Zalman NC200B Cooling Pad; An In-Depth Review

Most laptop coolers in the market today are designed and specifically made for CPU-heavy tasks and hardcore gaming. Thus, they often come with highly powerful fans, which usually results to bulky and heavy design, not to mention the bells and whistles that come with many brands. Zalman NC2000B on the other hand, is designed not for heavy gaming and CPU-heavy tasks, rather, it’s designed for general computing, allowing the brand to package it with stylish and sleek aesthetic design, with decent cooling performance that you can expect for a daily computing. What makes this cooling pad tick? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

Zalman NC200B Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Zalman NC2000B is obviously designed for laptop users, particularly for users not looking to play games for hours or run multiple CPU-demanding apps and programs on their laptop. The sleek and stylish design makes it a perfect choice for business and office environment. And performance wise, it may be far from being powerful, but it’s definitely good enough to cool most laptops.


Zalman NC2000B looks good and feels good to use. It comes with a sleek and effortless design that looks professional, making it easy to pair with almost any type of laptops out there, for any type of use and working environment.


Decently Powerful Fans for Quiet and Smooth Operation

Zalman NC200B Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Though the Zalman NC2000B may not be as whisper quiet as its smaller sibling NC1000, it can still be considered quiet compared to most laptop coolers in the market. All you will hear is a slight whirring sound of the running fans. The fans are good enough you can feel air coming out from underneath the unit, but not strong enough to make loud noises, making this laptop cooler perfect for office spaces and shared work spaces.


Extra USB for User Convenience

Zalman NC200B Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

As with most laptop coolers, this one is powered through USB cable as well which plugs into your laptop, meaning, it renders one of your USB ports unusable. Conveniently though, the manufacturer have provided an extra USB port, which you can use for various workstation peripherals, such as smartphones, tablets, thumb drives, etc. The USB ports are well placed as well, as it has one for each side.



Design and Features

Zalman NC2000B is simply aesthetically awesome; it comes with a cool skinny design incorporating a 3mm thick aluminum panel, ensuring durability. For ergonomics, it comes with an aerodynamic design to minimize noise and improve user experience. And since it’s slim and light, it’s extremely easy to slide this laptop cooler to your backpack, laptop bag, or briefcase and carry around anywhere you like.

One-Body Design

Zalman NC200B Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

It’s neither bulky, nor clumsily designed. Rather, it’s slim and sleek profile gives an elegant and professional look, much like ultra-slim laptops or Macbook AIR. Thanks to the one-body design composed of different materials and components that make up the whole thing.


Premium Aluminum Treated with D.S.A. Surface Processing


D.S.A. stands for Diamond Cutting, Sand Blasting, Anodizing, a process used for surface finishing, giving materials, such as premium aluminum a beautiful and smooth finish. It’s a process commonly used among mobile devices (cellular phones), housing (cookware which is also a product of the same brand) and consumer electronics. For this cooling pad, the D.S.A process provides fine-looking, but tough and highly functional coating. You will quickly notice the difference of this material compared to other cheaper brands once you hold it in your hands.

Also, since it uses aluminum, a hardwearing but light material, the cooling pad itself is light and extremely durable as well.


With Rubber Grips to Keep Your Laptop In Place

Rubber grips are simple, yet extremely effective feature for keeping the laptop safe and secured on top of the cooling pad. Yet, many manufacturers bypass this feature, and would rather provide a clamp to keep the laptop from sliding off. Rubber grips however, don’t take much space and don’t cause any obstructions.


USB Cable Storage Box

Zalman NC200B Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

USB cable storage box to tow away the cable and minimize cable clutter and prevent possible loss of the USB cable. 

Zalman NC200B Cooling Pad (image from Amazon)

Zalman NC2000B provides a simple height adjustment options for the cooling pad, which also adjusts the angle from 7˚ to 9˚. This is perfect for people looking to use an external keyboard and do a lot of typing on their laptop.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

Zalman NC2000B as with other Zalman laptop coolers in the market, takes pride in its simplicity and elegance. Despite its simplicity, we can’t consider this product as cheap as its other competitors (though it’s reasonably priced). This is because you’re paying for the product’s quality, which is obvious right from the get go.  It’s well-built, comes with a nice aesthetic design that looks professional, comes equipped with a pair of good quality fans for effectively cooling without causing too much noise, and an extra USB port for user convenience.

As with other products out there, this laptop cooler also has its shortcomings. For one, as said earlier, it’s not cheap, though it’s not expensive either. Also, they could have added an extra fan or two to cover all areas for cooling. Lastly, the surface needs extra care, as it may leave marks and scratches. You can get the silver color variation to minimize scratches though.

All in all, the Zalman NC2000B is a high quality laptop cooler with excellent design. It does its job quite well, and definitely built to last for years, making it a smart investment; one of the cases that you can say you get what you pay for.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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