Ergotron LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm: An In-Depth Review

The LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm provides superb monitor positioning adjustments for better productivity. It features the brand’s trademark polished aluminum construction, and thoroughly tested to perform and last up to 10 times the life expectancy of its competition. But it is its HD quality that sets it apart from other LX sit-stand wall mount LCD arms from Ergotron. What makes this feature special? Let’s take a closer look.


Who is it for?

The Ergotron LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm may look very similar with the other Ergotron LX sit-stand LCD arms at first glance, but its ability to hold large displays makes it even more special. The arm is conducive for both working and for entertainment. It’s solidly built and has all the components and features you need for optimum viewing and working experience.



Like other LX wall mount arms from Ergotron, the LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm improves viewing comfort in whole lot of ways. It’s packed with precision adjustment technology to provide your workstation with better ergonomics and flexibility.


Unparalleled Adjustability


With 20 inch (51 cm) height adjustment, this arm allow computer users to easily switch between sitting and standing with one simple touch. It can extend up to 33 inches (84 cm). This improves viewing comfort, reduces the risk of eye strain, back aches and neck pains.


High Quality Construction and Material to Last a Lifetime


Passing the brand’s 10,000-cycle motion test, the LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm is designed to last a minimum of five years trouble-free height adjustment. Thanks to the high quality materials and innovative engineering used for its construction.


Sleek and Elegant Design to Fit Your Workstation


The LX series is known for its sleek and streamlined design, and the HD model is no different. This LCD arm allows users to free up their work space and position the monitors anywhere on their desk for comfort and improved productivity for 9 out of 10 adult users.

The arms can also be folded back over to its base for a compact and retracted position, free up the desk and push display back when not in use, making a perfect solution for users in space constrained areas.

Ideal for Space-Constrained Work Spaces


This LCD arm can be folded to within 4.5 inches (12 cm) for easy and convenient storage position as it allows users to push the display away when not in use.


Good Cable Management System

The cable management system of this LCD arm completely conceals and routes cables under the arm and out of the way for a neat and organized workspace. Thanks to the plastic cover underneath the rear of the arm, it nicely fits cables for a decent and neat mount.


Easy and Secure Installation

This LCD arm is easy to assemble and install. Depending on your preferred mounting option, you may need a drill, socket and/or a wrench. The arm features locks connections between arm, extension and base for secured and safe installation and setup. Once the tension is set, the arm is easy to move around and stays nicely in place


Armed with the Patented Constant Force Technology

Like other Ergotron premium products, the Ergotron LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm comes with the patented Constant Force (CF) technology, the technology that leapfrogs brand’s products from the traditional spring technology found in most of its competition. This is the feature that gives the wall mount LCD arm superb viewing experience by allowing users to easily position and re-position the display whenever and wherever they want on their desk. This feature makes moving, lifting, turning, and tilting of the monitor conveniently easy, and still stand stable in place. The arm can handle wide range of display while still providing modifications through simple twists of screws for better ergonomics and comfort. This makes fine-tuning of the display easy, leaving users with better flexibility for a more productive and comfortable workspace.


Features and Specs

The LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm is a versatile arm designed to be used in variety of computing applications. Like most Ergotron wall mount LCD arms, this product offers unparalleled range of motion to fit any user’s sitting and standing preference. It’s also capable of holding large monitors or mid-sized TVs and even all-in-one computers weighing up to 30 lbs (13.6 kg).



Compact and Solid Design

Design wise, it this LCD arm is compact enough to be mounted nicely in your workstation without occupying much space. It allows full range of motion to let you take full advantage of your display for both basic computing tasks and for entertainment displays.


Polished Aluminum Construction

This product sports the brand’s trademark polished aluminum construction, which will give you an idea of how well it can hold your monitor in place without shaking or wobbling whatsoever. It’s a great material for both function and aesthetics.

Secured and Stable Base

The LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm comes with a snap-fit cap to better secure the arm’s interface and provide superb stability even when fully extended. Also, thanks to the patented Constant Force technology feature, the arm fluidly moves display to any direction you want with a simple light touch.


Easy Adjustments

Adjustments of this LCD arm can be done with simple turns at the arm joins (using the provided allen wrench). Users can tighten the spring-arm to find the best tension for the arm to support their display and keep the arm and display in place. Package also provides thumb screws for hassle-free mounting of the arm.


Tech Specs

  • Part Number: 45-383-026
  • This adjustable monitor can hold screen up to 46 in big, with weight capacity of 14 lbs to 30 lbs (6.3 to 13.6 kg). Monitor depth may affect weight capacity
  • Vertically adjusts up to 20 inches (51cm), moves side to side up to 62 inches, tilts 80°, pans 360° and rotates 90˚.
  • Mounting Standards: VESA MIS-D, 75/100 (hole pattern = 100 x 100 mm & 75 x 75 mm), MIS-E (hole pattern = 200 x 100 mm), MIS-F (hole pattern = 200 x 200 mm ONLY). Optional VESA Bracket Adaptor Kit (97-759) can be ordered separately for MIS-F interface with hole pattern of 400 x 200 mm, 400 x 300 mm or 400 x 400 mm
  • Locking connections between arm, extension and base offer increased theft deterrence and prevent potential disconnections caused by jarring or impacts.
  • Cable management clips on the under side of the arm route and hide cords
  • Base includes theft-deterrent anchor holes for cable locks.
  • NOTE: Computer systems mounted on this product may require extra long USB, power or video cables in order to span between standing and sitting heights.
  • Product Weight: 13.5 lbs (6.1 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 22" x 11" x 7.5" (56 x 28 x 19 cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 13.5 lbs (6.1 kg)
  • Five (5) years warranty

Package includes the LX HD sit-stand arm, wall-mount base, extension, and VESA brackets.


One of the best things about Ergotron is that, it offers complete range of computing and workstation solutions to make your everyday life with your computer easier and more convenient. Here are some great add-ons for LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm:


Looking for a better place for your keyboard and mouse to pair with your LX HD? Check out LX Sit-Stand Wall Mount Keyboard Arm, this wall mount keyboard tray allows easy and effortless adjustments for both sitting and standing. It comes with a special mechanism to let users position their keyboard anywhere, while still provide stable platform for typing and other computing tasks.


Maximize your LCD wall mount arm with Dual Monitor & Handle Kit for dual display. This add-on lets you convert your display to accommodate two monitors sitting side-by-side or increase the size of compatible displays. It also comes with a handle for convenient and hassle-free repositioning of the display.



Looking to mount the entire computer to your wall? A 10" Wall Track can help. This is a low-cost wall track with zero footprint mounting system that you can conveniently attach to most vertical surfaces. Made up of solid, extruded aluminum construction, this tool distributes the weight of mounted surfaces throughout its large surface area, making a sturdy and stable mount.

Bottom Line


All in all, the Ergotron LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm is another impressively well-designed computing solution from Ergotron. In line with the LX series, this LCD arm is equipped with everything you would expect from a premium Ergotron wall mount arm – solid and stable construction, smooth adjustments, ergonomic configuration, and a quality that lasts a lifetime.

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