Acer K272HUL Review, Impressive WQHD Monitor with Cheap Price Tag 

Its promise of cutting-edge display performance makes 4K the biggest buzz in today’s monitor business. Its debut however, had many people holding their money tight, as it came with hefty price tags. Then again that’s the nature of this market, new things are often expensive, but gets cheaper as time goes by as newer things are being introduced. A couple of years ago, 2560x1440 (or 2560x1600) was considered the ultimate desktop monitor resolution, now it’s becoming more and more common in many households and offices. One good example is the Acer K272HULa 27-inch IPS-based display that offers 2560x1440 resolution, a WQHD (Wide Quad High-Definition) performance with a below $500 price tag. Many consider it as a bargain, but does it really live up to 4K expectation? Read this review from Dual Monitors Guide to find out.

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Who is it for?

If you have been longing to upgrade your display to a bigger screen, WQHD monitor, but have been waiting until prices drop, then your wait is finally over. The Acer K272HUL is a reasonably priced IPS monitor that delivers accurate colors, good grayscale performance, and the promise of 2560x1440 WQHD resolution.


This IPS monitor variant uses an AHVA (Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle), allowing the K272HUL to deliver accurate colors straight from the box. The 2560 x 1440 resolution delivers awesome image quality, allowing the monitor to show excellent details for playing high definition videos and movies and even demanding games.


Solid Performance, Accurate Colors and Good Grayscale Performance

Chromaticity test of this Acer WQHD monitor showed how colors red, green and blue stayed close to their ideal coordinates. Colors look evenly saturated and DisplayMate Color Scale test show vivid photos and natural skin tones.

The panel also doesn’t have any trouble displaying dark gray shades based on the 64-Step Gray-scale test. However, the two lightest gray shades we’re a little washed out, which results into some highlight detail loss. This is a very minor issue though, and because it can deliver dark blacks, it can compensate and provide great color boost with sharp shadow details.


High Resolution Panel with Decent Response Time

This monitor from Acer works with 6ms (gray-to-gray) pixel response time. Not quite the ideal response time for the most demanding games, but it is good enough to play high definition movies and Blu-ray movies smoothly and without any problems. Also, blurs in gaming are minimal, and would likely go unnoticed.


Pre-Calibrated Image Quality Right Out-Of-The Box

Like most consumer monitors available today, the Acer K272HUL is pre-calibrated out-of-the-box. The backlighting generates 347 lux, pair that with the semi-gloss panel and you get a display usable in any lighting condition.

Energy Saving and Cost-Efficient Performance Despite its Size and Resolution

This Acer monitor uses only 38 watts in Standard picture mode, while the ECO mode pulls the power consumption down to 30 watts (causes the screen to look a little dimmer). It is Energy Star compliant, which means it allows you to save on your monthly electrical bill without compromising performance, and works without harming the environment.

Dual Monitor and Multiple Monitor Setup Options

Acer K272HUL is VESA mount compliant though, which means you don’t need to be limited with its stand’s lack of adjustability. You can mount the WQHD display on your wall or use a more versatile monitor stand to get a more comfortable and ergonomic workstation that fits all your computing needs.  One good example is the Ergotron LX HD Sit-Stand Wall Mount LCD ArmKnown for its sleek and streamlined design, this LCD arm lets you free up you workspace space and position the monitors anywhere on their desk for comfort and improved productivity.

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This stand is designed to support monitors up to 27-inch of size, improve viewing comfort, comes with sleek and streamlined design for one-touch adjustment and easy use, and positions monitors securely in place with the Ergotron’s Patented Constant Force Technology. The arm may look very similar with the other Ergotron LX sit-stand LCD arms at first glance, but its ability to hold large displays makes it even more special. The arm is conducive for both working and for entertainment. It’s solidly built and has all the components and features you need for optimum viewing and working experience.


For dual monitor setup, you can use the LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm, still from Ergotron. This arm stand keeps similar design to the old models, but it is very much updated with a cleaner polished metal to seal and protect the finish.

