Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation: In-Depth Review

The Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation is specially designed for Apple’s current line of Mac book and iMac laptops and encourages users to think on their toes. It allows users to work freely in either sitting or standing position, and can switch in either position in seconds. Above all, it comes with a great design, very solid, and sets up very easily. Aesthetic wise it fits perfectly with Apple laptop products.

(source: Ergotron)

The WorkFit product line of Ergotron aims to help computers to get moving and stay active even while working. We all know the dangers of sitting on your workstation, working in front of the computer for long hours a day, every day. The WorkFit aims to negate the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle and inactivity with a sit-stand workstation, also known as standing computer desk.

Ergortron turned its attention to the detail and developed this line to make more practically affordable solutions for any type of use. One of the latest additions to this line is the Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation.


Who is it for?

Like other products under Ergotron WorkFit, the the Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation aims to provide healthier working position alternative for people who sit in front of their computer all day, those who suffer from back pain, arthritic flair, or just anyone looking to stay active and moving while working in their workstation.

The WorkFit-P brings its product line’s quality for Apple laptop users, and it looks great with MacBooks, allowing users to get the job of letting work in variety of positions, all can be done with ease. This product is perfect for anyone looking to get a well-organized and comfortably efficient workstation for their Apple computer.

For employers looking to make a healthier work spaces for his employees, this Ergotron Workstation offers wellness in every day work routine. This is a practical and inexpensive work platform for the whole office.



Countless of studies show how harmful it is for the human body to sit for long hours every day, and we all know that standing all day is challenging as well. The Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation provides solution to this dilemma by allowing computer users to freely switch between standing and sitting throughout the day. Like walking, standing involves a lot of muscles in the body, thus it tones muscles, it burns extra calories better, boost metabolism, increases energy levels, increases blood flow, and improves posture.

(source: Ergotron)

Ergotron has been a household name for tech solutions for years now. The brand is known for producing high quality workstations, desk mounts, wall mounts, monitor stands, and various computer accessories and tools that improves ergonomics and function. Their products are used in many different industries, even in hospitals, law enforcement offices, and even in many households. At consumer level, Ergotron is one of the few brands who emphasized benefits and pushed the popularity of standing desk, which is what the WorkFit line is all about.

Healthier Workstation Alternative 

(source: Ergotron)

For computer users who sit long hours in front of their computer every day, Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation promotes a healthier alternative. It promotes activity, better blood flow, etc. Periodic standing also comes with a lot of physical benefits. It encourages core strength for better posture. It promotes better bone density and keeps the lower body active for better blood circulation.

Versatile and Flexible Design

(source: Ergotron)

Professional computer users will benefit from the versatile and open-architecture design of Ergotron WorkFit-P. It is highly accessible for future computer equipment and a great addition for existing office spaces and workstations by simply attaching on desks.

Safe and Easy to Use

Like most products from WorkFit product line, this model is very easy to setup and safe to use. It requires minimal effort to operate. The Patented Constant Force Lift technology endemic in WorkFit product line provides easy and effortless adjustments.

Makes Spacious Work Surface

The elegant and highly adjustable arm that carries the platform is perfect for MacBook laptops. Alternatively, it makes an excellent workspace for writing and/or drawing with a pen tablet or hold reference materials and that can be moved wherever you want on your desk. It also comes with neat routing of cable feature to keep things nice and tidy on your desk.

Ergonomic Minimalist Workstation

The ergonomic and minimalist design makes standing more and sitting less conveniently easy. It makes a comfortable and healthier workstation for overall health and improves creative output and productivity.


Features and Specs


• High-quality and solid-aluminum construction, perfectly designed to complement MacBooks

• Safe and easy to use, thanks to its fluid, one-touch motion with patented Constant Force Technology

• Comes with simple installation and effortless operation

• Sit-to-stand height adjustment

• Can be used as a additional surface for writing, drawing with a pen tablet, or placing reference materials nearby



The WorkFit-P, Sit-Stand Workstation comes in polished aluminum and black finish. This silver color fits perfectly with Apple’s currently line up of different Mac books and iMacs.

Components include the arm, desk clamp, assembly fasteners, grommet mount, worksurface and adjustable tools.

Worksurface Dimensions is approximately 26" x 18" (66 cm x 45.7 cm).

The system can hold 5 lbs -15 lbs (2.3kg to 6.8kg) laptops securely in place, lift up to 20 inches (51cm) and pan 360 degrees.

For mounting, desk clamp is attached to edge of a desk up to 2.5" (65 mm) thick. For grommet mount, the tool is attached through hole 0.5" to 2.5" (7–65 mm) wide and up to 2.5" (65 mm) thick.

Cable management clips on the underside of the arm route to hide the cords and keep your workspace nice and tidy.

NOTE: Computer systems mounted on WorkFit-P may need extra-long power cables and video cables to run between the heights of standing and sitting options.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12.5in x 24in x 0.312in
  • Workspace Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • Center of tube to center tray bracket: 
  • 16in x 2.25in x 2.81in
  • Arm range vertical travel: 20-in range from the bottom most position to the top most position.
  • Arm Range Pivot: 360 degrees from mounting post
  • Workspace Pivot: 90 degrees from left to right bracket
  • Workspace Tilt: -10 degrees left to right bracket
  • Required force to operate: Varies on set tension
  • Weight: 21lbs 
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Warranty: 5 years

Design and Build

Ergotron has been a household name for tech solutions for years now. The brand is known for producing high quality workstations, desk mounts, wall mounts, monitor stands, and various computer accessories and tools that improves ergonomics and function. This product carries the legacy and reputation of the brand – right from the moment you pull it out from the box; you will quickly notice the solid and well-designed construction, which makes it quite capable in performing its intended purpose without hassle or fuss.

Easy Mount System

Expanding your desk with this tool is conveniently easy. It can be easily mounted to a desk using the provided bracket, with its 4.75-inch lip mount, which provides enough security for everyday use. Minimum requirement of the desk’s thickness is 0.78inch for this mount option.

Highly Flexible Arm

(source: Ergotron)

Instead of a desk that rises or lowers, this laptop stand clamps on to a desk and allow you to move its arm up and down, swivel the desk back and forth and make necessary adjustments to work with your computer comfortably.

The arms are relatively easy to use, thanks to the Constant Force Technology used in Ergotron products, this product provides ample amount of tension to keep the arms secured in place and easy to move in wide range of options.

When used while sitting down, the platform can be moved down within its 20-inch lift range. It can be brought up by simply releasing the tension on its springs. The entire system can be tightened or loosened through its bolts using the included hex wrench.


Bottom Line

(source: Ergotron)

With well-designed structure and solid build, there is no doubt that the Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation is made to last for years. It is very easy to put up and install in your existing desk, and it is made up of high quality materials that will secure your precious MacBook laptop in place while letting you switch between sitting and standing. This is definitely an inexpensive and practical way to free up your desk, improve comfort and ergonomics. Check out Dual Monitors Guide for more information about ergonomic workstations now!

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