreen monitor that is making a name for itself is the NEC MultiSync E232WMT, a 23-inch display with 10-point capacitive touchscreen system, sleek design and has tons of convenient features to make significantly improve any workspace’s efficiency. Check out this Dual Monitors Guide in-depth review and know more about this mid-sized touchscreen.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for an elegant mid-size touchscreen monitor for a total interactive experience with your computer, or a computer with the built-in full-HD camera and microphone so you won’t have to deal with a lot of stuff on your workstation, then you might want to check out the NEC MultiSync E232WMT. Like other models from the MultiSync product line, this one takes pride on its elegant design and functionality, making it an ideal display for variety of environments.



Stylish, Solid Performance with Great Set of Features

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Despite it’s a little-expensive price tag, the NEC MultiSync E232WMT takes pride on its stylish and sleek design, probably the most stylish 23-inch touch-screen monitor you can find in the market today. It works with 10-point responsive touch-screen system, offers solid performance and has some nice features. But the biggest treat must be the integrated webcam, which you won’t find in many monitors yet today.


Responsive 10-Point Touchscreen System for Optimal Touch Experience

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The 10-point touch system of NEC MultiSync E232WMT works flawlessly, responding to users’ swipes, drags, pinches, and double tap, or every gesture you can think of. The on-screen keyboard was a breeze to use as well, and swiping and switching from one app to another is effortlessly easy and pleasant to use.


Good Out-of-the-Box Color Accuracy and Grayscale Performance for All Your Computing and Viewing Needs

The out-of-the-box color accuracy of NEC MultiSync E232WMT is really good. Red and blue colors line up nicely to the ideal CIE coordinates, while green is just a little slightly misaligned. Skewed green is very common, even in most high-end monitors, and is usually the case that most users will not take notice. If you demand for the best and most accurate colors, then you may have to invest in professional grade monitors, such as the NEC PA242W.

The AH-IPS panel of NEC MultiSync E232WMT performs admirably, monitor is able to accurately display every shade of gray based on our DisplayMate 64-Step Gray-Scale test. This kind of performance gives off great highlight details in both heavy and big images and high-definition videos like Blu-ray movies such as The Avengers. Shadows are thoroughly detailed, though not great, as the monitor can’t show the darkest black – same issue with its closest competition like the Dell P2314T and the Acer T232HL.

Like other IPS panels, color and luminance remained true in every angle of NEC E232WMT.

Decent 5-millisecond Pixel Response Rate

The monitor works with a decent 5-millisecond (black-to-white) pixel response rate. It may be far from perfect, and causes some slight motion blur while playing demanding games on both PC and PlayStation 3, but it is sure good enough for most types of use, particularly for office and work purposes.

It can of course, still work for gaming. Thanks to its excellent 10.3-millisecond lag time (the time it takes for the display to respond for the keyboard’s or gaming controller’s commands, which is measured by Leo Bodnar Lag Tester) which makes sure you won’t feel defenseless while playing your favorite games.


Integrated Webcam and USB Hub for Your Convenience

The top part of MultiSync E232WMT’s cabinet houses the 2MP webcam and decent microphone array, making the monitor a convenient piece to have for video chats.


Great Power Saving Monitor

This monitor consumes only 21 watts on its Standard mode. Turn it to Eco mode one and it will consume 20 watts. Not much difference from its Standard mode, but it gives you an idea of how little it consumes energy even when you set it at your desired setting. Eco modes 2 and 3 consume 15 to 18 watts respectively, while still maintaining reasonable luminance. If you want to save significantly more though, you can set the monitor at Eco modes 4 and 5, so you get around 13 watts and 10 watts, respectively. Expect the display to be a little dim of course.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

The bezel-free, edge-to-edge glass of NEC MultiSync E232WMT makes it one of the most elegant-looking touchscreen monitors to date. The 2.4-inch thick black cabinet which works with 1920 x 1080 resolution is truly a great addition to anyone’s work desk, not to mention all the touchscreen convenience and Windows 8 goodness it has to offer. Putting two or three of these monitors side-by-side for dual monitor or triple monitor setup won’t be a bad idea either, as it’s a great all-around display for all your viewing needs. Imagine swiping apps and Windows across multiple screens; it’s going to be a futuristic workstation to work with.

