Flat Panel Mounts Safety Tips; How to Keep Your Computer Monitors and TV Safe

Flat Panel Mounts Safety Tips

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It seems like more and more households today own modern flat screen displays, whether it’s a new model of computer monitors or a large flat screen TVs. Flat screen displays really adds to the décor and functionality of any room, be it a room for entertainment, for study or for work. However, as we continue to replace our old and displays with lighter models of flat screen panels, the risk to our children’s safety will continue to rise. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we will feature all the safety tips and tricks you need to know to keep your flat screen TV safe and secured on your wall.

Home is where our kids grow and first learn things about life and the world, the place where they find love, comfort and care. It’s where they can feed their curiosity with touch, explore and experience things and the world around their mind and body can develop. Thus, it should be a place where they can feel safe. Computer monitors and TVs need to be secured – it is really, as simple as that.

A child who’s just learning to walk, can simply grab a hold of a TV stand and send a 50-inch display crashing onto its face. This kind of horror is present in almost every household. As a matter of fact, US figures show that 47% of injuries in children are caused by falling appliances and furniture. Home Safety Council says that about 21 million medical accidents and 20,000 deaths each year results from home accidents. These accidents vary, from kids being bitten by their parents’ trusted pets, choking on their toys, or eating cleaning materials and other chemicals, sticking their fingers into electrical outlets, or simply wandering out the front door. Large percentage of these home injuries are home appliance or home furniture-related. This is where the importance of securing our home appliances gets into the picture.

We parents love to put safety features all over our house, from our doors, electrical outlets, comfort room, kitchen, cabinets, etc. especially when we have little kids crawling and walking around. Some of us even baby-proof fixtures and house furniture with soft paddings just to keep our little angels safe. However, rarely do we see the same kind of safety precautions to protect kids from our TV sets and computer stations.

Atdec’s (Australia’s biggest flat screen mounting company and one of the world’s leading mounting design provider) managing director, Jerome Green, strongly advise parents to bolt their TV sets to secure it from falling and causing injuries. Green says “It is possible to marry aesthetically pleasing qualities, functionality and safety within your home entertainment system. Smart design is no longer the sole domain of restaurants and office spaces – homes are increasingly finding the need for better entertainment design for ergonomic reasons as well as safety precautions.”

(Image from Ergotron)

Many users now opt to mount their computer monitors to a flexible and versatile LCD arm, and televisions placed over a fireplace has become quite popular. Flat panel mounts and wall mounts are used to hold displays in place and let users take full advantage of the benefits of new technology, especially in large screen computer monitors and LCD TVs. One good example of a high quality TV wall mount is the Ergotron TM Tilting Wall Mount, XL. This high quality mount can hold flat screen TVs as high as 175 lbs., or as big as 42”, while allowing 20° tilt with just a touch of your fingertips – no need for knobs or levers. It is very easy to install and protects your investment.

Many display brands today, both computer monitors and LCD TVs, are designed to be compatible with wall mount setup (VESA compatible). Most products come with stands, while some come with LCD wall mounts in its package. To make sure your LCD display is mounted properly, here are some tips you should always consider.

1. Choose good quality mounts. TV sets may have changed in size and style, and features may have developed significantly over the years, but one thing has remained certain – it will always be a threat to our kids’ safety. No matter how lightweight your flat screen panel seems to be, a low-quality mount will multiply that risk. Thus, it is always a good idea to spend a little more for a high quality product. Good quality wall mounts are dependably strong to hold your display securely in place. Some of the best brands out there include Ergotron, Level Mounts, Peerless, Sanus System, OmniMount, and VideoSecu. Some of these brands may be a little pricey, but they can deliver well and provide the quality you need to keep your appliance safe.

 2. Choose mounts with flexible adjustments. Mounts with flexible adjustments let you position your precious TV away from your toddler’s curious eyes and clumsy hands. Lots of good quality mounts offer more adjustments and maneuverability, such as pivot, tilt, pan, and even change display orientation (switch between landscape to portrait and vice versa) for specific use. This gives you the versatility and ergonomic quality you need to enjoy more of every movie and videos games you play in your TV. 

(Image from Ergotron)

LX HD Wall Mount Swing Arm supports your TV positioning needs. It offers flexible alternative adjustments to rigid wall mounts for displays of up to 50 lbs, or up to 42-inch screen size. It is equipped with the brand’s Constant Force technology, which keeps your TV screen stable and secured in place and still give you that easy and effortless screen adjustments with one simple touch, for optimal viewing comfort. It is integrated with tilt lock-down feature which keeps your display mounted and safe from burglars. It pleasing aesthetics makes it a perfect addition to your home or office.

