Dell UltraSharp U2312HM: An In-Depth Review 

Dell UltraSharp series has established its reputation through superb color performance with generous and business-friendly set of features and the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM simply lives up to this reputation. The monitor is based on IPS technology, which means it delivers rich and wide range of colors throughout its spacious 23-inch panel. It also boasts a long list of features in both picture quality performance and mechanical design. This makes U2312HM one of this most highly rated budget monitors in the market today. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we will take a closer look at this yet another Dell UltraSharp series.

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Who is it for?

The Dell UltraSharp U2312HM is for people looking for a good quality IPS display at a reasonable price. It’s an all-around display provides wide viewing angles, robust color reproduction, energy efficient and power management features that make it quite a good choice for office spaces and home workstations. It’s also a great choice for dual monitor workstation setup.

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Business Budget Monitor with the IPS Panel Advantage


The Dell UltraSharp U2312HM allows you to see vivid images from its screen in almost any angle. Equipped with an impressive 16.7 million color display, in 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, crystal-clear, true-to life images, power-efficient W-LED back lighting technology, this Dell monitor is a feature-rich monitor display fully capable of beautiful color reproduction and generous viewing range and energy efficient performance.

Impressive Backlight Screen for Vibrant Images

One of the first things you will notice when you switch on this monitor is its impressive W-LED backlight screen, which is responsible for the vibrant images you see on its display, which can go up to 352cd/m2 brightness. The most impressive about this is the screen doesn’t seem to have any major backlight bleeding problems. As a matter of fact, backlight bleeding can only be noticeable on its edges when monitor is used in a completely dark room.

Its good contrast ratio allows the display to produce images in better details, particularly in dark images and scenes. The 16.7 million colors is produced from the 6-bit color depth and A-FRC (Advanced frame rate control).


Superb Clarity

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As you would expect from an IPS panel, this Dell monitor delivers sweet and juice images. The crystal-clear, true-to-life images IPS technology paired with Full 1920x1080 resolution gives accurate and consistent colors, regardless of your viewing angle.


Anti-Glare Matte Coating to Fight Glares and Reflections

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Like most Dell UltraSharp models, this one too comes with an anti-glare matte coating that doesn’t only protect the screen from glares and reflections, but also lighter and significantly have less grainy feel different from glossy and semi-glossy coatings.


Power Efficient and Environmentally Friendly UltraSharp Display

Dell took U2312HM back to the drawing board by using the more power efficient LED technology, rather than the usual CCFL backlighting used for its predecessors. Also, its eco-conscious design and power management features helps save energy, as it adheres to energy standards, environmental standard - EPEAT Gold and TCO Certified Displays standards, is ENERGY STAR® qualified and CECP compliant.

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It also comes with a PowerNap program that automatically dims the monitor or put it to sleep mode when it sees no activity for a specific period of time. The Dynamic Dimming feature also automatically adjusts the display’s brightness when it feels images are too bright. This software program also lets you track your monitor’s energy usage on a quick glance using its onscreen display.


Convenient Picture Preset Options for All You Computing Needs

This Dell monitor comes with the usual set of picture preset you want to see from a flexible monitor. Preset includes Standard, Movie, Game, Multimedia, Text, Colour Temperature and Custom settings. It also has display setting options for external device monitor aspect ratio such as 4:3, 5:4 and 16:9.

Dell U2312HM has a hidden Overdrive option that lets you boost pixel transition through grey to grey changes and greatly reduce motion blur. You can access this option through the factory menu. But if you’re not sure how or confident to do it, then you better leave it as it is.

Game preset may be enough for common games, it shows low to moderate motion blur levels with Overdrive option activated.

