AOC e2752Vh Review; Big and Ultra-Thin 27-Inch Gaming Monitor for Less

To get the best bung for our buck, we often choose for the best monitor out there that can handle all the things we wish to do, from working, to using heavy apps, to watching movies and playing games. This is where gaming monitors have become popular – they can easily double as work monitor and handles your gaming and home theater entertainment needs. One good example of quality gaming monitor is the AOC e2752Vh. This 27-inch display one of AOC’s latest additions to growing collection of gaming monitors, and it has  tons of great things to offer, particularly for gamers. Know more about this product here at Dual Monitors Guide’s review.

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Who is it for?

If you’re an avid gamer looking for a larger monitor for all your gaming needs, ultra-fast response rate and good image performance, but doesn’t hurt the bank, then you should check out AOC e2752Vh. It’s one solid gaming 27-inch monitor, simply and straightforward design but extremely competent when it comes to providing users with the best gaming experience. High-action and fast-paced scenes in both movies and games look extremely smooth and intricately detailed in this display, thanks to its 2ms (gray-to-gray) pixel response and Full HD 1080p resolution. 


The AOC e2752Vh promises to deliver crisp and stunning image quality, and pair that with its whopping 2ms response time, this monitor is especially engineered for multimedia applications, particularly heavy gaming. Along with its beautiful 27-inch widescreen TN (Twisted Nematic) display panel, and two (2) decent built-in 2.5 speakers, this monitor is a great solution for PC gaming and Home Theater use.


Good Image Quality, Sharp Details and Well-Defined Shadows

Though not perfect, color quality of AOC e2752Vh is pretty accurate, which is pretty good news considering its cheap price tag. Colors red and green were a bit short from their ideal coordinates based on the Chromaticity test, while blue is right on the ideal mark. The slightly skewed colors don’t affect the color quality you see on your display, nor result to oversaturation or tinting issues. Though not the most impressive, image quality is pretty decent in this display, as Blu-ray movies like The Wolverine looks pretty good.

Dark shades of gray may look lacking in some shadow details, but when it comes to lighter shades of gray, this monitor has no problem displaying them. On DisplayMate 64 Grayscale test, this AOC monitor is able to show images and scenes with sharp and well-defined details.

The ultra-high 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio also helps reveal more depth and details in darker scenes and images.


Ultra-Fast Response Time for All Your Gaming Needs

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Response time is the biggest selling point of this monitor. This monitor shows 16.7 million colors, and pair that impressively crisp image quality of AOC e2752Vh with ultra-fast two (2) millisecond (gray-to-gray) pixel response, you will get motion-handling prowess. This makes the display a solid gaming monitor contender in the market today. The test with Aliens vs. Predators showed the gaming prowess of this monitor; actions was smooth and with no signs of blurring. Fast-paced street racing games like Burnout Paradise was artifact-free and very fluid.


Embedded with Screen+ Software for Better and More Efficient Multi-Tasking

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The AOC e2752Vh is equipped with AOC’s Screen+ software that lets you divide your 27-inch display into four (4) portions to contain and open all the applications and pages you’re using simultaneously on your screen. This is quite a convenient feature for people who often multi-task and use multiple of applications, files, websites, etc. in their line of work.

Decent Power Consumption

The AOC e2752Vh consumes 28 watts at Standard Mode, which is a little higher than its other gaming monitor competitors, Acer H276HL consumes only 24 watts, while ViewSonic 2703mh LED uses 27 watts. Also, this AOC monitor lacks the Eco-Saving mode that we normally see in most monitors, rather, they have what they call the AOC e-Saver Utility, which automatically turns off the monitor after a certain period of inactivity on your computer, or when the PC goes to sleep. The Power Saving mode uses 50% less power, while the Standby mode uses only 0.1w.

Also, this monitor is Energy Star compliant, which means it is still capable energy efficient and has very low environmental impact.


Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Option

As a gaming monitor, the AOC e2752Vh is definitely a great display to use for dual monitor or multiple monitor setups. It has all the characteristics and capabilities you would want to see from a high-performance gaming display and a great build and design that will go along with your desk and office easily. Gamers can definitely take advantage of its accurate colors, sharp details and well-defined shadows in extra resolution; great for racing games and FPS games, where the good vision of the environment plays a big role in the game. Also, with dual monitor or multiple monitor setup, you can definitely make good advantage of AOC’s Screen+ software, and simultaneously work on more applications and windows all at once.