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It's a fully adjustable and intuitive dual monitor LCD arm, each arm can be adjusted independently. It extends your display for up to 25 inches with the adjustment range of 18 inches. You can push your displays completely out of the way when not in use and free up your desk with more space.  It is simple to install and effortless to operate. It's well-built, with many mounting options to choose from, giving you more flexibility for your workstation. 


Design and Features

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There’s nothing extra special on how the K272HUL looks – it looks simple and straightforward. Besides, it’s a monitor designed to provide excellent performance on a tight budget, not to make a design statement on your desktop. The glossy black bezel is 0.9 inch thick, and it’s supported by a round plastic base that feels a little wobbly at times. Plastic is used throughout its construction, which serves its purpose, as no one will see it as a super-premium monitor.

Buttons and Controls

Physical buttons are located at the lower right side of the cabinet. These buttons allow easy picture and display adjustments, though there is nothing much to change, as controls only include settings for brightness, color temperature and contrast (which gives warm, cool and sRGB presets).  Buttons don’t have labels, but that’s not a problem, as it comes with on-screen labels.

Unfortunately, this monitor doesn’t have controls for black levels, precise color temperature, response time, and sharpness. But then again, it’s expected for a budget monitor to not have advanced controls.

There is however, a bonus feature worth mentioning – the monitor’s picture-by-picture (PiP) setting – a feature that lets you display content from a second input to a small on-screen window. It also allows users to split-screen the window down in the middle or set it up in one of four quadrants.

Generous Array of Videos Ports and Robust Connectivity Options

The back cabinet of Acer K272HUL houses the generous selection video inputs and ports, including the two (2) HDMI inputs, a DVI input, and one DisplayPort input and one DisplayPort output, all can be used to daisy-chain monitor for dual monitor or multiple monitor setup. The ports are joined by an audio input for the monitor’s embedded 2-watt speakers.

Unfortunately, this device doesn’t come with a USB hub, which comes ready in many of its more expensive rivals such as ViewSonic VP2770-LED, and BenQ BL2710PT. Also, this monitor is not MHL-compatible (Mobile High Definition Link), unlike Acer FT200HQL, which means you can't connect any compatible smartphones, tablets or other devices and peripherals with MHL compatibility.

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Comes with a Built-in Speakers

The built-in 2-watt speakers add to the monitor’s features list. It works decently for basic use, especially when you’re sitting in front of your computer watching videos or movies or listening to music. However, it is not loud enough to make a good entertainment system for the whole room. Of course, you can always use a subwoofer to boost the base response.


Limiting Stand and Support

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If you’re looking for a monitor with a highly adjustable stand, then you may get disappointed with this one. Make no mistake about it, the plastic stand holds the monitor securely in place and keep it stable, with a little wobbling when you bump your desk. However, the stand doesn’t allow height adjustments, swivel, pivot or change screen orientation. It does however, let you tilt your screen 5° forward and 20° backward.

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Tech Specs

Package comes with a quick-start guide, a resource CD, and DVI, DisplayPort, and audio cables.


Bottom Line

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The Acer K272HUL monitor is undeniably a solid-performer considering its price. It’s a great fit for users looking for a budget 27-inch display with WQHD capabilities. Sure there are more feature-packed professional-grade options out there, such as the BenQ BL2710PT or the Viewsonic VP2770-LED, and certainly can’t go toe-to-toe with the best in the business today like the NEC MultiSync PA271W, but these three come with a hefty price tag, which can be impractical for most regular computer users who simply want a big WQHD display. It also lacks the elegance and build quality you see from more expensive options, but then again, it’s a budget monitor, so we can’t expect it to work as a centerpiece in your desk or workstation.

The stand may feel wobbly at time, and it limits the display’s adjustability. However, you can always choose to take advantage of its VESA mount capability and mount the monitor to your wall, or use a more versatile solution such as a good quality monitor stand that will give you all the adjustments for a more ergonomic and comfortable workstation.

The K272HUL is the best on its price range, it has great color accuracy, good grayscale performance. It is not groundbreaking, but Acer managed to pull it off and exceed our expectation in terms of quality performance without risking any flaws.

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