Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk; An In-Depth Review

One of the leading providers of sit-stand desks, Ergo Depot, recently expanded its growing range of quality adjustable height standing desk with Jarvis. If you have watched any Iron Man film, or you’ve been reading the comics, you know that ‘Tony Stark’ calls the computer inside his iron suite JARVIS, short for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. And though we don’t know if Ergo Depot intentionally names their new product line with it, we can’t help but notice the intelligent design that comes with the desk – simplistic, yet stylish. Know more about the Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk here at Dual Monitors Guide’s in-depth review.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line electric sit-stand desk that doesn’t hurt the bank, strong lift capacity, and can support wide tabletop, then you should check out Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk. This is a new product line from one of the world’s leading ergonomic table and workstation provide – Ergo Depot, and the best thing about it is it addresses quite a lot of issues and limitations found in many adjustable standing desks in the market today, particularly the height range and carrying capacity.



The Next Generation Sit-Stand Desk

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Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks combines convenience and ergonomics that most manual or crank-type adjustable standing desks can give – they adjust easily and move from sitting to standing position with one press of a button. However, the most common complaint about electric type is their limited height range and weight capacity, let alone the hefty price tag. Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk addresses these issues and provides more amazing features that provides a lot of convenience to its users. The spacious table top even provides more space for dual monitor or even multiple monitors setup, making the desk versatile for tons of workstation upgrades.

Excellent Height Adjustment Range to Suit All Work Position Requirements

The Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk boasts an excellent 26 inches range adjustment, including top height of 50.5 inches, that’s extra 4 inches over many popular models today. That’s pretty much the height requirement of most computer users, it works perfectly well with short, average to tall users. Average height to shorter users also has the luxury to square their feet on the floor for perfect working comfort.

Solid Build, Can Hold and Support Anything and Everything You Need To Put On Your Desk

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Many adjustable standing desk manufacturers today push the limits of their product’s weight capacity. Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk leads the industry with its whopping 350 lbs. lifting capacity. This is enough strength to hold anything and everything you want to have on your workstation, be it dual monitor setup or multiple monitor setup, computer peripherals, a cup of coffee, or anything you want to keep at arms-length.

Smooth Glide Up and Down, Keeping All Your Computer Components on Top Safe and Secured

Even when holding heavy load, this desk has no problem moving up and down to transition from sitting to standing position, and vice versa. It smoothly moves in a speed of 1.5 inch per second, and soft controlled stop and start, keeping the table free from juddering halts.

Equipped with the JARVIS Electric Controller

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Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk sports a neat rectangle-shaped push button controller mounted on the front underside of the tabletop. Moving the tabletop up and down and adjusting the height is pretty self-explanatory, there are arrows that suggests the controls. Also, the controller houses the four buttons for programmed height settings.

Design and Features

Design wise, the Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk look simple and straightforward. Some even find it a little industrial. But it indeed serves its purpose, as it’s the kind of desk that supports workstation upgrades, and let you put anything and everything on its wide surface and solid construction.

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Versatile Design, Can Accommodate Multiple Tabletop Widths

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The versatile design of Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk allows it to support and hold various table top widths. Thanks to the discreet, telescopic cross bars, the frame can support tabletops ranging from 44 inches up to a whopping 82 inches wide.

Sleek and Sexy Tabletop Options

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Ergo Depot takes pride in making elegant and stylish workstation solutions, and the Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk is no different. This desk comes in three elegant colors (gray, black and white), and its 12 quick-ship environmentally-friendly top options can fit to any office or work environment easily. Truly, there is one for everybody.

Easy-to-use Features

This electric standing desk is equipped with easy-to-use features, you don’t have to be an expert to maximize it to its full capacity. The LED push-button handset has programmable memory options, quit a convenient feature to have, as the one-push button will set the desk to your desired height. Something many cheap and low-end products miss.


Neat Cable Management System

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Rather than having your wires drape over the back of the desk, this standing desk comes with mounted grommets where you can pass through your workstation cables and computer wires neatly. These grommets are not your standard round holes, rather, they are rectangular in shape and measures 3.5 inches x 2 inches, where you can choose from rear mounting to the left, right, center or anywhere you want.


Tech Specs

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Frame Numbers

  • Dimensions: 41 inches x 15 inches x 7 inches
  • Height Adjustment: Height adjustable from 24.5” to 50.5” (with top)
  • Adjustment Speed: 1.5 inch per second with soft start/stop
  • Programmable Presets: 4 Programmable Memory Presets (with desk height LED display)
  • Lifting Capacity: 350 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Foot Leveling: Adjustable foot leveling studs for uneven flooring (0.25” adjustment
  • Warranty: Industry leading 5-year warranty 
  • Product Weight: 72 lbs.

Top Specs

  • Width Options: 48 inches – 72 inches, custom tops available
  • Thickness: 1 1/4 inch
  • Material: Core material made of 100% recycled wood fiber particle board (certified by SCS)
  • Surface material: HPL (high pressure laminate) which is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified and GREENGUARD for Children and Schools Certified.


  • Voltage: Input: 110 V / Output: 31 V
  • Transformer power: 200 W (0.2 W on standby)
  • Power supply: 5 amps

Bottom Line

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Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk from Ergo Depot is well-built and equipped with many features we normally see in high-end electric adjustable standing desks for a low-end price. The excellent height adjustment range makes it virtually suitable from short to tall users, and solid build that can support 350 lbs. of weight makes the desk a very strong competitor on its price range.

There’s nothing much to complain about the quality and performance of this desk. If there’s one thing Ergo Depot needs to improve in this product line, it should be a more flexible option that will let users position the desk to corners, like an L-shaped and cut out tops. It will be very interesting to see this kind of option in the future. Other than that, the Jarvis standing desk passed everyone’s review with flying colors.

The elegant design and extensive choices for the top finish makes the Jarvis Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk very easy to match to any work spaces, quite a refreshing change from the limited options we normally see from most products in the market today.

Lastly, note that the link here that leads to Amazon doesn’t include the top of the desk. You can choose your desired top design separately.

For more in-depth standing desk reviews and workstation solution reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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