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If you’re looking for an affordable dual LCD monitor stand that you can easily clamp on to your desk and hold two of this monitor together side-by-side for dual monitor setup, then you can opt for MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand. This stand can hold two monitors of up to 24-inches big. It is one of the most affordable solutions around, well-designed to keep your display secured in place. It comes with very little assembly pieces, making it easy to put together and setup to your desk.

If you’re looking for better ergonomics, then you should invest a little more to get the more flexible Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm. This arm gives you two options to set up your display; you can place one screen on top of the other, or put them side-by-side.

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This dual LCD arm stand extend up to 25 inches, with 18 inches range adjustment, allowing you to push your monitor completely out of the way when not in use, and free your desk. It is a very versatile solution, easy to setup and install to your workstation, and effortless to use.


Design and Features

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The edge-to-edge glass, bezel-free, folding stand and glossy screen makes NEC MultiSync E232WMT one of the most elegant-looking 23-inch touchscreen monitors today. And we all love to see a beautiful piece of monitor on top of our work desk. The 1920 x 1080-resolution panel is cased in a 2.4-inch-thick, black cabinet.


Bezel-Free Design for Better Touchscreen Experience

The edge-to-edge bezel-free design of MultiSync E232WMT makes way for better touchscreen system, as it leaves more room for touch gestures and Windows swiping, letting you do whatever you want with you monitor smoothly, and freely.


Buttons and Functions

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The right side of NEC E232WMT’s cabinet houses the power button and four (4) function buttons you can use for navigating the menu and changing settings of the display. This monitor doesn’t offer extensive picture settings that you usually get from its higher-end siblings, such as the NEC MultiSync PA242W. Rather, it offers just the basic buttons that works for general all-purpose use, namely Beightness, Contrast and Color Temperature.

For energy-saving and eye-friendly settings, this monitors comes with five (5) Eco presets that uses various levels of brightness and contrast settings, which will help you save energy and work efficiently without hurting your eeyes.

If you use an analog (VGA) input, you can set your display’s horizontal and vertical position settings and fine-tune image clarity through the Fine Setting.



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The NEC MultiSync E232WMT has tons of inputs and outputs for you to conveniently connect computer peripherals and gadgets. The back part of the cabinet houses the HDMI, DVI and VGA ports, along with a USB 3.0 upstream port, and two USB 3.0 downstream ports. Audio ports include an audio input and headphone jack, which are located at the back of the monitor as well. There are three more USB 3.0 ports conveniently located at the left side of the panel.

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This NEC monitor also comes with two (2) embedded speakers, which works decently for personal use, and low-volume audio tasks like video chats. They are however, not loud enough for optimum viewing, such as watching movies and sitting from a far, as it doesn’t come with loud volume and bass.


Adjustable Stand to Fit Your Preference

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It stands on a round base, which comes with a hinge that lets you tilt the panel, adjust its height, and fold it down so that it is parallel with the desktop.


Tech Specs


Package includes the DVI, VGA, USB, and audio input cables, and a printed quick-start guide.


Bottom Line

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The NEC MultiSync E232WMT has lots of upsides; it looks sharp and elegant on anyone’s work desk, while its display is good for most types of computing use. The 10-point capacitive touchscreen system is such a breeze to use, while the accurate colors and good gray-scale performance makes stunning images and videos. The bezel-free design is not just good for swiping and touchscreen gestures, but can also be a great design for dual monitor setup, as you can sit two of these monitors side-by-side nicely.

If there’s anything NEC can improve in this monitor, it would be on its black-level reproduction. The green color is a little off from its ideal point based on chromaticity test, but it’s hardly noticeable. Most of its competition has this issue as well. Also, NEC can add more input connections for more connectivity convenience.

All in all, you will never be wrong with NEC MultiSync E232WMTIt’s a quality touchscreen monitor with convenient built-in add-ons that can improve any user’s workstation. It has the built-in webcam and microphone, perfect for video chats, USB 3.0 hubs for convenient and hassle-free connectivity for your gadgets and peripherals, it has the adjustable stand which can be enough in most cases, it has robust features and performs well in almost all types of computing use, and above all, it is reasonably priced.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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