AOC i2367fh Review, Near Borderless IPS Panel for Most Frugal Budget

A few years ago, the first thing that comes into our minds when we hear the word ‘cheap monitor’ is a display with conjured images, bland design and cheap TN panels, oversaturated colors and poor viewing angles. This notion is long gone, as the advent of IPS technology has paved the road for display manufacturers to make budget-class solutions with decent color and performance. One such monitor is the AOC IPS i2367fh – one of today’s best low-cost displays that look more expensive that what its price tag indicates. As a matter of fact, it is good enough to get a slot in PCMag’s Editor’s Choice for best budget monitors. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we will take a closer  look at this budget monitor and find out how and why it deserves a best spot in our list of best cheap monitors.

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Who is it for?

Obviously, the AOC IPS i2367fh monitor is for people who are looking for a decent display on a tighter budget. It’s an attractive near-borderless IPS monitor with accurate colors, solid grayscale performance for both gaming and watching movies, and will suit even the most prudent of budgets.


For a budget monitor, the AOC IPS i2367fh performs well. It has the colors has that IPS richness and fairly accurate out of the box. It has ample screen space for most computing tasks, decent image quality with greens running a little dark, but not too dark that can affect grayscale or flesh tone tinting.

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Six Picture Pre-Sets to Suit Your Viewing Needs

Display comes with six (6) pre-set picture options, namely Standard, Text, Game, Internet, Sports and Movie mode. However, it doesn’t come with a built-in power saving feature other than the power management software utility and off timer.

Other picture setting options include Brightness, Contrast, DCR (Dynamic Color Ratio), Gamma, and Overdrive, where you can adjust pixel response if you’re seeing motion artifacts. This monitor also comes with the AOC’s DCB or Dynamic Color Boost technology for punching colors and color temperature settings. However, it’s better to leave the DCB option as is, or it will make colors look too bright and oversaturated.

IPS Panel for Consistent Image Appearance from all Viewing Angles

The AOC IPS i2367fh has an excellent viewing angle performance; there was no color shifting and the picture remained bright from every angle.

Great Color, Constant Ratio and Deeper Black

The 50,000,000:1 contrast ratio may be overstating things, but color wise, the i2367fh is quite fantastic for its price. It also provides incredibly deeper blacks and whitest whites, with the potential to be outrageously bright at higher settings.


Good Response Time, a Treat for Gamers

This AOC monitor handles fast motion videos with confidence and poise, thanks to its 5-millisecond (black to white) pixel response. Fast-paced street racing games like Burnout Paradise plays smoothly without lags or motion artifacts with this display. Blu-ray movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is delivered with good details and inky blacks, making this monitor quite a good display for entertainment.


Decent Power Saving System

Using 27 watts of power, the i2367fh may not be the best there is when it comes to power-saving, but it is decent enough to help you save in your power consumption. It uses way less energy than the AOC i2353ph (31 watts). Plus, you can also make adjustments on the display settings for your own preferred energy-efficient mode.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options


Near borderless monitors like this are perfect for dual monitor and triple monitor setups. It makes the line and space between monitors sitting side-by-side a non-factor, making it really convenient for multiple monitor setups. The best part about this display is its unbelievably affordable price tag, making it a great budget monitor.

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If you want to put two of this displays side-by-side, you can opt for the Ergotron Neo-Flex Dual LCD Lift Stand. The brand is known for high quality and optimum ergonomics, and this product lives up to those expectations. It is small and compact, with superb height adjsutability and comes with Ergotron’s patented Constant Force (CF) technology which allows users to adjust their display with one light touch. This will make a great setup for working, gaming and even home theater entertainment.


If you’re looking for more flexibility in both arms (where you can adjust each display independently) or have the ability to one monitor on top of the other, then you should check out Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm, a fully-adjustable side-by-side LCD monitor arm that can lift both LCD screen off your desk, leaving you with more workspace. You can reposition your display up, down, forward and back with one simple touch.

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Design and Features

Like its 27-inch big brother AOC i2757fh, the i2367fh has the same sleek design. It’s a 23-inch panel without top and side bezels, 2mm (0.07 inch) thin strip of glossy black plastic around the top and sides. The bottom edge is a 0.75-inch strip of brushed metal with the trademark shiny AOC logo at the center. The back cabinet is wrapped in glossy black finish, with a lightly textured matte finish at the bottom. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a VESA mount. The chassis of the monitor is extremely light, and can be easily lifted by pulling the extruded pipe in the back.

High Definition Content in Non-Reflective Showcase

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This monitor has a 1920 x 1080 resolution with true high definition (1080p) content. The front of the panel is coated with a matte coating that negates reflections and glares in a highly-lit environment, and doesn’t easily accumulate fingerprints and smudges.


Adjustable Solid Metal Finish Base

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This 8-lb monitor is supported by a solid metal finish base. This base is also what makes way for monitor’s adjustments, allowing it to tilt forward for up to 5° and backward for up to 23°. However, it can NOT swivel or adjust in height.


Multiple Ports and Inputs

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The back of the monitor houses two (2) HDMI inputs and a VGA (analog) port, all facing outward, making it easy to plug and unplug the necessary cables. The back also has an audio input and a headphone jack.

There are no function buttons on the bezel of the monitor, rather, the five key are located on the back at the right side, which may make adjusting a little awkward. But once you get a hang of it, it will be easy. Aside from the power switch, there are Menu, Source Select, Volume, and Eco hot keys that you will use for navigating the On Screen Display (OSD).


Easy Installation and Setup

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Installation and setup of this monitor can be completed in as fast as three (3) minutes. The only physical installation users have to do with the AOC IPS i2367fh is to attach the panel on its base, which screws in to a tube, which should be inserted first into a back-attached pipe. There are no additional tools needed for the setup


Tech Specs

Package comes with a resource CD, audio cable, and VGA cables. HDMI cables are NOT included.


Bottom Line

It’s true that we can’t put AOC IPS i2367Fh alongside with competitive brands like Asus and Samsung. Anyone who are looking to get this on a premise of its nearly invisible bezel will get disappointed. However, it truly has a lot of good things to offer considering its price. With solid performance and stylish cabinet, it’s a treat for people looking for a good budget monitor. Plus, it comes with speakers, and though you might not want to use it, it gives the monitor quite a nice touch.

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This monitor doesn’t give you much flexibility in mounting option, as it doesn’t come with VESA mounting. The matte finish on the front is always a good thing to have. It may not make images and details pop quite as much, but most people will have it over glares and reflections. The backlighting is fairly uniform across the monitor’s screen, except from its extreme corners, though it can only be visible on a full-lit screen. Dark scenes look good, but not extraordinary. Overall color reproduction is not its strongest area for an IPS panel. It may not be noticeable in gaming, movies and everyday use, but anyone who does things like graphic design would probably notice it.

The pixel response is at 5ms, quite average for an IPS panel display. Motions in gaming and movies will look smooth and clean. The OSD is quite usable, as it has the variety of controls to fine-tune your display to your preference. It also comes with quick access modes for texts, web browsing, movies, etc. But it requires some learning curve as the buttons located at the back side.

All in all, the AOC IPS i2367Fh be short in features, but it is quite a competitive monitor particularly on color and grayscale performance for its price range, and is definitely a good option for anyone looking to save big for a decent display. The Dual HDMI ports make it easy to gaming consoles, external optical drives, etc., while its wide viewing angle allows you to enjoy rich colors wherever you sit.

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