X-ELITE PRO Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk: An In-Depth Review

Height adjustable desks provide excellent sit-stand solution, which is essential for combating the negative effects of prolonged sitting and sedentary lifestyle. However, not all of us have the luxury to use a height adjustable desk on our workspace. The best alternative out there is a desktop riser, which function for the same purpose without getting rid of your existing desk. All you have to do is put it on top of your desk and set up your computer. A good example of a quality height adjustable desktop riser is the X-ELITE PRO. Its idea is the same as other desktop risers we have reviewed before, such as VariDesk and Ergotron WorkFit-TL, but does it have the quality and space that you need for your workstation? Find out in this in-depth review from Dual Monitors Guide.

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Who is it for?

The X-Elite Pro height adjustable sit-stand desk is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable sit-stand desktop riser with premium quality. It’s pretty basic and simple, it doesn’t come with lots of extra features, but it gets the job done.



Designed to Meet Your Work Desk Needs

The X-Elite Pro may not come with all the bells and whistles as compared to its premium counterparts, but it does deliver all the basic things you need for a desktop riser, along with ergonomic comfort. It raises and lowers the desktop surface for sit-stand desk solution from 5 to 16 inches, giving you the freedom to work at any setup (sitting or standing) you need and switch to either of the two comfortably anytime you want. It’s solidly built and doesn’t slide easily on the desk, keeping your computer secured and safe on top of its work surface.

The desktop is spacious, which means you can comfortably work with your computer and still have some of your peripherals on the side.


Innovative Air-Pump System to Smooth and Easy Height Adjustments

This desktop riser uses a modern air pump system that lets you switch from sitting to standing position in as quick as three seconds.


Design and Features

Simplistic Design with Spacious Work Surface

Simplistic design is one of the first few things you will notice in X-Elite Pro adjustable sit-stand desk. The simplicity of its design makes it a versatile piece of hardware you can have in any workspace. Design wise, there is little to the desk, aside from its 20 x 28-inch flat surface that is moved up and down via scissor-like lift system. The flat surface features comfortable and ergonomic design that will make users feel like they’re still working on their nice desk.

The footprint is pretty basic design, which means it can fit perfectly to most cubicles and desks. Its sitting height is only at 2.5 inches.

Many desks in the market are criticized for being too small or wrongly shaped, making them hard to work, but this one right here suffers no issue in terms of its design. It even leaves more room for other stuff you need at arm’s reach, like your smartphone, notepad, tablet, etc.


Comes Fully-Assembled

The X-Elite Pro adjustable sit-stand desk comes fully assembled right out of the box. Which means it’s ready to use as soon as you take it out of its box. This is perfect for anyone who don’t have the tools and knowledge on assembling stuff.


Highly Durable Laminated Particle Board Desk and Steel Legs for Quality and Durability

The X-Elite Pro adjustable sit-stand desk definitely feels solid and sturdy to use. Thanks to the high quality materials and well-engineered build. The legs are made up of solid steel, providing strong support even for heavier items such as larger monitors. The work surface is made up of high quality laminated particle board. Also, there’s a nice safety bar on its lift mechanism to keep the surface locked and safe.

The high quality build also allows the desktop riser to hold a maximum load of up to 20 lbs.


Tech Specs

Bottom Line

The high rating of X-Elite Pro adjustable sit-stand desk in Amazon speaks volumes on its quality. But as with most products out there, it’s not perfect, and it has its own share of drawbacks as well. One of which is on re-adjustability, which can be difficult once you have your computer set up on top of its work surface. You either need to hold the heavy surface with your computer on top, or take them all off one by one as you re-adjust the height of the desk. This can be tricky for people looking to switch from sitting to standing position often throughout the day.

Also, they advertise the product to 5 inches to 16 inches height adjustment, which means it’s a sit-stand desk. These levels however, are best suited for standing, as some users have trouble on precise re-adjustment on the height of the work surface.

As with other desktop risers, the height settings most definitely depend on the user’s height requirement.

All in all, the X-Elite Pro adjustable sit-stand desk is a user-friendly, spacious and well-designed convertible desk perfect for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on a quality sit-stand desktop riser. It comes from an award-winning brand – Stand Steady, which is one of the known workspace ergonomic solution providers in the world today. This desktop riser a great alternative for full-scale sit-stand desk, and it’s quite a flexible solution for any workstation.

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