LG 34UM95 Review: An In-Depth Review

In the past couple of years, we have seen so many changes and innovations in the display technology. More and more manufacturers push their products to the top by equipping them with new and advanced specs, higher resolution, better panel choices, etc., but quite frankly, many monitor brands failed to make fundamental change in quite some time. More than 10 years has passed since the introduction of 16:9 display ratio, and we haven’t looked back since. In the last part of June, 2014, LG introduced their innovation that will challenge all its competitors – the LG 34UM95a humongous 34-inch display with 21:9 cinematic aspect ratio. This new flagship display seems to be single-handedly leading the pack for change in computer display today, but does it live up to its hype? Is it a good investment to make? Check out this in-depth LG 34UM95 review from Dual Monitors Guide.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for an ultra-wide monitor that you can use to double as a work monitor and for entertainment, then you should check out the LG 34UM95the newest addition of LG’s growing list of beautiful widescreen displays that offers tons of things you could ask for.  It’s aesthetically good-looking and well-designed ultra-wide Quad HD monitor that you can split screen into customized-size sections. It has tons of I/O ports to let you connect multiple things with, and more.



The First 34-inch UltraWide QHD

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Calling the LG 34UM95 big is an understatement. As its model number implies, this new monitor from LG is a colossal 34-inch display with behemoth of features to support all your computing and entertainment viewing needs. At first glance, you would think it’s a good-looking TV, but its wide array of features and functions proves it’s more than just a display for your entertainment.

It’s an IPS panel with 21:9 aspect ratio, working on a Quad-High Definition (QHD) resolution at 3440 x 1440. It’s beautifully designed and comes with a plethora of I/O ports where you can connect almost every computer peripheral, gadgets and electronics you can think of.


Huge Screen to Accommodate All Your Computing and Entertainment Needs

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The LG 34UM95 sports a huge non-reflective IPS panel, which measures 34 inches diagonally, or 31.5in x 13.5in dimension. Unlike common monitors, users will not find the usual selection of function and power buttons, rather, this product uses small four-way joystick button located under the bottom bezel panel. This joystick is very responsive, which makes picture setting adjustments nice and easy, turn the monitor off, adjust the volume of the built-in speaker, and set up the Picture-by-Picture (PBP) sizes and screen positions. It also allows one of two Reader modes, which changes the display’s luminance levels to make it easier and more convenient for you to type and read texts.

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Rich and Uniform Colors and Dark Blacks for Good Picture Quality

The LG 34UM95 delivers rich and uniform colors, with dark blacks. Its color accuracy however, is not perfect. Chromaticity test shows red and blue colors were very close to their ideal coordinates, but green lies completely outside its ideal zone. The flaw is very minor though, and one can hardly notice it. Also, this issue is common among different types of monitors.

Out-of-the-box color accuracy is also not the greatest, which should something we can expect for of monitor of its price. Fortunately, LG leaves us with more than enough calibration options at the Picture Settings menu. Using the six (6) point color setting will give you the ability to fine-tune the color accuracy of your display.

Post-Calibration Features for Easy and Hassle-Free Improvement of Image Quality

This LG monitor is equipped with True Color Balance, the brand’s unique software the helps calibrate monitor’s image quality. This calibration function includes brightness, gray balance and white point adjustments.


Flicker Safe Technology to Protect Your Eyes

The LG 34UM95 is friendly to the eyes, thanks to LG’s new Flicker Safe system, this monitor always runs on reduced to almost-zero flicker level. Also, if you do a lot of reading in your work, simply switch the Reader Mode on and minimize and harmful blue light by using the hot key. This feature lets you spend as much time as you need on your computer without hurting your eyes.


Decent Dynamic 5-millisecond Pixel Response for Variety of Viewing Needs

This monitor works with -millisecond pixel response (black-to-white), which is a little off from the ideal gaming requirements. However, occasional blurring while playing demanding video games such as Aliens vs. Predators, can’t really distract gamers, thanks to the unique ultra-wide high-resolution of LG 34UM95. High-definition Blu-ray movies also play smoothly, skin tones appear natural and well-balanced at The Avengers.


MAC Compatible, Perfect for Graphic Designer

If you’re into graphic design, then you will certainly appreciate this monitor’s MAC compatibility. The 21:9 widescreen and 4-screen split is a great feature for any multiple graphics windows.


Four Screen Split System for Multitasking

The Dual Linkup feature of this LG monitor allows users to connect two compatible portable devices--such as a computer, camera, phone, or Blu-ray player to the monitor, and contents can be viewed on both screens simultaneously.


Ergonomic Setup Options

The 34-inch widescreen of LG 34UM95 is obviously too big for dual monitor and multiple monitor setups. Most workstations won’t need that kind of combined resolution, particularly for home office and small office setups. It is however, a great display to pair with third-party ergonomic solutions, such as LCD arms and wall mounts for home theater entertainment, for conference rooms, traffic control stations, etc.

(image from Ergotron)

Ergotron for example, has lots of interactive arms for displays this big. The Interactive Arm, VHD for example, can support screens ranging from 30-inch to 60-inch in size and weight of 35 lbs. to 70 lbs. It is fully adjustable, allowing you to swing, lift and turn your display to any direction, and make the screen look like it’s floating in the air. This monitor lets users move their monitor or TV into multiple positions with one simple touch; no more sore necks and caused by awkward angles.


