BenQ XL2420Z; An In-Depth Review

The popularity of computer games paved the road for different computer parts and hardware dedicated for gaming. In the past couple of years, 3D enhancements became the biggest buzz in the world of gaming, which also paved the road for monitors dedicated for games like the BenQ XL2420Z.

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Who is it for?

The BenQ XL2420Z is a revamped version of the BenQ XL2420TV, and with 144 Hz and Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Ready feature, this mid-sized gaming display offers not just super image quality and generous selection of features, but more importantly, smooth performance in 3D gaming. Thus, it is ideal for gamers who are looking for a huge upgrade in color accuracy, fast response time, refresh rates and 3D performance.


The BenQ XL2420Z is picked as one of the best gaming monitors because of its 3D capability. Equipped with the NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 with LightBoost technology, this monitor delivers superbly realistic 3D images.

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Outstanding 3D Performance, Perfect for Gaming and Watching Movies in 3D

Compatible with Blu-ray 3D players and supporting over 500 PC 3D games, the BenQ XL2420Z is quite an impressive 3D monitor. You can enjoy the smooth 3D experience even in heavy games such as DiRT 2, Far Cry 3, and Call of Duty: Black Ops II, as it maximizes the 3D environment the games were designed for, putting you right at the center of the action for terrific gaming experience.

Movies designed for 3D viewing and even Blu-ray 3D titles Avatar, Dredd 3D, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, etc. allows you to get sucked in to their very own universe.

Warmer Colors at Default Settings

In terms of color reproduction, this BenQ monitor delivers warmer colors even at default settings (though meticulous users can set some proper calibrations). As far as image quality is concerned, this monitor shows no serious problem.

Motion Blur Reduction for Ultra-Smooth and Blur-Free Gaming

XL2420Z is equipped with BenQ’s Motion Blur Reduction technology, a feature that improves the monitor’s ability to provide ultra-smooth transitions and blur-free gaming, especially for action packed FPS games where each millisecond counts for hardcore gamers and minimizes lags and motion blurs.


GROM for Optimal Refresh Rates

GROM stands for Gaming Refresh Rate Optimization Management, a feature unique to BenQ monitors. This feature works monitor allows refresh rates of (100/120/144Hz. Pair this feature with Display Mode and Smart Scaling features and you get total refresh rate solutions for any games you wish to play.


Exclusive FPS Shooter Mode That Lets You Play Like A Pro

The BenQ XL2420Z FPS Mode is a unique and out-of-the-box pre-set that automatically sets your monitor for the best first person shooter settings. It calibrates brightness, color tint, contrast and sharpness, letting users get the most out of their FPS games. This is a feature that will let you feel like a pro and keep a stay ahead in your game.


NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 with Complete Connectivity

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Certified with the NVIDIA 3D Vision 2, and equipped with the new NVIDIA 3D LightBoost technology, the BenQ XL2420Z lets you experience entertainment and gaming with intensive graphic display and extreme realism. Apart from that, this monitor also supports D-Sub, HDMI, DVI-DL and DP inputs for console gaming action.

Non-Reflective Screen Eliminates Glares but Still Delivers Vivid Colors

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The non-reflective screen effectively eliminates glares and reflection, making the screen viewable even in highly-lit environment. However, it is still very capable of making images appear in great details and in vivid colors. Though the light grayscale performance is a bit weaker (based on DisplayMate’s Color Scale test), it is far from horrible.

Equipped with a panel of 2-millisecond (gray-to-gray) pixel response, gaming action looks and feels smooth without any lag or smearing.


ZeroFlicker Technology for Gaming Comfort

Nothing hurts our eyes than staring straight to our computer screen for hours, enduring flickers. The XL2420Z monitor from BenQ eliminates flicker in every brightness level. This provides outstanding visual comfort even for hardcore gamers.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

BenQ XL2420Z is specifically designed for gaming, and putting two or three of this monitor side-by-side for dual monitor or triple monitor setup is a great idea if you’re really into gaming. The monitor is well-equipped to accommodate and support all your gaming needs, from warmer colors to motion blur reduction for ultra-smooth gaming action, not to mention the exclusive FPS shooter mode that will totally change your FPS gaming experience. Now, imagine having all these things in a dual monitor or triple monitor setup.

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If you’re looking for an affordable way to put two XL2420Z side-by-side, then you should check out MonMount LCD-194 Dual LCD Monitor Stand. This stand can hold two monitors of up to 26 inches big, and can easily clamp on your desk, with stable and secured support. It comes with very few assembly pieces, making it really easy to put together and set up to your workstation.

