AOC E1649 16-inch Portable LED Monitor Review, Budget-Friendly Portable Monitor

In a society where almost everything is relies to technology, it is almost impossible to travel or even leave the house without your smartphone or tablet nowadays especially for business-minded individuals who need to check their emails, connect and talk to other people every day. For many professionals and business executives alike, smartphones and tablets feel insufficient in performing various computing tasks, this is why many still travel with their trusted laptops. But then, many still feel restricted with the limited screen space of their portable computer. This is where the AOC E1649FWU USB Monitor gets in to the picture - a USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor designed to provide extra external display for laptop users on the go.

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Who is it for?

The AOC 16-inch USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor is a must-have accessory for laptop users who are always on-the-go. Powered solely by computer’s USB port, this accessory gets rid of extra power cables and cords from your bag, keeping it handy and ready to use anywhere you go, anytime. This is a perfect solution for business-minded individuals who needs more help in computer screen real estate while travelling out of town or abroad.



The AOC E1649 16" USB Monitor is an ultra-thin portable display that doesn’t need external power cord. Powered through a USB cord, this external monitor offers great convenience for computer users who are always on-the-go, as it can be carried comfortably inside a backpack or carrying case.

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The best way to use this monitor is to install its driver to your laptop (you can also use it with your desktop too, but it is really designed for portable use), reboot your computer, and then position the AOC USB monitor next to your device. Connect the monitor and the computer through the USB cable and turn on the monitor. At this stage you have the luxury to choose from mirroring the display from your laptop, or extend your screen. The best and most commonly used of course is extending the screen, while mirroring the display is great for presentations on-the-go.

Automatically Pivot Feature for Quick Landscape and Portrait Orientation Change

The AOC E1649FWU USB Monitor comes with a foldable smart flex-stand to help users switch orientations anytime they want. Web browsing, presentations and Excel sheets look better on Landscape orientation, but Portrait is also one convenient feature for Word Processing, coding, and messaging, etc. Having these two orientation options in an extra external display can definitely be of great help for laptop users.

Also, the unique pivot system automatically adjusts the screen display according to the orientation, so you don’t have to do the manual changing of settings between landscape and portrait mode to vice versa.


Attractive and Ultra-Light Design for Excellent Portability

Polished with a piano-black glossy bezel, this AOC USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor is quite an attractive LED monitor. It has a generous 15.6in screen that provides a decent 500:1 contrast ratio, 5ms response time, and a 1366 x 768 resolution at 60Hz.

The compact and ultra-light body adds up for great portability, making quite a convenient tool to have with you for business presentations, photo frame apps, and any frequent travelers who makes a living out of their computer as it can function for a nice dual monitor setup.

The E1649FWU USB Monitor is the best solution for the travelers who are looking to pack dual or multiple displays to run with multiple applications. Plus, it can easily fits into any 15" laptop bags or backpacks as well.


Built-in DisplayLink Technology to Let You Connect Multiple Devices Simultaneously

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Multiple AOC E1649FWU monitors provide hassle-free multiple external displays for your portable computer. Thanks to its built-in DisplayLink USB graphics which makes way for multiple monitor PC setup. Just install the DisplayLink software on your PC and you can quickly add multiple USB monitors as your external displays any time you want, without needing to use extra hardware.


Design and Features

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The AOC E1649FWU USB Monitor may resemble a tablet from the front, and with the 16 inch screen and 2.5lbs weight, it may even look like a simply a bulky tablet at first glance. However, there is more to this portable monitor compared to Android and iPad tablets which makes it tick.


Embedded Tab for Free Standing the Monitor

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Located at the back of the monitor is the embedded tab which can be pulled off and work as a stand for your extra LED monitor. This tab can be rotated and can be set to stand in horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) position, which obviously related to the orientation of the display. The tab comes with a rubber to provide cushion and protection for any surfaces.

With Glare-Resistant Coating

The glossy black finish makes the AOC E1649FWU look shiny, but don’t mistake this beautiful finish with glares and reflection, as the monitor’s screen is coated with a glare-resistant coating, which is touted as one of its best features.   


Decent Performance

Performance wise, there may be nothing that is very surprising about this monitor, or anything we haven’t seen in regular monitors today. It provides clean and bright display. But then again, it is designed to provide convenience and portability, so it is can be unfair to compare even to mid-level 17 to 20 inch monitors. Besides, its performance is somewhat dependent on the processing power and graphics card of the attached computer. Screen resolution is at 1366 x 768 pixels, which is totally decent for its purpose.

Tech Specs

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Bottom Line

People working on a desktop computer can always expand their display by adding second or multiple monitors to their setup. Laptops on the other hand, don’t have this kind of luxury. Though you can always connect your regular monitor with your laptop, that computer monitor doesn’t have the portability you need. This is what the AOC E1649FWU USB Monitor is here for – to provide extra external monitor even when you’re on the go.

The only challenge with this monitor is the power drain issue for the laptop. Because it gets power straight from your portable computer, it will obviously decrease the usable energy from your laptop, unless if your computer is plugged from a power source of course. However, it is Energy Star compliant and EPEAT-Silver qualified, which means it has low power consumption. And it also features power saving mode to help keep your laptop running. But then again, no one travels with their laptop without the power cord and charger, right?

All in all, this is a great addition to provide you with more “real estate” when using your portable computer. It’s quite a perfect companion for travelers, as it makes multi-tasking with your laptop comfortable easy. Its compact and light weight build makes it a very portable tool everyone can carry around and use anywhere.

You might also want to check out its latest version – the AOC e1659Fwu – a sleeker, thinner, lighter version with better display and more powerful performance.

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