MonMount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Stand Desk Mount: An In-depth Review

Monitor mounts provide a lot of convenience in anyone’s workstation. It helps save space, makes desks more conducive for working through ergonomic solutions and eliminates individual stands, which is crucial for dual monitor or multiple monitor setups. However, many excellent monitor mount solutions out there come with hefty price tags which seem impractical for most computer users. Enter MonMount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Stand Desk Mount, an affordable triple monitor stand that comes with articulating arms that can accommodate even the most demanding display setup, like AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA surround gaming setup. Check out this Dual Monitors Guide review to know more about this  affordable mounting arm.

MonMount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Stand (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Compared to the leading brands in the market, the MonMount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Stand Desk Mount feels like a bargain. It’s a great affordable option for anyone looking to improve their triple monitor setup and free up their work desks.


MonMount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Stand (image from Amazon)

MonMount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Arm help you get the best of your workspace with improved ergonomics. It can hold up to three LCD monitors above your desktop and improve your comfort and work experience by reducing the clutter and leaving you more desk real estate.

The 36-inch double-link swing arms improve ergonomics and monitor views with full and flexible adjustments, such as separate tilt, rotate monitors from landscape to portrait orientation and vice versa, move side to side, adjust in height, and tighten and loosen tension in its die-cast pole through heavy-duty clamp mounts.

Fully Adjustable Arm for Comfort and Ergonomics

MonMount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Stand (image from Amazon)

The arms have three joints for adjustments, and each one has a pretty good range of motion to let you find the best angle for your display. The space between the monitor is fully adjustable, while each monitor can rotate 360 degrees and pivot 180 degrees, allowing users to use this stand in many different ways.

Joints in the arms have adjustable torque, so users can make them as loose or as tight as they want. It adjusts 6 1/2 inches off the desk (to the bottom of the middle monitor) to around 4 inches higher (leaving plenty room for sitting down). It leaves fairly nice angles on the two side monitors by placing the bevels behind the side of the center monitor. Edge to edge, the three monitor setup can take up about 54 inches across the desk.

Easy and Hassle-Free Installation, Clamps Straight to Your Desk, No Drilling Required

MonMount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Stand (image from Amazon)

This monitor arm is very easy to install, ideal for office, studio, IT network, and security applications – no drilling required. Everything you need to setup your monitors to the stand and install the mount to your desk is included in the box. So you won’t need any extra screws and tools. The single-sided instruction is laid out nicely with illustrations, and setup process can be finished in three simple steps.

The base of the arm has three (3) holes you can choose from to fit your table. The clamp attaches to your desk using tension, but make sure you don’t twist the clamps too tight as it may damage your desk.

Cable Management System Requires Longer Cables

Depending on where you position your PC, you might want to buy longer cables to run them nicely from the monitors to your CPU. Cable management system also requires longer cables, so you can run them nicely and neatly throughout the stand. This isn’t actually a big deal, as most multi-monitor stands available today require longer cables to work properly.

VESA Mount Compliant

This LCD monitor stand works perfectly with any VESA compliant monitors. As a matter of fact, all MonMount mounting solutions come with VESA 75 and 100 supports, which is the standard of most monitor brands. These standards are square patterns embedded on the back part of the cabinet of your monitor, with holes either 75 or 100mm apart. In this case, the VESA mount can hold three 20 inch monitors. Label says it can hold three (3) 13 lbs. monitors, while many tests show it can support monitors up to 22lbs each.


Design and Features

MonMount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Stand (image from Amazon)

The Monmount Triple Monitor comes pretty well-packaged, as every component is individually wrapped in protective plastic wrap, separated in individual compartments inside the box.

Solid Build Quality with Nice and Simple Design

The stand’s build quality is solid. There may be some small amount of flex in the articulating arms, but they are very minimal and don’t really affect the performance of the whole stand. Also, the flexes can be easily leveled with some few adjustments on the VESA mounts. The mount looks solid and great all in all.


Tech Specs

  • Triple LCD Desk Mount (Supports 3 Screens)
  • Durable Black Steel Construction
  • Rotate monitors 360 degrees
  • Adjustable Arms
  • Portrait/Landscape view
  • Horizontal and Vertical Pivoting
  • Clamps to desk with c-clamp
  • Supports monitors between 14 to 22 Inches
  • Supports up to 22 pounds or less per screen
  • Supports VESA 75 and 100
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • 30-day Warranty

Package includes the triple articulating monitor arm, 17-inch mounting pole, mounting screws, installation sheets, and the C-clamp. Package also comes with assembly hardware,


Bottom Line

Label says the MonMount LCD-1930 supports monitor within 14 to 22 inches wide, but it wouldn’t work with Dell 21.5 inch monitor without issues. Our research says Monmount said this monitor stand is ideal for 19-inch displays or smaller. Gaming enthusiasts who are looking to run at least 1920×1080 resolutions may have a hard time fitting their Dell 21.5″ displays in this monitor stand.

It’s a great solution for gamers who want to angle their outside panels in. If you’re looking to mount three 22-inch monitors, then you will end up with a flat straight view from end to end, as limited arms will restrict the angle of side monitors.

Monmount also said they are currently making a curved arm mount (LCD-2230B) that will work with larger monitors, but it isn’t clear yet when will it become available in the market. The rest of the MonMount triple mounts are straight arm mounts.

If you opt for this mounting arm, make sure you mount it to a solid desktop surface that can withstand the combined weight of the stand and mounted monitor. Make sure your desktop is solid and not hollow.

All in all, the MonMount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Mount is a very affordable, well-built and heavy-duty monitor stand best suited for 19 inch displays, or a combination of one 22-inch display in the middle, and two 19-inches in both sides. You can mix and match the arms and brackets (to a certain degree) and come up the multi-display configurations that fit your needs and preferences

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