The colors for gaming preset however, is a different story. Using the factory gaming settings can be a disservice for the monitor, as it will not put the display in its best capabilities. You may experience some image blurs and ghosting issues, occasional spikes when playing with hardcore fast-paced games. Thus, it is strongly recommended that you do the readjustments yourself.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options 

Aside from the fully adjustable stand, the U2312HM, like other Ultrasharp models, come with VESA mount option, and easy to detach from its stand. This makes the display easy for users to neatly place this monitor to a wall or to a VESA-compatible LCD monitor arm with 100mm x 100mm wall mount kit.


A mid-sized monitor like this can definitely get some help from a good monitor stand such as the Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD Arm an LCD arm that allows you to put your single display anywhere you want on your workstation, free your desk from the clutter and space-hugging monitor stand, and have a more ergonomic work desk.

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Mid-sized displays are also perfect for dual monitor or multiple monitor setup. If you want to put two UltraSharp U2312HM side-by-side, then you can take definitely use Tyke Supply Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clampan affordable and p practical solution made especially for computer users looking to dual monitor setup. The heavy-duty metal construction makes a solid and sturdy stand, while its flexible arm offers convenient presentation and viewing options.

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If you want a more sophisticated LCD arm to accommodate all your viewing needs, such as stacking a monitor on top of the other, then you can use the Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm - an innovative dual monitor stand that can hold two displays or a laptop and an extra external display. Made up of the famous polished aluminum construction and equipped with Ergotron’s patented technology to keep your display stable and secured in place, while giving you all the luxury and flexibility of smooth adjustments for a more ergonomic work space.

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Design and Features

The Dell UltraSharp U2312HM is the smaller sibling of U2412M (the latter is a 24-inch variant). Both have the same good color reproduction performance, great viewing angle and the same set of inputs (DVI, DisplayPort, VGA). It both allows portrait and landscape orientation option, swivel, and height adjustments? So what separates the smaller sibling from its 1-inch counterpart? The short answer will be ‘price’, as the U2312HM is the cheaper choice between the two.

Sleek Contemporary Design that Will Make Any Workspace Look Professional

Compared to the square lines from its previous model, this Dell Ultrasharp monitor comes with a softened and more elegant curves around its frame, making it look thin and light and can easily fit to anyone’s workspace, great for modern day office. It has the perfect combination of black and silver, which results to a contemporary business design.

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The back panel houses the various connections for the monitor, namely D-SUB, DVI, VGA and DisplayPort, with two (2) USB 2.0 ports and is rounded off and enclosed nicely with a cable tidy hole. The left part of the panel also another two (2) USB 2.0 ports for quick access.


Buttons and Menus

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The front of the panel houses the actual OSD control buttons of the Dell UltraSharp U2312HM, located at the bottom right corner of the screen, which is quite a convenient design for most users. All control buttons are designed subtly and streamlined so it will not look distracting. However, it doesn’t come with any labels, and you may have to press the buttons to know their functions.


Secured Stand and Fully Adjustable Monitor to Suit Everyone’s Preference

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The stand of this product is well-built and sturdy, allowing it to hold the display steadily without any risks of wobbling.

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Users of UltraSharp U2312HM have the luxury to adjust the monitor’s height for up to 130mm, choose between landscape and portrait mode on its 16:9 aspect ratio, and tilt the display for up to 4° forward and up to 21° backward, and swivel up to 90° to find perfect viewing angle. All these adjustments can be done with one-hand.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

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The U2312HM cobines comfort and efficiency very well, which we all know are the two most important factors for workstation productivity. The wide range of customizable features allows users to optimize their viewing with comfort.

The only complaints about this display are its lack of HDMI port (which of course can be solved using an HDMI adapter) and lack of auto-pivot support. Other than that, there’s not much negative things to say as it is been loaded with features, makes good colors, and energy efficient, which are all impressive for its price.

All in all, the price and value of Dell UltraSharp U2312HM is what makes it outstanding among its competitors. Its biggest selling point is its attention to details, a product of IPS technology, 1920x1080 Full HD resolution and 2,000,000:1 (typical) dynamic contrast ratio which results to great color consistency across wide viewing range. Truly combines comfort and efficiency.

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