Sitting two 27-inch monitors like this can be a space hugger on your desk. Fortunately, this unit comes with VESA-compliant mounting holes, which means you can always use third-party ergonomic solutions, such as LCD monitor arms and wall mounts. If you are on a budget, you love your existing desk, and you're confident it can support two 27-inch monitors  for dual monitor, then you can opt for cheap solution like the Deluxe Dual Monitor Stand. It's very cheap, made with good quality and robust components, and fully adjustable.

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If you're looking to fully revamp your workspace with a good desk to support dual monitor or multiple monitor setup, then you can opt for sit-stand desks likeMultiTable ModTable Crank-Type Height-Adjustable Desk. A well-designed, highly rated height-adjustable desk, easy to adjust and with great weight capacity support.

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Design and Features

There is nothing spectacular in AOC e2752Vh’s build and design. It looks pretty simple and straightforward. But like most monitors with simple design, it is very user-friendly and versatile for upgrades, such as dual monitor or triple monitor setup.


Attractively Slim, Simple and User-Friendly Design

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The AOC e2752Vh is a 27-inch TN panel that sports a glossy black bezel.  It may lack the aesthetics compared to its better designed sibling AOC i2757h, but it’s a very user-friendly design that works in different settings and work environment. The 1920 x 1080 panel is housed in a 0.8-inch thin bezel (top and sides), and 1.5-inch bezel on the bottom. The slim and streamlined look of this monitor is effectively complemented by ergonomic and user-friendly design. The VESA-compliant mounting holes also make the monitor flexible for ergonomic upgrades, as it allows LCD monitor arm improvements, etc.


Matching Oval Base

The simple and user-friendly cabinet is paired with an oval base monitor stand, which is also finished with the same glossy black finish. The stand lets you tilt your display forward and back, but it is very limited in ergonomic adjustments, as it doesn’t come with height adjustment, can’t swivel and pivot.

Buttons and Functions

The AOC e2752Vh features four (4) function buttons and a power switch on the lower right edge of its cabinet. The buttons gives you the ability to access and navigate on-screen menu and adjust picture quality. However, you may have to memorize the function of each button, as the glossy black bezel makes the labels quite hard to read.

For its functions, you can access the Luminance menu to adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Dynamic Ratio (DCR) and the Eco mode settings. Like other AOC monitors, the Eco mode has nothing to do with the Power-Saving features, it is simply what the brand calls its picture presets, including Standard, Internet, Text, Movie, Game and Sports modes.

For the color setup, you can access five (5) options, namely Color Temperature settings (Normal, Cool, Warm, sRGB, and User-Defined or what we normally call as Custom) and the Dynamic Color Boost (DCB) setting that improves colors, though colors usually appear oversaturated when this feature is enabled.


Inputs/Outputs Ports

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The back of the AOC e2752Vh’s cabinet houses the I/O ports, namely the HDMI, DVI and VGA ports, an audio input and headphone jack. Unfortunately, unlike most monitors today, this one doesn’t come with USB ports or MHL (mobile high-definition link) technology that allows you to connect your mobile devices such as smartphone, tablet, camera, etc., straight to your monitor.

The ports are very easy to access; they are rear-facing ports, making direct insertion of inputs a whole lot easier.


Equipped with Decent 2.5 Watts Speaker for Your Gaming

Despite its lack of some I/O ports, this AOC monitor is equipped with a 2.5 watts speaker which works decently strong audio output without noticeable distortion. It may not be able to produce booming bass, but it is definitely better and more-full sounding compared to most built-in speakers in most monitors today, making it quite a great feature for gaming, or even home theater entertainment.


Tech Specs

Package includes audio and VGA cables, a resource CD with user guide, and AOC's iMenu utility to guide you through picture setting adjustment that is accessible through your keyboard and mouse, rather than function buttons.


Bottom Line

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Affordably priced, solid gaming performance and decent audio output makes the AOC e2752Vh quite a contender in the competitive market of gaming displays. It’s really among the best budget-friendly gaming monitors out there, and with its 27-inch big screen size, and decent color accuracy, it is easy to dive into its hype.

This monitor is of course, far from perfect. Two of its most obvious weaknesses are in the viewing angle and grayscale performance department. The TN based technology panel is known for good-quality image and faster response rate, but it sacrifices viewing angle. This AOC monitor has obvious color shifting when viewed at 65° side off-center angle and images start to appear washed out at 55° angle in both top and bottom off-center. The grayscale performance is also not the most impressive, especially in terms of producing darker shades of gray, though it works decently enough for most types of use, even for gaming. Also, its features are scarce.

Despite that, the AOC e2752Vh is quite a competitive gaming monitor. The color accuracy and ultra-fast response rate are quite impressive qualities, considering the affordable price tag.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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