Dell S2240T: An In-Depth Review

Best known today for its UltraSharp series, Dell has monitors for all types of users from all budget range. They have display specifically made for home entertainment, gaming, graphics design and all-around displays that perform exceptionally well in almost all types of computing tasks. This is the reason why the brand is among the best names in its industry today – it combines functionality with aesthetics and optimum performance. And they don’t fall short in their promises even in their affordable models. One good example is the Dell S2240Ta mind-blowing 22-inch multitouch monitor that comes with half the price of its 23-inch variant. But is it really worth the hype? Read this review from Dual Monitors Guide and find out.

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Who is it for?

Dell already has a 23-inch multitouch display in the form of Dell S2340T, but if you’re for something with a little smaller frame and a price tag that is a lot cheaper, then Dell S2240T is good news for you. This 21.5-inch display has the same resolution and even slightly better specs than its big brother for almost half the price.



Full HD Touch Monitor that Lets You Have Fun with Windows 8

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‘Exceptional Usability’ – Dell used this term to describe the S2240T, and they quite hit the nail right on its head as this display offers stylish design, responsive touchscreen system and amazing image clarity all for a very reasonable price. It’ quite a decent performer in many areas and its Full HD panel and wide array of features, it seems to provide more than what its target audience demands.

Flexible and User-Friendly Monitor Fit for Almost All Types of Users

The multi-touch system of Dell S2240T is paired nicely with Full HD display, allowing the monitor to offer user-friendly capabilities for almost all types of computing tasks. The display provides great image clarity, while the clean and efficient design makes it a good tool for work, school and even fun use.

The Full HD 1920 x 1080 (max) resolution, 10-point touch capability and 3000:1 (typical) contrast ratio are brought together to make bright, clear images with amazing onscreen detail.


Excellent Screen Functionality Challenged by Response Time

This monitor uses VA technology, a technology that lies between TN and IPS panel in terms of cost and performance. The panel of S2240T delivers vivid colors with decent color accuracy. The big, clean, edge-to-edge glass panel improves images that helps sharpen things on screen, boost color contrast and improve color hues.  Action movies and video clips look decent, but for hardcore gamers out there, this is not the best choice. Ghosting traces can be evident in fast-paced FPS games, which should not be shock anyone, as this monitor comes with a 12millisecond (black-to-white) pixel response.


Intuitive and Receptive Touchscreen System

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The point-to-touch screen performance of this monitor works flawlessly – simple and intuitive. It is fully capable of executing all the movements you wish to do on its screen, from swiping, pinching, zooming in and out, and various command gestures instantly and smoothly. This touchscreen monitor from Dell is perfect for Windows 8, as it can handle on-screen keyboard strokes with ease. The screen can recognize up to 10 touch points at once.


Eco-Friendly Monitor

Despite the wide array of features and functions of this Dell monitor, it consumes only 20W of electricity, which is around 28.57% lower than its previous counterpart. Thanks to the environment-conscious materials namely arsenic-free glass and mercury-led free LED panel, Dell S2240T saves power and helps protect the environment.

Power saving features includes: Dynamic Dimming to lower brightness of predominantly white scenes and images. There’s also the Power Nap that when enabled, automatically dims the monitor when not in use for a specific span of time.

Above all, S2240T is ENERGY STAR compliant, and EPEAT Silver rated.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

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If you want more flexibility and work comfortably with your Dell S2240T, then you can ditch the stand and take advantage of the VESA mounting holes at the back of the cabinet by mounting the monitor to a versatile LCD monitor stand. One of the best options out there is the MX Desk Mount LCD Arm. This LCD arm is great for touchscreen monitors as it provides superior arm adjustability. It allows users to position their monitor anywhere in their desk for maximum ergonomic comfort to minimize or even relieve neck, eye and back strain. It also allows the display to extend and retract up to 16.7 inches (424 mm) to push out the display nicely and arrange your desk when not in use.

If you’re a loyal Dell fan, and you want a Dell quality stand to support dual monitor setup with this display, then you can opt for Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand.

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Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand is perfect for loyal Dell users. The stand can support two 24-inch VESA-standard monitors, and optimized to let you enjoy two Dell monitors sitting side-by-side (though it can work perfectly with any monitor with VESA standard mounting holes). The stand comes with multi-adjustment features that improve your viewing comfort and productivity in lots of ways. It lets you easily customize the alignment and position of two monitors, so you can get your preferred setup for optimal comfort.  Pair it with Dell S2240T and you will have two touch-screen displays on dual monitor setup on your workstation.

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If you want better flexibility and ergonomics in your workstation, then you should check out Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm. This stand can hold two monitors of up to 27 inches big. Both arms can be adjusted independently, allowing users to reposition their display; up, down, forward and back, with one simple touch, and still keep the displays secured and stable in place through the help of its patented Constant Force (CF) technology.


Design and Features

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Design is one of the biggest upsides of the Dell S2240T monitor, as it works exceptionally well both aesthetically and functionally. It comes in a beautiful, sleek and stylish end-to-end glass screen, while the touchscreen system offers. The best part of its design is the ergonomic stand that let users tilt the panel and adjust where they can set the touchscreen more comfortably. Quite a great feature for busy computer users who jungle multiple applications on their desktop.



Dell S2240T has four (4) buttons and a power button on its right side. The on-screen labels of each buttons make it convenient for users to use them for scrolling and searching through its menus without trying to figure out the right buttons to press.

On-screen display (OSD) comes in eight (8) picture presents, namely Standard, Text, Movie, Game, Multimedia, Warm, Cool and User settings. Aside from the Brightness and Contrast adjustments, users can also choose an input source and input color format through the RGB and YPbPr for Image Enhancement (to clean up rough edges) and adjust display’s aspect ratio. Both Movie and Game presets also allow adjustments for hue and saturation levels for optimum satisfaction.


Integrated Connectivity

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This Dell monitor supports wide array of single inputs. The rear of the monitor houses the video ports, including DVI, VGA and HDMI. Alongside with these inputs is the USB 2.0 port (for touch capabilities) and the audio output (to connect with external speakers). Dell opted not to use downstream USB ports in S2240T, which many people see as odd considering it already has an upstream USB connectivity options for touchscreen.


Ergonomic Stand

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The cabinet of Dell S2240T is supported by a unique silver picture-frame-type stand. It allows panel to slide and move close to its user in smooth and natural motion, allowing you to make use of its touchscreen system comfortably and easily. It also lets you tilt the panel up to 60° to fit with your preference and comfort level. The ergonomics of the stand makes the monitor good for home offices, class rooms, clinics and various professional applications. Also, the stand is removable, allowing you to use its VESA mounting holes.


Tech Specs

Package comes with the HDMI and USB cables, a Quick Start guide, a resource CD, and cleaning cloth for the screen.


Bottom Line

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With stylish and sleek design, high responsive touchscreen system and reasonable price, Dell S2240T is one of the good touchscreen monitors worth checking. It’s quite an excellent monitor with great adjustment functions that let you customize your display to your preference. It is very easy to use and it nicely adapts to its environment.

If there’s any weakness of this monitor, it would be its pixel response, which is quite slow for monitors of its price range. We want good pixel response for gaming and watching action movies, but unfortunately, this one is not really tailored for that purpose. It’s designed more for convenient general computing use, that even kids would love it.

All in all, the stylish 21.5 inch of Dell S2240T touch monitor makes it very flexible option for work, school and for fun. It’s a decent perform in a lot of computing aspects, and the 10-point capacitive touchscreen makes it quite impressive in touch area.

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