Zalman NC1000; An In-Depth Review

Most laptop coolers come with powerful fans and jam-packed with features, making them bulky and heavy or simply expensive, or both. This is actually a common complaint among people looking to use this tool for general computing; most laptop coolers are designed for hardcore gaming and high-end CPU-taxing computer use. Zalman NC1000 on the other hand, seemed to steer away from this kind norm, and keep everything simple and basic, but still dependable and comfortable to use for general computing, even for office and shared spaces. What makes this cooling pad unique? Check out this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide to know more.

Zalman NC1000 (image from Amazon)

Who is it for?

Zalman NC1000 is designed for laptop users not looking to play hardcore games or CPU-heavy tasks. It comes with a nice and quiet pair of fans, making it a perfect tool for office spaces, as it runs in whisper quiet operation. It’s also compact and light, making it easy to carry around and use anywhere, perfect for people on the go.



Zalman NC1000 (image from Amazon)

A Pair of Whisper Quiet Fans

Zalman NC1000 only has two fans that reach 11 CFM at highest setting, that’s definitely far from being powerful. However, this brand never claims to be a high-end or high performance cooler. In practice, this means your laptop is not getting strong airflow to keep it cool rather; it purposely compromised its fan power to ensure whisper quiet operation, making it a perfect tool for office spaces and shared work spaces.


With Extra USB Port for Convenience

As with most laptop coolers, this one is powered through USB cable as well which plugs into your laptop, meaning, it renders one of your USB ports unusable. Conveniently though, the manufacturer have provided an extra USB port, which you can use for various workstation peripherals, such as smartphones, tablets, thumb drives, etc.



Design and Features

Simple, Yet Solid and Extremely Durable Design

Zalman NC1000 doesn’t come with a fancy design; rather, it comes with a simple design that kind of look like a lap desk. However, its simplicity is actually its biggest selling point. Also, it comes with a tough aluminum top panel for solid design and longevity. Design wise, it looks sleek with fine curvature for improved cooling performance.

Zalman NC1000 (image from Amazon)

This design concept however, also limits the versatility of this laptop cooling pad; it’s stiff and solid, which also means it doesn’t work well when placed on a soft surface, such as a pillow or on your lap, as the fans will be covered, rendering them useless. Also, unlike many cooling pads out there, the top panel doesn’t offer any adjustments to bring the laptop’s display at eye level. Meaning, you’re stuck with whatever you have, so you better get used to it, or work around it.


Vent Holes for Top Surface

Zalman NC1000 (image from Amazon)

The top surface of this cooling pad is almost entirely made up of vent holes, ensuring optimal airflow for better cooling performance.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

You basically get what you expect pay for in Zalman NC1000. Design wise, it doesn’t offer anything fancy, the same with its performance. It’s a decent cooling pad, and it doesn’t come with bells and whistles that you expect for a comfortable computing. What it has however, is a pair of whisper quiet fans secured in an aluminum casing, perfect for individuals looking for hardwearing and durable quality, with extremely quiet fans.

Obviously, this cooling pad is not effective enough to cool off powerful laptops, especially for hardcore gaming or CPU-demanding tasks, such as video editing, etc. However, it provides a leek and solid design that looks effortless and professional.

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