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If you want to get the best flexibility possible, then you should opt for Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm. This is a fully-adjustable side-by-side LCD monitor arm that can lift both LCD screen off your desk, leaving you with more workspace. You can reposition your display up, down, forward and back with one simple touch. You can even put one monitor on top of the other. It is equipped with the brand’s patented Constant Force (CF) technology that allows users to move their display anywhere they want with one simple touch, and still hold it in stable and secured fashion.

Design and Features

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Like its previous model XL2420TX, the XL2420Z uses the same LED backlit panel in 1,920-by-1,080 resolution. As a matter of fact, these two monitors share the same design - both encased in a matte black finish body with a shiny black rear panel, thin (0.75 inch) bezel, and both stands in a T-shaped base that can pivot, tilt, swivel and adjust in height.


Fluid and Perfect Motion Designed for Gamers

The 24 inch XL2420Z brings smooth and fluid gaming, more importantly for first person shooter (FPS) games. Equipped with all the features you will need, such as the latest Motion Blur Reduction technology, GROM (Gaming Refresh rate Optimization Management, ZeroFlicker, Low Blue Light, and Display Pilot Software, this display provides superior performance with important features all in one package.

Customizable Settings for Your Desired Viewing Preferences

Features like Display Mode and Smart Scaling allows you to adjust the monitor’s settings and fit to your liking. The Display Mode for example, allows you to instantly change between different screen sizes and aspect ratio, such as 17inch (4:3), 19 inch (4:3), 19 inch W (16:10), 21. 5inch W (16:9), 22inch W (16:10), 23inch W (16:9), 23. 6inch W (16:9), to 24inch W (16:9).

The Smart Scaling Feature on the other hand allows you to enjoy the flexibility to scale your display’s content to any custom sizes. You can even use these two features simultaneously to find the best viewing settings that fits your preference.


Specially Designed S-switch for Convenient and Quick Navigation

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The monitor allows you to set and save three custom settings which you can easily access through the S-switch. The S-switch is a small, mouse-like attachment that houses 3 buttons with labels 1,2 and 3 (for quick and easy access of your three saved preset settings), a Return button and a Control Wheel similar to a mouse that lets you navigate through monitor’s menu items. Each preset mode is fine-tuned for your desired settings. It is attached to the monitor via long USB cable and can come handy for quick setting changes like watching movies, surfing the internet, and gaming. You can even download special gaming presets and save it on the switch for quick access and game play. If not in use, it can be magnetically attached to the side of the monitor.


 Wide Array of Ports

The BenQ XL2420Z also features wide selection of input/output ports which includes two (2) HDMI inputs, a DVI, DisplayPort and VGA ports, one (1) upstream USB port, and three (3) downstream USB ports – where two of these ports are located alongside with the headphone jack, at the left side of the monitor’s cabinet.


Sturdy T-Shaped Metal Stand That Allows for Easy and Hassle-Free Adjustments

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The metal stand provides sturdy base for the XL2420Z, while its T-shaped design keeps the whole thing secured and stable with wide part stretching to the front, and vertical part stretches to the side. The stand also allows for easy adjustments to help users tilt (20° up and 5° down), swivel (35° left to right), pivot and adjust the height (up to 13cm) of the monitor to find the best viewing angle and position. The stand also allows 90° clockwise movement to let users switch between landscape to portrait orientation, and vice versa.


Touch-Sensitive Control Buttons and Responsive Interface

Located at the left side of the monitor (your right when facing the screen) are the touch-sensitive set of control buttons, which are visible as five (5) red dots (excluding the power LED) without labels when not in use. Rather than using mechanical buttons, BenQ opt for more aesthetically pleasing option – LED light with proximity sensors that lights up when objects move near them.

The lack of button labels is not a problem, as the function of each button appears on screen and adjacent to the LED lights, which basically works as labels for the buttons. It works with fast and smooth interface that is easy to understand and get accustomed to.

Below the control buttons is the built-in IR emitter. Still adjacent to its LED lights, this one glows green indicating that BenQ XL2420Z 3D mode is active. This feature supports three 3D formats, which includes frame packing, top-and-bottom and side-by-side.

Tech Specs

Bottom Line

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There’s certainly a lot of things going on with the BenQ XL2420Z, it has a lot of features that lives up to its hype of one of the best 3D monitors today, and the most significant of that is the 144 Hz Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Ready technology.

Its TN panel has good range of contrast and color accuracy, and gamers will really love the NVIDIA 3D LightBoost. Its 3D gaming performance certainly makes it one of the best out there today, as it nearly eliminates all common problems for a display, such as flicker, low brightness and crosstalk (ghost or double images). Also, being NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 compliance, this monitor is compatible with a lot of demanding games, Blu-ray 3D titles, and other gaming consoles.

Most of us appreciate 3D display better if it’s on a larger screen. However, because the BenQ XL2420Z is designed for gaming, the 24 inch screen size is not a problem, since we usually have to sit close to our display when playing games.

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