3. Find the best spot for your TV set. Flat panel displays are usually the centerpiece of a living room, and should be viewable by anyone from any spot in the living room. Sure large widescreen TVs look awesome over the fireplace mantle, but last thing you want when watching movies or playing video games is straining your neck. 

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It is crucial to find the best spot in your living room for your TV. When mounting, the TV should be halfway between the floor and the ceiling, or higher to suit rooms with higher seating. The good rule of thumb for safety is to mount the TV high enough to keep children from reaching. Also, make sure you consider the distance of your TV from your couch. For the best viewing position, keep the center of your TV screen about eye level from your primary viewing position, like when you sit on your favorite spot in your living room. If this doesn’t quite fit to the design of your room, try positioning the bottom part of your screen at eye level. This way, your screen can be visible from a nearby room.

Ergotron Glide Wall Mount, HD lets you raise and lower your TV effortlessly on your wall. It also allows you to tilt the screen up to 10° to minimize annoying glares and reflections and move your display with one light touch. This wall mount brags a revolutionary design that delivers optimum height adjustability in an extremely low profile setup. It can hold flat screen TVs up to 55-inch big, with 40 lbs. weight capacity.

4. Find the best spot for your computer monitor. The same goes to computer monitors – there are LCD arms and wall mounts out there that you can move away from your children’s reach. Make sure you invest in high quality mounts made with sturdy and solid materials. These stuffs will not fall over easily.

(Image from Ergotron)

The LX Desk Mount LCD Arm from Ergotron is made up of a durable polished aluminum, heavily tested and expected to last 10 times longer than its competitive brands. It comes with a sleek and streamlined design that allows you to free your desk space from clutter and improve work productivity with better comfort and ergonomics. This LCD arm can hold monitors up to 27-inch size and 20 lbs. weight. It has variety of adjustability options, such as lift, tilt, pan and rotate 360 to change screen orientation (Landscape to portrait and vice versa). It is also equipped with Ergotron's Constant Force technology that allows it to hold and secure display and adjust with one simple touch.

5. Find the best spot for your projector TV or home theater. The same thing goes for entertainment rooms with projector TVs. This type of display provides better viewing experience through ensuring right distance, but mounting it to your ceiling using a low-quality mount can be the worst decision you will ever make for your entertainment room. Your projector can fall off and worse, land on somebody, causing serious injury. Good projector mounts can hold projectors up to 35 lbs. easily, and still provide flexible adjustments for comfortable and ergonomic viewing, such as 360° rotation, pitch and roll adjustments. Some mounts even let you mount your project on angled ceiling while providing solid base for easy and hassle-free installation.

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Atdec Telehook TH-WH-PJ-CM is a white, compact projector mount with a weight capacity of 33 lbs. Its biggest draw lies on its great adjustability – the telescopic pole can extend up to 35-inches away from its base (your ceiling), allowing you to use your projector for any rooms. Also, this mount can be installed almost flush low to the ceiling (about 5 inches away). The bracket of the mount can move up to 20° vertically (pitch) or horizontally (roll), and let you rotate your projector 360°. This is by far, the best projector mount in the market today.

6. Keep everything nice and neat. Cables and wires always pose imminent danger to curious kids. Thus, it is important that you hide cable and wire clutters properly. Many good display mounts, computer monitor LCD arm, desk mounts and TV wall mounts, offer good built-in cable management system that allows you to hide your cables and wires to the mount’s pole, keeping everything nice and clean, while giving you the freedom to move your display through its adjustments. 

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Sanus Systems VMPL50A-B1 for example, leaves only 1.8-inch distance between the wall and your TV, keeping everything nice and neat with just enough room to run your cables and cords. It also allows you to tilt your display to your preferred alternative position, with maximum 10° tilting range, and equipped with the brand’s Virtual Axis tilting system, which makes it easy to adjust tile angle with one simple touch.


A smart and good quality mounting solution will not only let you enjoy your entertainment system through comfort and ergonomics, but more importantly, keep your LCD display and everyone inside your house safe. They may be a little pricey, especially those models for bigger and heavier screens, but they are worth the investment for their quality and longevity. Ergotron for example, is the leading brand for mounting various mounting solutions.

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