iMovR Upsilon Standup Desk; An In-Depth Review

iMovR is undeniably one of the better brands out there when it comes to manufacturing high-quality work desks, and as a matter of fact, we have reviewed and gave praises to a couple or more of its products here at Dual Monitors Guide, most of which belonged to top-tier to mid-range price range. This time, we will take a closer look at one of their budget-friendly options – the Upsilon Electric Stand Up Desk. Designed for tighter spaces, this compact adjustable-height desk is lives up to its brand’s promise of quality and functionality. What makes this product a good deal? Check out our in-depth review here.

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Who is it for?

The Upsilon Electric Stand Up Desk is designed for people looking for a compact sit-stand desk solution for their tight office space. This product comes with the things you expect from its manufacturer iMovR, including high quality tabletop, durable frame and hardwearing motor. All these for an affordable price tag.1



iMovR used to shy away from their low-end competitors and opted to make high-end and mid-tier desks, and they certainly did a great job in competing in those markets. Now, they jumped to the competition with another high-quality product in the name of Upsilon Electric Stand Up Desk, a desk that comes with things you can expect from an iMovR product, such as 3D laminated surface, solid frame, strong and whisper-quiet motor, and great ergonomics.


Redefine Your Workstation with Compact but Complete Ergonomic Desk Solution

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The compact design, great set of features and hard-to-beat price point makes this desk quite a good option for anyone looking to revamp their workstation but don’t have the luxury of space to do so. The compact design of this iMovR desk is designed for office spaces with tight cubicles such as call centers or home offices with limited spaces. Its 30-inch deep sit-stand desktop is good enough to provide a good solution to combat the negative effects sedentary lifestyle.

Many people wants to upgrade their workstation to more active setup through sit-stand desk, but don’t have the space to accommodate the upgrade, as most desks can be too big. Upsilon desk addresses this problem and redefines the standard for our money in the lowest price tier. The adjustable width of the electric base can stretch from 40 inches to 58 inches, and can support tabletops of different sizes as well.


A Brightly Cost-Reduced Stand Up Desk that Maintains Quality and Stability

One of the most impressive things about this product is its excellent quality, which leads to stability when you consider its price point. iMovR said one of the biggest factor of this product’s affordable price tag and quality is, they have sourced its base to a trusted company. This means they were able to cut its costs but not the quality.

Also, the 3D laminated tabletop is a staple in iMovR desks, and the Upsilon also gets the same treatment as it sports the same 3D-laminated tabletop as its top-tier brothers Olympus and Everest. 3D laminated tabletops look far better than their standard, high-pressure tabletops, and it’s more resilient against dings, scratches, moisture, and chemicals. Also, the ergonomically-contoured edge adds to its aesthetic appeal and comfort.


Solid Frame and Base with Whisper-Quiet Motor, Perfect for Office Setups

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Upsilon Electric Stand Up Desk has one of the quietest electric base you will see in today’s market. It scored 40dB, which easily takes to the crown of its mid-end brother iMovR Electra. This means its operating noise is barely noticeable with air-conditioning running as the background noise, making this desk a perfect choice for office setups.

Despite of its compact frame though, this desk can support a load of up to 360 lbs., which exceeds many of its mid-tier competitors by 30 lbs. to 210 lbs. Though it is hard to imagine how you can put that much weight on top of a compact tabletop, it is a testament of the durability and strength of this product’s base and tabletop.


Fast-Moving and Energy-Saving Choice

Aside from having the ‘quietest’ motor, Upsilon desk also has the most energy-efficient motor in the market today. The energy consumption of this electric desk at standby mode is only at 3W, with an in-motion draw of only 1.8A (unloaded).

Also, the tabletop adjusts in height at the speed rate of 1.45-inch per second, which is considered fast based on its type and compared to other products on its price range.


Design and Features

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High Quality Frame and 3D-Laminated Table Top, Both Are Built to Last

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The 3D-Laminated tabletop is both beautiful and hard-wearing. It features 2.35 inches (60mm) grommet holes, a feature many users, especially call center agents would surely love. As with other iMovR products, the grommet holes are also 3D-laminated, you wouldn’t want to cover it with plastic caps. The 3/4-inch thick tabletop is made up of natural hardwood. It’s a single plank of wood made on a high-tech, 3D lamination press, which reduces the cost and material waste, which greatly helped reduce the price of this product. 

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Also, the tabletop is wide enough to accommodate two monitors sitting side-by-side for dual monitors setup, making it a great solution for users who does a lot of multi-tasking job.

Unlike its premium products Elite and Everest desks, Upsilon is made in China. However, iMovR ensured that the frame of their China-made desk has almost the same quality as their American-made counterparts, as they have searched for the best sweatshop factories and found one that fits their standards – modernized factory that fabricates steel frame with exceptional quality.

The base of the Upsilon electric desk can be categorized as a top-quality product, as it can perform similarly to its US and European-sources bases counterparts.


Digital Hand Controller with Memory Presets

One of the more crucial elements of electric stand-up desks is their hand controller that adjusts the height of the tabletop. Like other low-end desks, the Upsilon desk doesn’t come with this feature. Rather, it comes with a digital hand controller Up and Down control. Not very fancy, but the lift acceleration and deceleration are both pretty impressive for its price.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

The 24-inch long fee of Upsilon Electric Stand Up Desk makes it an excellent sit-stand desk, but it is also exclusive for that purpose. It is well-engineered to fit to tight spaces of cubicles and home offices with limited space, but it doesn’t have the longitudinal stability to be used with a treadmill underneath.

The adjustment speed may be a little slower than some iMovR desks, but it’s a better trade-off if it means ensuring smooth transition between sitting and standing.

All in all, this desk is arguably the best choice for people dealing with limited spaces for their home or office. Also, it is a common practice among office furniture manufacturers to add “pinch trims” to the tabletop. Meaning, a 48-inch desk is actually 47-inch, this allows users with 48-inch wide cubicle to nicely slide the desk in and out, without scraping the sides of the cubicle or the tabletop. In the case of the Upsilon desk, the pinch trims are 23.5-inch for the top, 47-inch for the width (on 48-inch top) and 59-inch (for 60-inch top). The 42-inch top however, is exactly 42-inch.

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