AMD’s Eyefinity Lets You Use Different Sized Computer Monitors for Multi-Screen Setup

4K displays are starting to take over in many households and office environments, which is a good sign, because history tells us electronic products that sells becomes cheaper as months go by. Despite the buzz of 4K display however, multi-monitor setup is still the hardest thing to beat. This is because dual monitor and multi-monitor setup is much easier to obtain, as most of us already have a monitor or two in our disposal. Putting them together and buying one or two high-definition monitor to make a three-screen setup can be the most practical way to gain more screen area than getting a single and expensive 4K display. Here at Dual Monitors Guide, we will talk about the latest Eyefinity technology and how high quality monitor stands will help you get the best of your multi-screen setup.

As a matter of fact, most gamers would prefer to buy two new HD monitors and flank it with their existing one. Thanks to AMD’s Eyefinity technology, this kind of setup is easier, convenient, and more pleasing than ever before. Eyefinity will let multi-screen computer users enjoy all the benefits of multiple displays, as it provides wider array of display possibilities.

Eyefinity is not entirely new, as it has been around for years. The new feature is about the latest capability of this technology to support mixed resolution monitors and screen sizes. The easiest way to explain this is with a picture:

(image from jlebo,

As you can see from the photo above, Eyefinity can work with mixed monitor resolution and of different sizes.

Here’s a diagram on what this technology can do when you set up multiple displays from different resolution and sizes.

The diagram shows the choices you have to setup your three-monitor display. When playing games (the ultimate reason for this technology), you can shrink the game frame to allow the game to fit to the available screen area in all three monitors. This will leave extra unused screens hanging off the bottom or top of the monitors.

You can also expand the image from its edges, in every direction; automatically make certain areas of a particular image “hidden”. Thanks to Eyefinity’s flexibility, images don’t look stretched or squeezed, they fit just right to any monitor screens – a new kind of technology in the world of multi-screen PC gaming. 

All AMD Radeon™ R7 Series and R9 Series graphics cards support mixed resolutions. Download the latest AMD Catalyst Driver now and enjoy the one-click setup.

You can also get the perfect setup for your dual monitor or multiple monitor setups with Dual Monitors Guide’s suggested desk stands and wall mounts. The LX Dual Stacking Arm and LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm are both designed for holding two mid-sized monitors (up to 24-inch and 27-inch screen size respectively). The arms give you the luxury to position each display anywhere you want on your desk, while the patented Constant Force technology holds your displays securely in place, without any chance of wobbling, and still give you easy and convenient one-touch adjustments.

If you want to extend the display of your laptop screen and use Eyefinity for it, then the Neo-Flex LCD & Laptop Lift Stand is for you. It’s perfect for extensive laptop use; let you take full advantage of your laptop’s capabilities, saves you time in opening and using multiple applications at once, and lets you multi-task easily to be more productive.

For tripe display setup, you can choose between LX Triple Display Lift Stand and DS100 Triple-Monitor Desk Stand.

The LX Triple Display Lift Stand simultaneously lift and tilt all three displays to give you maximum ergonomic comfort, while the stand can expand to support three smaller displays (21-inch monitors) or two mid-sized to large screen monitors (24-inch to 30-inch monitors). It’s also equipped with the brand’s patented Constant Force technology.

The DS100 Triple-Monitor Desk Stand on the other hand, also helps you conserve precious desk space by lifting three flat panels in one single base. It helps position your monitors nicely for maximum productivity, and can support various LCD sizes.

AMD’s Eyefinity technology doesn’t only open up new world of possibilities for gamers, but more importantly, new life and purpose for those dusty and discarded monitors we have. Pair that software with Ergotron’s desk stand, and you get the ergonomics and comfort you need for your multi-screen setup.

For more tips like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide.

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