Choosing a Monitor Arm, How to Get the Right Fit for Your Monitor, Part 2

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Monitor arms provide ergonomics through comfortable viewing and working position. They are available in different styles and sizes from different manufacturers. Some are mounted permanently onto a table surface, some onto a wall, while some can be temporarily mounted (clip or clamp mount). Temporary mounts allow users to move the monitor arm from one place (desk) to another. Some designs can also hold two or multiple displays at once for dual monitor or multiple monitor display.

Traditional monitor stands that sits on desk surface usually comes with a footprint of 12 x 6 inch. This may not be a lot if you have a big desk, but if you’re working on a small desk, on a limited space such as a cubicle, this is a lot of space that can be used for more work. Also, desk stands that sit on desk surface lacks the freedom of adjustability and versatility that comes with monitor arms.


So What LCD Monitor Arm Should You Choose?

Once you have narrowed your search down to few options and considered the specific things you need for your personal comfort and ergonomics needs, it’s time to choose the best monitor arm that suits your work setting.

Here are the different types of mounts you need to consider for your work desk or workstation.


Spring Mounts

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This type of mount attaches to your work desk and stabilizes your display at your preferred height. The monitor arm allow easy adjustments depending on your specific needs and can easily adapt to different needs of different users. Spring mount LCD arm are also great space-savers, as they can save valuable desk space by simply lifting the attached monitor off the desk, giving you more space to work.

Mount-It! Height Adjustable Articulating Single Arm Desk Mount Spring Arm Quick Release combines fashion and function, as it delivers ergonomic performance in style. It features 360 degree monitor rotation, 90 degree tilt, 240 degree swivel and 7.87 inch vertical distance height adjustments, and can lift displays up to 19.8 lbs. The articulating arm comes with cable management for neat and clean setup.


Post Mounts

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Post mounts are quite similar to spring mounts, both mounting type attaches to the desk and allow users to set their display at their preferred height. They easily adjust and adapt to help users get the right fit and setting for their monitors. It is a common solution for dual monitor and multiple monitor setups. This type of mounting arm also has space-saving feature, and can work well with keyboard trays.

MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp is one of the most affordable post mounts in the market today. With fully articulating arms that can support two 14-inch to 24-inch displays, this mounting arm is one of the most popular mounts right now. It allows users to lift your two displays independently up to eye level and adjust their angle and position in any direction you like. The two fully articulate arms that can be moved independently with full range of motion. Each arm can move forward and back, left to right, and can rotate a complete 360° for switching between landscape to portrait orientation and vice versa.


Wall Mounts

For desks that don’t allow LCD arm mounts, the best solution out there is the wall mount setup. Wall mounted displays maximizes space and has better efficiency for the display. They’re often used in places with high traffic areas, such as for healthcare applications, retail stores, etc. Wall mounts also allow convenient access for customer data and to patients. This is also a great solution for desks and workstations with limited space, especially those desks that are connected to the wall. There are also some brands that offer dual monitor wall mount models.

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LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD Arm is a good example of this type of mount; it provides excellent functionality and versatility, as it allows users to adjust and position their displays for better productivity. It features the brand’s trademark polished aluminum construction, and thoroughly tested to perform and last up to 10 times the life expectancy of its competition. But it is its ability to hold large displays makes it even more special. It can also be used as a pole mount too.


Rail Mount

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This mount is usually used for multiple monitor setups, and is a common solution for monitoring multiple monitors. But there are also rail mounts for single display. This mounting option allows users of multiple displays to organize their displays for optimal viewing without taking a lot of space on their workstation. It’s most popular among industrial offices, governmental applications, security settings, healthcare settings, and financial settings.

MonMount Dual LCD Rail Wall Mounting Bracket Screens is designed for simple but ergonomic dual monitor setup. This wall rail mount holds two LCD screens to a wall, and is quite easy to setup and install. The mounting brackets allow swivel and tilt functions. It’s a perfect solution for dual monitor users with limited work space, as it saves desk space by holding displays onto the wall.


Laptop Mounts

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Laptop mounts, as its name suggests, are used with laptops, helping laptop users to make an ergonomic workspace with their mobile computer. The most common issue about laptops is that, they don’t have the ergonomics of a setup because of its compact and limited size. Most laptop users who work regularly on their computers for extended period of time suffer neck and shoulder pain because of laptop’s limited size which restricts movements on the forearms and wrists. Laptop mount solves this issue by allowing users place their laptop and monitor at their desired height and position, alleviating strain on the body. They work perfectly with extra keyboard and mouse, allowing users to work more efficiently. Like LCD arms, it provides flexible and versatile adjustments.

The Ergotron WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation  allows users to work freely in either sitting or standing position, and can switch in either position in seconds. It is especially designed for Apple’s current line of Mac book and iMac laptops and encourages users stay active and work freely in either sitting or standing position, and can switch in either position in seconds.

Some laptop mounts even allow users to place their laptop side-by-side monitor with their monitor, making a dual monitor with the laptop. Also, like other types of mounts in this list, laptop mounts save space by allowing the laptop to move completely out of the way when not in used.

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The Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm is another innovative product from Ergotron; it is a dual monitor stand that can hold two displays or a laptop and an extra external display. Made up of the famous polished aluminum construction and equipped with Ergotron’s patented technology, this product is one of the best rated products today in its market.


Bottom Line

There is no right or wrong answers in choosing an arm monitor, because no matter what you choose, you sure will get a lot of benefits in working in an ergonomic workstation. All of these mounting types will save desk and improve your comfort level. All you have to do is understand what you really need, and consider all possible improvements or upgrades you wish to do in the future. If you’re using a single monitor for example, be open to the possibility of expanding to dual monitor or even triple monitor setup, depending on the task you usually do in your computer.

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