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Getting a computer monitor for your office room, home office, or small business, might be a bigger project than you originally thought. There are quite a lot of things to consider when you want to do it right and get the best bung for your buck. Here at Dual Monitors Guide we will share you the most important pointers to help you get the right ones.

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A lot of your work happens with your eyes. You can have the best rig, spacious storage, good pair of keyboard and mouse, and comfortable chair, but if your monitor is not any good, your efficiency and productivity at work will certainly suffer. If you’re looking for a business monitor(s) for your small business, then you should look for something that has the features and specs you need for your operation



This is probably the very first thing you need to consider, and from here, you already have tons of choices. It’s easy to fall for big ultra wide computer screen, as they can look really impressive, but obviously, they are not the most practical, and most often than not, they are not very cost-effective.

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Most basic businesses will only need a 22-inch widescreen computer. Next on the line is 24-inch, and its good enough for most types of use, even in opening and using multiple windows and applications at once, while you work. The Dell 2415Q starts a new turning point, as this AH-IPS panel is able to provide good display quality for a very affordable price.

27-inch to 29-inch monitors is best for people who do a lot of multi-tasking in their computer. There’s no hard and fast rule for choosing the size of your computer display, all you have to do is know what is practical for you before you buy them.

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If you are tight on space or used to have dual monitor setup, and want to go to single monitor, then a 29-inch Ultra Wide monitor is for you. The Philips Brilliance MultiView 298P4QJEB is quite an impressively big display with 21:9 aspect ratio for your gaming and graphics design, entertainment and work requirement needs



When you’re working on a budget, then you need some figures to help you out on your search. Basic all-around 22-inch monitor is at $140 to $200 range.

24-inch monitors are around $200 to $300.

27-inch monitors will cost $300 to $400.

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LG 27MT93 is quite impressive, as it can double as a TV, giving you the best buck for your money.

Screens bigger than 28-inch will cost over $500.



The most common resolution today is 1920 x 1080, which is a Full HD. This resolution is more than enough for most businesses.

Those who work a lot on colors and images, such as graphic artists, photographers, etc. a WQHD monitor is advisable. It offers 2560 x 1440 resolution. This resolution is usually present at 27-inch size displays.

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4K resolution is categorized into two; Ultra HD (3840 × 2160) or Cinematic 4K (4096×2160). The former has had a lot of models in the past couple of years, but the latter is still quite new. A good example of Cinematic 4K is LG 31MU97-B, an innovative, top-of-the-line display perfect for professionals.

The highest of monitors come with Ultra High Definition, but most of them are at 30-inches and even wider. This type of monitor is for specific types of jobs. So if you’re not sure if you need something this high-end, then you probably don’t.



More and more computer monitors today comes jam-packed with features, which may sound great for consumers, as they offer something new and provide unique experience for viewers. Obviously, however, features will drive up the price. There are of course, features you might want, some display models even come with features that are tailor-made for certain individuals and their specific needs. There are also bells and whistles that you can live without, and won’t significantly affect your experience with your computer.

Features range from adjustable stand, speakers, webcam, USB ports, and display ports like HDMI. Some special monitors, such as gaming monitors, photography monitors, business monitors, etc., have special set of features to improve the product’s efficiency and help users on their productivity. Go for monitors with features that you need, and never pay for monitors with features no one actually uses.


Add-ons and Extras

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Speakers are valuable workstation peripherals, but they can consume a lot of desktop space. This is where getting a monitor with built-in speakers can be of great help – they can reclaim a good amount of workspace. However, most built-in speakers sound tinny and underpowered. You should definitely consider factor. There are however, some monitors with good quality built-in speakers, but then again, they can be a little more expensive.

The AOC i2473PWM is an all-around equipped with good quality speakers, which is way superior than most built-in speakers in many new displays today.

Webcam is another valuable computer workstation tool, and they can be really useful for video conferencing, especially if you make a lot of online calls. However, webcam can also cause distraction when misused.

ViewSonic VSD241 is a tablet/monitor, which offers portability and basic but dependable quality. It also has front-facing camera that has 2MP and runs at 1080p Full HD.

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If you plan to get a third-party ergonomic solution, such as desk stand, desk mount, LCD arm or wall mount, then choose a monitor with VESA-compliant mounting holes.



Warranty says a lot of the brand’s trust about their product. Good brands give at least 3-year warranty, which covers parts, labor and backlight warranty.


For more quick tips like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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