Dell Computer MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand; An In-Depth Review 

Dell offers wide range of monitors that fits to all budget range. They have excellent displays especially designed for specific computing purposes, such as home entertainment, gaming, graphics design, professional use, and all-around monitors that perform well for almost all types of computing tasks. This is why Dell is one of the most loved brands out there; as it combines aesthetics, good build quality and professional performance. What’s better than a Dell monitor? Two Dell monitors! In this entry of Dual Monitors Guide, we will talk about the Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand and why every Dell monitor lover should have it.

Who is it for?

If you’re a Dell faithful and you’re looking for a dual monitor stand to hold your two Dell monitors for dual monitor setup, your best option is the Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand. This monitor stand is especially designed to hold two 24-inch Dell monitors side-by-side, but it can also work nicely with products from other brands through its VESA mount standard. It comes with really nice base for both aesthetics and function – it saves space and looks elegant in any desk for any work environment.



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Like other good quality dual monitor standDell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand is designed to let you enjoy full advantage of having two monitors sitting side-by-side and working simultaneously. It is packed with multi-adjustment features that improve your viewing comfort and productivity in lots of ways. It lets you easily customize the alignment and position of two monitors, so you can get your preferred setup for optimal comfort.

Free Your Desk from Clutter while Doubling Your Work Screen

Two monitors are better than one. However, having two monitors standing independently on your desk, with individual stands, can cause clutter and inconvenience to your workspace, especially if you have limited desk. The Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand solves this problem by carrying two monitors side-by-side and letting users use them simultaneously in one single stand. This stand helps you save precious space at your desk, while still double your display to help you become more productive and efficient at work.

Fully Adjustable Dual Monitor Stand for Your Viewing Comfort

Unlike the standard stand that comes with your computer monitor, and some dual monitor stands in the market today, the Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand has the versatility and wide range of adjustability to give you the best and most comfortable viewing experience with your desktop computer. Both attached monitors in this stand can tilt and swivel independently and let the two monitors slide laterally, keeping both of your monitors stay at the same plane. The stand also provides height adjustments, and allows your monitors of same or various sizes, to tilt and swivel.

Optimized for Dell Monitors, But Can Effectively Work with Others As Well

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Dell monitors are among the highest rated monitors in the market today. The brand itself has the most competitive products from different monitor sizes. But how can you make a highly rated display better? Simple, put two of them together and use them simultaneously. The good thing about the MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand is it is fully optimized for dell monitor use. Thanks to the Dell Quick Release mounting solution, Dell lets you easily and securely snap and attach your flat screen monitors into this stand, without needing screws or various assembly tools.

The best thing about this Dell stand is that, it can also work with monitors from different brands as well, and provide the same quality and adjustability, so long as those monitors meet the VESA mounting standards. The stand comes with two (2) VESA adapter plates to make sure that dual monitor stand can attach and support any VESA compliant monitor.

With Integrated Cable Management System to Keep Your Workspace Nice and Neat

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Cable management system has become a requirement for monitor stands and LCD arms in the past couple of years. This is why more and more brands opt to include this feature to their products. However, not all cable management systems are made the same, let alone having it. The Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand on the other hand, does a great job in its cable management – the stand features an integrated cable management hidden within a slot in the stand riser. This will let you stow away your cables and cords through the slot to get rid of wire clutter and keep your desk nice and neat.

Supported by Dell’s Technical Support

This stand has been thoroughly tested and validated on Dell systems, and supported by Dell Technical Support when used with Dell system. This means you can call their hotline and ask for help anytime. 

Design and Features

Having two monitors is better than one, but having two monitors raised by one monitor stand saves you significant space for your desk.

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Designed to help users maximize their work desk, Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand can tilt, swivel, adjust in height and horizontally slide the monitors on the stand.

Decent Stand with Good Solid Quality

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The Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand can support two monitors of 14.3 lbs., with screen sizes of up to 24 inches.

U-Shaped Flat Base

One of the most crucial features of monitor desk stands is the base, and for many users, it can make or break the stand’s appeal for them. In MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand, it is obvious that Dell really paid attention to its design, as the U-shaped flat base occupies less desk space without compromising the stability and support to the two monitors. It is made up of good-quality metal, well-designed and stands securely and sturdily in place. Also, it leaves a newfound space directly in front, which leaves a good space for your referencing materials and other tasks.

VESA Standard Mounting

A VESA adapter plate included with the stand also allows it to accommodate any VESA-compliant monitor.

Easy Installation

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The Snap-on attachment of Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand makes the installation of two monitors to the stand and placing it to your desk space quick and easy. The stand is very easy to put together, and you won’t need any extra tools.


Package includes the Dell Monitor Stand, 2 VESA Plate Adapters, Thumbscrew Screws and Spacers for VESA adapter, two (2) Allen wrenches, and Instructions and Documentation.


Bottom Line

The Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand is great and cheap way to put two Dell monitors side-by-side for dual monitor setup. It comes with some really nice features that will support Dell and various VESA-compatible monitors. It’s a great tool for dual monitor users who don’t want to spend a fortune to upgrade their workstation.  It’s both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective, as it offers wide range of adjustability to fit to anyone’s ergonomic and comfort needs. Plus, it’s very easy to setup.

To find more in-depth reviews of ergonomic workstation solutions, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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