Asus VS229H-P; An In-Depth Review

IPS or In-Plane Switching screen technology was originally designed to solve the main limitations of TN panels in the late 1980s. This technology provides better color accuracy, wider viewing angles, higher response time, which makes them the better all-around choice. Back in the day, good quality IPS displays come with hefty price tags. Thanks to the arrival of e-IPS technology, affordable IPS monitors became available for everybody. One good example is the Asus VS229H-P, which brings IPS goodness for a price that will fit any budget.

Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we will take a closer look at this cheap IPS panel and find out what makes it tick.

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Who is it for?

The VS229 of Asus is an affordable series of good quality monitors. Not impressive, but quite good and competitive for its price range. The Asus VS229H-P is for people looking for a straight-up business monitor with high color fidelity and impressive viewing angles. It’s also good monitor for both gaming and watching movies, and can be tool for photographers and even graphic designers looking for cheap display solutions.


Excellent Budget IPS Monitor for Work Environments

Like other IPS panels, the Asus VS229H-P delivers great color quality. DisplayMate Color Scale test show the monitor’s clearly and sharp definitions without looking saturated. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and aspect ratio of 16:9. Grayscale performance is quite good considering its price, touches of compression can be found on its extreme corners though. Blacks were quite dark, and skin tones are all spot-on.


Business-Class Monitor That Makes Things on Its Screen Look Amazing

With Full HD quality visuals and LED backlit that delivers brighter display, decently fast 2ms response time, the Asus VS229H-P is able to deliver smooth motion playback for movies and videos. Also, with power adapters embedded right into the monitor’s design, Asus was able to keep this monitor slim and stylish in VS series. Also, it comes with VESA compatible mounting option for adding convenience, making it a perfect fit for anyone’s workstation. It can be neatly mounted on a wall, monitor stand, etc.


Equipped with Asus Smart Contrast Ratio (ASCR) to Deliver the Best Image Definition

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The ASCR is a dynamic contrast ratio that measures how dark a monitor’s screen can get. The 50,000,000:1 is considered a high dynamic contrast ratio, and is expected to deliver images in smoother and better definition. This makes night scenes in movies, presentations, and games more pleasurable to see.


Aspect Control Function to Switch Between Full and 4:3

The Aspect Control function of this monitor gives users the liberty to choose their preferred display mode among Full and 4:3 for true-to-life gaming or movie watching without any data loss or image distortion.


Equipped with Asus Splendid Video Technology and Quick Fit Features for Quick Image Settings

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Changing image settings has made easy by Asus’ Splendid Video Technology – which features six (6) picture presets, namely Standard, Game, Theater, Night View, sRGB, and Scenery, which are all optimized to give you the best picture quality for specific applications and settings that suits your preferences or task at hand.

The Quick Fit feature provides quick fix to help you get the best fit for your photo and other projects before printing. Both features are accessible through their dedicated function buttons.

Picture settings options include Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Color Temperature, and Skin Tone.

It also has the Smart View option, which is ought to keep colors from shifting when viewed from a tilted position or different viewing angle, but it is not really a crucial aspect, as the panel itself is good enough to be viewed in different viewing angles. As a matter of fact, many have this option disabled as it cause blacks to look lighter.


Advanced Connectivity that Features the Latest Display Technology

The Asus VS229H-P monitor can be connected to variety of devices, thanks to its multiple input options. This gives users the flexibility to customize their computer’s setup, such as dual monitor or multiple display setups. It also allows HDMI connectivity that allows the monitor to deliver high-definition performance in both audio and video in a single streamlined cord to external displays, be it a monitor, projector, or compatible TVs.


EPEAT Gold and Energy Star Certified for Energy Efficiency

These two certifications ensure that this Asus monitor performs with high energy efficiency, which means it has minimal environmental impact and lets you save on energy cost without compromising quality of performance.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

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The small stand of Asus VS229H-P may take up very small space from your desk, but it also limits your ergonomics because of its lack of adjustability. This is where you can take advantage of the monitor cabinet’s VESA mount holes. Ergotron MX Desk Mount LCD Arm is a solution that will let you move your computer display to any position and take less desk space as possible for ergonomics and comfort. It is equipped with Ergotron’s patented Constant Force technology, which keeps the display secured and stable in position, while giving users better viewing experience. It comes with an exceptional design and like any other Ergotron products, it is very easy to setup and install.

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For dual monitor setup, Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm. It is a fully-adjustable side-by-side LCD monitor arm that can lift both LCD screen off your desk, leaving you with more workspace. You can reposition your display up, down, forward and back with one simple touch.

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For tiple monitor setup, you can choose MonMount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Stand Desk Mount . It is one of the most affordable triple LCD monitor stand you can find out there, and like any other good quality third-party LCD stands, it improves workspace with the great ergonomics. It comes with a 36-inch double-link swing arms improve ergonomics and monitor views with full and flexible adjustments, such as separate tilt, rotate monitors from landscape to portrait orientation and vice versa, move side to side, adjust in height, and tighten and loosen tension in its die-cast pole through heavy-duty clamp mounts. It is solidly built and fully adjustable for your convenience.

Design and Features

The Asus VS229H-P monitor is a 21.5 inch display panel enclosed in a matte black cabinet with shiny black bezel and textured black panel. There’s a small silver Asus logo on the lower bezel and a large logo stamped at the back of the monitor.

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Button labels are mounted underneath the bezel at the lower right edge of the monitor, while the back houses the DVI, VGA and HDMI ports. This monitor doesn’t come with built-in speakers, but it has jacks for headphones to let users listen to HDMI’s audio.

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Small But Solid Stand for Small Footprint

The monitor is supported by a 2.3-inch mounting arm. Despite the small size of the stand, it is fully capable of keeping the display secured in place. It allows 5° forward tilt and 20° backward tilt. However, it doesn’t allow the display to pivot, swivel or adjust in height.

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This circular base is decorated with a radial pattern which decreases visibility as it reaches the edge. The bottom is made up of metal plate. It is also easy to attach the monitor to its stand. Installation is supported with a screw, which with the help of a small bracket, can be tightened manually, even without using any tools.


VESA Compatible Mount

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As we all know, VESA compatible mount brings a lot of convenience, comfort and flexibility in one’s workstation. The Asus VS229H-P can be neatly mounted on a wall or a more flexible and ergonomic solution like Ergotron monitor stands.


Embedded Power Supply

Integrated with a power supply unit, the VS229H has power management for energy efficiency and can take care of itself from power issues such as short circuit, over-voltage, etc. With this, it also comes with ventilation louvers both at the top and bottom, which promotes better airflow through the monitor’s housing. Asus also incorporated small air vents on both sides of the monitor’s frame.


Tech Specs

Package includes DVI cable, VGA cable, Power cord, a Quick start guide and a Warranty Card.


Bottom Line

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The Asus VS229H-P is one of the most affordable IPS panel monitors you can have in the market today. It has good grayscale performance, great colors and excellent viewing angles.  As a matter of fact, it showed a lot of promise in users in both user and professional review. It works without flickering or dead pixels, with a great anti-glare coating. Users who will opt to sit closer to the monitor may notice the pearl essence or rainbow-like colors, but it’s quite unnoticeable when you sit back. Also, the anti-glare coating works perfectly in getting rid of distracting reflections and glares.

Sure this monitor is not packed with features and not as energy efficient as its TN counterparts, but it is a competitive monitor for its price range.

If you’re looking for a budget monitor with good color reproduction, clarity and anti-glare coating features, then it is worth to check out Asus VS229H-PPicture looks great in all angles in its display, and the frame rate is excellent even for gaming set in ultra-settings.

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