XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand: An In-Depth Review

An average PC user spends $230 for his monitor, this is why dual monitor setup is often considered as a luxury. However, for computer professionals who spend long hours in front of their computer, having multiple monitor setup is more of a necessity for work efficiency and productivity. Also, those who are looking for immersive gaming can certainly enjoy the extended resolution of dual monitor and triple monitor setup. This is what the XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand thrives to provide – support triple monitor setup for extra real estate. What makes this triple monitor stand different and unique from its competitors? Read more and find out in this Dual Monitors Guide in-depth review.

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Who is it for?

If you’re looking for a triple monitor mount that adds a new dynamic to your workstation, then you should check out XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand. This product is aimed for professional gamers looking for a panoramic triple display setup. It requires a fair amount of assembly, but once setup fully, it provides respectable support with good adjustability, perfect for both gaming and work PCs.



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Designed to withstand the rigors of intense gaming and long hours of work, the XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand can adjust mounted monitors individually or collectively. It can support three monitors of up to 24-inches of size each and has good set of adjustability to provide optimum convenience.


Supports Variety of Display Mounting Setups

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With wide range of adjustments, the XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand lets you adjust your triple monitor setup to your liking. The three mounts are adjustable, with the outer mounts offering full adjustability, such as tilt 20⁰up / 10⁰ down for each monitor, swivel left and right, and pivot 90⁰ and lock into place for fixed mounting. The center mount however, has every adjustment option except for the height adjustment, which can be done only by lowering and raising the whole frame. Knobs on the bracket are fixed for Vertical and Horizontal movement, providing better stability. You can even arrange your monitors in different orientation combinations of landscape and portrait mode layouts.

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With Clip-On Locks to Let You Attach Monitors of Different Sizes

To support monitors of different sizes, this triple monitor stand allows you to easily move it along the frame, thanks to the clip-on locks. In other words, the stand allows huge amount of adjustment, and even let you combine monitors of different sizes.


AMD EyeFinity Ready to Help You Maximize Triple Display Setup

The XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand particular demography is the hardcore gamers, which explains why it comes equipped with AMD EyeFinity Ready feature. This feature works by simultaneously supporting multiple independent display outputs. It delivers superb graphics capabilities to enable gamers make good use of their desktop space through ultra-immersive visual environment and panoramic viewing experience.


With Integrated USB Hubs and Audio Jacks for Instant Access

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Dedicated to provide both functionality and good aesthetics, XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand comes with two (2) USB ports and an audio input and output jack to complete your gaming setup. This means you can easily connect your gadgets and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to your PC through the monitor stand.

The 3mm stereo audio input jack is dedicated for external audio devices, while the 3mm stereo audio output jack is dedicated for headphones and speakers.


Design and Features

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The solid and sturdy stand can support three 24-inch monitors, and offer full adjustability to provide convenience to your workstation, such as height adjustment, tilt, and pivot to switch from landscape to portrait orientation and vice versa.


Some Assembly Required

Aesthetic wise, the XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand looks far better than most triple monitor stands in today’s market, and it’s very fitting for gaming setups. Fortunately, it doesn’t come with tons of parts to setup, and its assembly instructions are well-written, making it easy to comprehend and follow. All in all, unboxing the monitor stand and setting it up to your desk can take less than an hour. Most of the tools you will need for the assembly are included in the package, such as the two Allen keys for tightening various locking screws.

Adjusting the alignment and angles of the monitors is pretty much trial-and-error. Having a bubble level and a ruler can definitely make the process a lot easier.


With 75mm and 100mm VESA Mounting Holes to Accommodate Wide Range of Monitors

Unlike most monitors stands that can only hold monitors with 100x100mm VESA mounting holes, this triple monitor stand has both 75mm and 100mm mounting hole sets, which means it can also support monitors of different mounting arrangements.


Good Cable Management System to Help Keep Your Desk Clutter-Free

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The single base of XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand frees up a lot of desk space and comes with a very interesting and stealthy design. It looks like a wing of stealth fighter jet, making it even more suitable for gaming setup. Its design may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is undeniably far more attractive than many stands out there that simply look like scaffolding than a monitor mount. Its cable management system runs from the base to the monitors, and it is sleek and seamless.

Also includes are the cable-routing clips, a simple but effective solution in minimizing cable clutter and keeping your desk neat.


With Lots of Extra Features that Adds to Overall Functionality and Convenience

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You can adjust the mount settings of your monitors and have them meet your specific needs using the included tools. The base also comes with extra features, such as the integrated tool storage where you can store the Hex Allen wrench for easy access whenever you need to make adjustments on the stand.

Also, the base holds the access to the USB ports and audio jacks.


Tech Specs

Package includes the monitor stand base, stand post, three monitor capable armature, two (2) side mounting brackets, one (1) center mounting bracket, two (2)  3mm cable extensions, and a USB root to USB extension cable.


Bottom Line

Aesthetic wise, the XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand is one of the best in the market today: its stealth fighter-like design is indeed a showstopper. The massive base with the seemingly hovering side displays both look professional and catered for gamers.

In terms of build quality, this triple monitor stand is also up there with the best: it feels heavy and solid, which gives you a good idea of robust quality. The materials used for the components are pretty impressive as well, you can certainly have a peace of mind as it holds and secures your three monitors in the air. There is rubber protection that keeps your displays from sliding out of their mounts.

Yes this stand cost more than the generic triple monitor models, but it is fully equipped to justify its price range. It is flexible and stable, with pretty much everything you need for a triple dual monitor setup.

For more in-depth reviews like this, check out Dual Monitors Guide today!

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