Anthro Elevate II Electrically Adjustable Height Standing Desk; An In-Depth Review

Height adjustable standing desk have really taken over the computing world, particularly the corporate world, as more and more offices are recognizing the benefits of standing and keeping their people active and healthy. More and more individuals are also changing their home offices with standing workstation to reap the benefits of standing and free movement. Electric standing desks may sound too fancy, but many people are actually embracing its convenience for productivity. One of the motor-powered desks out there that got the attention of many computer users is the Anthro Elevate II Electrically Adjustable Height Standing Desk, a simple, straightforward sit-stand desk that delivers its promises, and more. To know more about this desk, check out this review from Dual Monitors Guide.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a simple but efficient and robust electric height adjustable standing desk, without the fancy features, but with lots of rooms for you to customize for your own preference and needs, then you should check out Anthro Elevate II Electrically Adjustable Height Standing DeskIt is one of the best rated desks today, and it delivers the job quite well, thanks to its high quality materials and solid and sturdy construction.


Effortlessly Adjusts to Your Needs

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The Elevate II Adjustable Height Standing Desk is quite a well-designed desk, with solid build and function that is remarkably efficient at making a long day of desk work much more physically comfortable.


Open Architecture and Simple Design for You to Customize

The open frame and simple design of the Elevate II Adjustable Height Standing Desk gives you the freedom to customize your workstation to your liking. The desk puts the cross supports right under the worksurface, giving you maximum leg room and move freely and comfortably as you work. It also reduces distractions and keeps you focused and efficient on your work.


Sit or Stand, a Desk that Gives You the Best of Both Worlds

Like any other quality height adjustable desk out there, the Elevate II Adjustable Height Standing Desk gives you the luxury to get the best of both worlds, as you can sit or stand while working at your computer and desk anytime you want. This desk has a height adjustment range of 28 inches to 47 inches, a couple or three inches short compared to the best in the market today, but it can surely cover a whole lot of users, and users from different sizes.

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The desk is equipped with a push button function that helps you find the appropriate height for your computing needs and right height for different positions you wish to work with throughout the day.


Strong Lift Capacity to Carry and Support All the Things You Need On Your Desk

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The high quality materials and good quality build of the Elevate II Adjustable Height Standing Desk allows it to support all your workstation needs. And thanks to its strong electric legs, this desk can lift everything you put on top of the desk for up to 150 lbs. with a simple push of a button. This way, cables and cords don’t have to stretch to reach the full height of the table when you switch to standing position.


Smooth and Quiet Height Adjustment, Perfect for Office Environment

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The motor of Elevate II works smoothly and quietly, with a speed of 1.5 inch per second. That’s the standard of fast adjustment in the market today.


Cable Management System to Keep Your Desk Nice and Neat

Like most high quality standing desks and ergonomic solutions in the market today, this electric standing desk has its cable management system to keep your desk clean and neat as you work and switch from sitting to standing position and vice versa. This feature also helps protect your gear as the table adjusts in height; you can route cables and cards to the desk’s cable management tray, and your computer and all the peripherals you attach will stay in the same range as your desk.

Design and Features

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At first glance, the Anthro Elevate II looks quite similar with many electric standing desks in the market today, but it has its own set of features that makes it unique from its competition. It doesn’t look fancy by any means, but it is elegant and comes with lots of features and functions you will love to have in your workspace.


Customizable Table

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Make your workspace your own by customizing your desk to your needs and preferences. The open design of Elevate II lets you add ergonomic accessories to complete your workstation and add convenience to your work a CPU SideRack for example, will secure your computer as your desk moves up and down, while a monitor arm will let you position your display at the most comfortable and ergonomic spot on your desk.

You can also add a footrest to treat your feet from standing.


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The Companion Table gives you a bit more room to spread out, and if you want to be able to move more in your workstation, or you’re considering a treadmill desk, then Elevate II is happy to support that kind of setup.

Size Choices

This desk comes in size options to match with your workspace and hardware. Two widths (48” and 60”) and two depths (23.25” and 29”) give you four total options, which mean you can surely find the one to fit your workstation.


Worksurface Finishes Options: Basic Laminate and Plus Laminate

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Elevate II gives you two great finish options for the worksurface, the Basic finish and the Plus finish. The basic comes with a rigid high-pressure laminate with vinyl edge bands to cushion the edges, perfect feature for high traffic areas as it keeps people safe. The Plus finish on the other hand, comes with a contoured laminate surface with smooth edges, making it very comfortable for typing and long computer use.

The basic laminate is available at Black and Polar White options, while the Plus laminate is available at Maple and Wenge. There is also the new Metal Surface, which is a baked-on powder coat finish in Silver Satin


Tilt-and-Go Rear Wheels

The Elevate II is easy to move around, giving you the flexibility to set your workstation easily and conveniently where you want it. Simply lift the front of the desk to tilt it up and roll through the rear wheels. This feature also makes the cleaning of your desk nice and easy, simply pull the table out to access the back of your equipment to clean or rearrange your computer setup.


Tech Specs

Package includes the single worksurface of your choice, control box and keypad for electric height adjustment, cable tray, two (2) electric lift legs, and two (2) feet with tilt-and-go back wheels feature.

Bottom Line

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The most common weakness among many adjustable standing desks with high height adjustability (long legs) is wobbly surface, but this doesn’t seem an issue in Anthro’s Elevate II. The desk is truly well-designed with good build quality and hard-wearing construction materials, making it a truly robust piece of furniture in your workstation. Even when set at its highest setting, the desk doesn’t loose.

There isn’t much to complain about the functionality and aesthetics of Anthro’s Elevate II Adjustable Height Standing Desk. However, the brand certainly leaves a lot of room for improvement. The base for example, comes with two rollers at the back, which makes it easy to move its surface around. However, it lacks the locking mechanism, which means if you have a shiny-smooth floor like a wooden floor, the desk may move a little if you propped against your desk. This problem of course, can be solved with a little resourcefulness, such as strategically putting an eraser.

Also, this desk has tons of different sizes and types of worksurfaces for you to choose from. This means you can pick one that will perfectly fit to your workstation needs, customize your workspace the way you want it, and have a good balance of comfort and ergonomics to keep yourself efficient and productive throughout the day. The open architecture design of the desk also allows various workstation setup, depending on the size/length of the desk you want, you can have a dual monitor or even multiple monitor setup in the Elevate II Adjustable Height Standing Desk, quite a great design for serious computer users.

All in all, the Anthro Elevate 2 is a great-value desk. It delivers what it claims to do and coming from a brand known for quality and great ergonomics since the 80s, this desk lives up to the expectation.

For more in-depth standing desk reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide now!

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