The Interactive Arm, HD works exactly the same like the VHD, but with screen capacity of 30-inch to 55-inch, and 18 to 40 lbs. weight capacity.

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Interactive Arm, LD on the other hand, accommodates displays up to 42-inch big, and 7 to 25 lbs., heavy. All these three LCD arms come equipped with Ergotron’s patented Constant Force (CF) technology, which provides premium ease of adjustment with one simple touch, while keeping your displays stable and secured on its place.

Design and Features

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LG is best known for stylish, if not fancy look. For years, they’ve been making displays that don’t just work good, but also look good even when not turned on. The LG 34UM95 is no different, it’s sleek and bezel-free design, faux-brush aluminum cabinet and shiny chrome trim can easily capture anyone’s attention. The matching wedge-shaped stand offers some convenient adjustments, such as tilt adjustability.


Elegant and Stylish

It’s easy to be impressed with LG 34UM95 wide width. This 34-inch monitor doesn’t only look good for its big screen size, but it’s aesthetically pleasing as well, and it’s easy to say that LG really spent good amount of time in this monitor’s design. The product is outfitted with an edge-to-edge matte panel, hidden bezels are only half-inch wide on both left and right side, while the bottom is only two-thirds of an inch, making a convincing illusion of a real edge-to-edge panel. A second glance of course, reveals that a bezel does indeed exist.

The cabinet is accented with a chrome trim, which makes a nice transition point between the broad gray plastic back and the display panel. Considering its price, you may ask for a metallic accent, which we usually find from Samsung from time to time, but the plastic feels tough and sturdy enough.

Wide, Huge and Beautiful IPS Screen

This colossal monitor really makes a good first impression simply on its 21:9 format. The wide width is simply impossible to ignore, and it can occupy even the largest desk.

It is made up of non-reflective IPS panel, which measures 34-inches big diagonally. The 31.5 x 13.5 inches dimension of LG 34UM95 is more than big enough to accommodate all types of computing and viewing needs, making it quite a versatile solution for workspaces, conference rooms, and even entertainment rooms. Sitting down in front of this monitor will make you feel like operating a futuristic ship or something. Very impressive.


Simple But Elegant Stand

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The LG 34UM95 is supported by a simple, yet elegant-looking stand. The wedge-shaped stand is made up of metal and acrylic, which allows it to support and hold the display securely in place, with the illusion of ‘floating monitor’ when viewed at certain angles. The stand is very stable and offers some convenient adjustments, but other than that, it is not the most ergonomic stand to have.

After all, many will decide to take advantage of the monitor’s VESA mounting holes and mount the 34UM95 to better third-party stands or mount to walls.  It doesn't support height, swivel, or pivot adjustments.


Plentiful Picture Setting Controls to Fit Your Preferences

This LG monitor has tons of picture settings to help you control and get the perfect display quality that fits your needs and work. The basic controls like Brightness, Contrast, Color Temperature, are all there, and LG added Black Level and Gamma Adjustments to make it work for any type of computing and viewing needs. Users can also adjust the saturation levels of their display, such as basic red, green, and blue levels, and even fine-tune the colors with the monitor’s six (6) color Hue and Saturation settings.

Like most good quality monitors, it comes with Picture presets for your convenience, including Custom, Cinema, Photo and Game modes.


Tons of Input/Output Ports You Can Use

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The LG 34UM95 sports a wide plethora of I/O ports, including two (2) Thunderbolt 2 ports for daisy-chaining multiple monitor (users can connect up to six compatible monitors), two (2) HDMI ports and DisplayPort, and three (3) USB ports. These ports however, are placed at the rear A/V panel, which can be difficult to reach, especially if you decide to mount this humongous display to the wall. Also, there’s a headphone jack for your audio input, but like other ports, it is inconveniently placed on the back side of the panel.

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With Impressive 7-Watt Built-n Speakers

This monitor comes with tons of great features that make working or watching videos better. One of these great features is the pair of 7-watt speakers built with the monitor. These speakers work with great volume and crystal-clear audio output. Though it’s far from being the perfect speaker for entertainment, it is by far, way better than the usual 2-watt speakers we see embedded in most desktop monitors these days.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

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The LG 34UM95 looks gorgeous right from the get go, which is not really surprising, considering it’s a product from LG. The 3440 x 1440 native resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio can be more than enough to convince anyone looking to invest for a good-quality ultra-wide monitor. This monitor can easily double as a work monitor and entertainment display. It is gorgeously designed and can certainly turn heads even when not turned on.

Truly, this product is pretty hard to beat in many areas, and it’s a new kind of innovation that we can expect in the near future. If there’s anything we can complain about this product, it would be its hefty price tag. Sure LG can put an expensive price and justify it with the features, ports, display quality and performance of the monitor, but they should have improve the display’s pre-calibrated image quality, middling image quality, and more adjustability for the stand to fit every user’s ergonomic needs.

Other than that, the LG 34UM95 is very impressive in so many areas. You will certainly never go wrong with this monitor, especially if you’re looking for a versatile display that can double as your work monitor and entertainment display. Also, it has all the I/O ports you will ever need, which means you can certainly take advantage of this display in so many ways.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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