What To Do When Your Computer Reboots Over and Over Again

Q. My 5-month old laptop reboots every couple of minutes, is there anything I can do to fix this?

Short Answer. Yes, and maybe.

Long Answer: When a computer reboots itself over and over again, then obviously there’s a problem with it. Fortunately, there’s a setting that allows you to change and give you at least a good idea of the problem. The hard part however, starts when you get that hint.

So let’s get to the point.

Head to search tool in your version of Windows, and type sysdm.cp1, and then choose the program of the same name.

Next, click Advanced tab.

Then, click the Settings button under Startup and Recovery (rather than the dialogue box’s other two Settings buttons.

Uncheck the Automatically Restart.

You may also want to check Write an even to the system log if it’s not checked yet.

With this, your system will not automatically reboot when it can’t keep going.


Assuming you’re not using Windows 10, you may get the blue screen full of intimidating text. This is called the Stop Error, or more commonly known as BSoD or Blue Screen of Death.

So what should you look for in this big pile of text? First and foremost, you should look at the second paragraph on the screen. This is easy to spot, as it will be in all caps.

Take note of this paragraph. Also, make sure you take note of “Technical Information” found at the bottom of the screen. The second paragraph however, has the most useful information.

Microsoft changed the BSoD in Windows 10 to make it look less intimidating. Rather than using dark blue, it’s in cyan. And like its older version, it contains the clues you need to understand the problem; on-screen words pretty much tells you what to look for.

As soon as you restart, search about the problem using your favorite search engine and see what the internet suggests about the particular error. In many cases, it’s a bad driver, which you could easily replace with a simple download from the manufacturer’s website.

It could however, be caused by other problems, such as defective RAM. You can check with MemTest86 to check with your RAM.

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